What Are Some Legal Steroids?

When we’re thinking about steroids we are thinking about illegal substances and that’s just partially true. Indeed, anabolic steroids are illegal and most people assuming that their use and purchase is forbidden they are right but then again, only partially. Anabolic steroids are illegal to be purchased and used without a valid prescription in USA and FDA has completely banned some substances for the use in humans at all.

Nonetheless, there are countries which still allow the use of steroids as OTC (Over the Counter) and this greatly depends on where exactly you’re living. There are countries where you can freely buy and use steroids so this means that in those countries, steroids (or at least some of them) are perfectly legal.

As for USA, the use of steroids is only legal when you’re having a valid prescription which you can obtain from a certified doctor as a result of suffering from some health conditions. Taking in consideration that there are still a lot of people who are trying to get steroids for physique and performance enhancement purposes which is illegal, scammers appeared trying to suggest that they are selling some legal steroids that are fully legal to be obtained and used without a prescription.

We need to warn customers that those are all lies. In USA, no anabolic steroid is legal without a valid prescription and those sources claiming to offer legal steroids they are not selling steroids at all. There are no legal steroids which can be obtained without a valid prescription in USA.

There are some sources which are offering anabolic steroids without a prescription and that’s why you can call them “legal” but packages containing steroids and being opened at customs would be seized. You can get “legal” steroids from various sources, but they are not actually legal.

Sources claiming to offer legal steroids, then again, do not offer steroids at all. They also claim that their products are having no side effects and that’s, once again, proving that they don’t offer steroids – those are just dietary supplements which have very similar names to actual steroids and those sources try to misinform you that they are working as steroids which are perfectly legal and offer no side effects.

While they are indeed legal and they may indeed not offer side effects when taken in proper quantities taking in consideration that they are dietary supplements – the results and benefits are nowhere near as those you can obtain from actual anabolic steroids.

They claim that their legal steroids are amazing for helping people to build a lot of muscle mass and not only. You may find claims that they are being used for performance and physique enhancement and that some certain legal steroids are being legal because of not offering side effects. But that’s not true, they are legal only because they are not steroids at all. So they just cannot provide the same benefits.

The gains of around 15-25 lbs of lean muscle mass in a matter of some weeks can only be attributed to the use of actual anabolic steroids – but those sources claim you can achieve it all while using their legal steroids without side effects. That’s definitely not true.

We try to give you a word of caution but if you don’t believe us, go and try those legal steroids without side effects with similar names as actual steroids and check it yourself. No wonder those sources offer those legal steroids with similar names as anabolic steroids. They know how helpful steroids actually are. And they try to misinform people to get their perfectly legal dietary supplements offered for huge prices, given as steroids, making you believe that you would get same benefits and results, something that’s far from truth.

  • In the end, no actual anabolic steroid is legal in USA without a valid prescription. You can call it legal only because you can find sources where you can get them without a valid prescription. Other countries might offer legal steroids but not in USA. Any source claiming to offer legal steroids would only offer overpriced dietary supplements that won’t work anywhere near as anabolic steroids.

Still searching for actually legal steroids? Let’s check some options that we can talk about.

  1. D-Bal is one of the legal steroid that is often floating around. Its name is similar to Dianabol and they try to sell it as such. It got the name of D-Bal because very often, actual steroid Dianabol (most widely used steroid for physique and performance enhancement) is very often shortly called Dbol. As we can see, the name is very similar, but the effects of using D-Bol and using D-Bal are very different.

The compound is very widely used in bulking cycles, the steroid is used with great success in muscle mass gains and size. It is amazing for improving protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. With a higher rate of protein synthesis, this would help the muscle growth. This is all true for Dianabol, and those legal steroids sellers suggest that D-Bal is capable doing the same. Wrong, taking in consideration that Dianabol contains steroid as active substance, but the legal steroid D-Bal has only supplements.

  1. Trenoral is another legal steroid that they claim to offer and as we can see, it has a very similar name to Trenbolone. They claim the compound is the same. That simply cannot be true taking in consideration that Trenbolone is one of the most powerful steroid in existence while Trenoral is just a supplement. You simply cannot compare the most powerful steroid with a supplement.

This steroid is also used in bulking cycles, but it can be used in cutting cycles too because of huge anabolic and androgenic activity combined with no estrogenic activity. It aids the production of HGH and IGF-1 which are very important for growing muscles. This is true for Trenbolone, but you can find similar information about Trenoral either. Without the huge anabolic and androgenic properties of Trenbolone, this simply cannot be true, that’s why using Trenoral you shouldn’t expect gains of Trenbolone.

  1. Anadrole is another brand name of legal steroid you can find online but the actual steroids brand name is Anadrol – once again a very similar name. Anadrol is only a brand name but the actual steroid that is offering all the benefits is called Oxymetholone – the product’s chemical name. By doing a very short research, you would find that the legal steroid Anadrole, which is actually a supplement, doesn’t have any amount at all of Oxymetholone. It’s impossible to get the extreme gains you can achieve from using Oxymetholone steroids without Oxymetholone.

You can find information that Anadrole, the legal steroid, but better said this supplement, is going to greatly help those people searching to get bigger, a lot much bigger, and much stronger. The legal steroid is going to greatly help even when is being used alone for the purpose of building immense amounts of muscle mass and therefore it would make you a mass monster. It can help you to increase the body’s production of red blood cells. That’s very important because those are the cells which are carrying the oxygen throughout the body. As a result, the more of red blood cells you have, the higher endurance you have, faster recovery, harder get tired and other benefits. Once again, that’s all true for Anadrol containing Oxymetholone, but the legal steroid Anadrole won’t offer similar results.

  1. Testo-Max is the legal steroid offered by some sources claiming that is the exact same Sustanon. It contains “testo” in its name indicating that is offering testosterone as Sustanon does. Sustanon is the brand name of a product containing 4 different esterified forms of testosterone base steroids. Testo-Max doesn’t offer any, it doesn’t offer testosterone at all.

They claim Testo-Max is a testosterone boosters and the sources suggest that doctors use the substance in male patients who are having low levels of testosterones. By boosting the testosterone levels, you are going to be boosting your strength levels and would greatly help to grow muscle mass. That’s true for Sustanon, doctors never prescribe Testo-Max as is useless for people with low testosterone levels. But you can find such claims on those sources offering “legal steroids” which simply cannot exist.

  1. Another very famous and widely used steroid is Anavar, and is especially widely used among women, but is very popular for men too. However, the legal steroid (dietary supplement) is called Anvarol. Again, as much as we can see – a similar name to Anavar but with a bit differences. They claim is a legal version of Anavar but such things doesn’t exist.

They claim that the steroid is used as a cutting product, however is also sometimes being used for bulking cycles too. That’s because Anvarol can help people to gain lean muscle mass, to enhance performance without too much weight gains and is amazing at drying out your muscles, cutting your body fat and overall giving an amazing body look being shredded. Again, that’s all true for Anavar which contains the steroid Oxandrolone. Anvarol is a supplement so it cannot contain Oxandrolone. Anavar is famous for offering very mild and little side effects, Anvarol claims to have no side effects. In the same time, Anavar offers huge benefits, Anvarol barely has any.

There are many other examples, but there are only a few just to make people understand some things and see the bigger picture when talking about “legal steroids”.

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

As much as you may have already heard about, there are a lot of people who continue on talking about the use of anabolic steroids, and that’s especially among athletes and sportsmen competing in various different sports fields. That may sound strange taking in consideration that there’s nobody who actually comes out and says that he’s using steroids and plus to that, almost all professional sports are having anti doping tests.

So, regardless if we’re talking about fitness models or enthusiasts who won’t ever be tested or professional sportsmen like bodybuilders or fighters or any other who are tested – you won’t find anyone saying that he’s using steroids. Yet, you still  find a lot of people talking about anabolic steroids and their use for physique and performance enhancement.

That’s all because the use of steroids is a taboo topic due to multiple reasons and while there’s almost nobody admitting to use steroids, a lot of them do use the anabolic steroids. That’s why there are a lot of people who keep on talking about using anabolic steroids.

The problem is that there’s not too many people who actually know what anabolic steroids do, how exactly they would work on our body and why actually do people use them, despite the fact that so many people constantly talk about steroids. We would try our best to make a short summary about what are anabolic steroids and try to answer this question in the best and easiest way.

First off is important to mention here that the use of anabolic steroids is not done only in fitness and bodybuilding world. Anabolic steroids were created a lot of years ago and they were firstly designed for the use of various health conditions for helping patients to get treated. Although not all steroids are still used in medical settings, a lot of them are still being prescribed to patients suffering from various disorders and various diseases. Patients are being prescribed those anabolic steroids by doctors for a certain health condition.

Anabolic steroids are very commonly used among bodybuilders and anyone else searching for physique and performance enhancement purposes but they are very widely used for various health conditions, and few people know about this.

  • Is important to understand one thing – steroids are actually naturally occurring in the body. Many people may get shocked by reading such information about steroids but that’s pure truth. Anabolic steroids are a synthetic version of hormones and mainly of testosterone. Testosterone and any other hormone is naturally being produced by our bodies but in a certain limited amount.

Anabolic steroids are the synthetic version (laboratory made) of those hormones and as soon as they enter your system, they simply increase the total amount of those hormones and mainly – testosterone. Since this hormone is essential and is the main and most important hormone for growing muscle mass, losing body fat and boosting performance, no wonder that increasing its number would help with all these needs. Since anabolic steroids are widely known to increase testosterone levels – they get a lot of help for their fitness requirements.

In the end, anabolic steroids increase the levels of hormones in the body and this is leading to a number of positive processes, some of which are inhibited, others are getting enhanced, but all of this leads to pretty much same outcome – users are gaining strength, muscle mass and weight, power as well as endurance and aggressiveness.

  • Among steroids you may find corticosteroids and anabolic steroids so do not confuse the 2. Steroids are a type of drugs that are all having a similar structure and they are binding to the hormone receptors in the body. However, the main difference is that corticosteroids (used only in medicine) are binding to the glucocorticoid receptors in the time that anabolic steroids are binding to the androgen receptors – and that’s making the big differences in how they are affecting the body.

How Do Steroids Work?

The male hormones and especially when talking about testosterone, they are having a very important role in the changes that our bodies are going through, in developing and growing our bodies. The huge hormonal change that is usually occurring in adolescence years while going through puberty is the explanation why teenagers may change, physically, so much in such a short period of time.

  • Those are the hormones that are being known to offer anabolic as well as androgenic effects and those changes which are occurring in both primary as well as secondary sexual characteristics are being known to be androgenic effects. Again, that’s why teenagers are changing so much. A good example of those characteristics can include: voice changes (usually getting deeper), enlargement of penis and testicles which are leading to more libido, increased aggressiveness and changes in behavior, moody feeling, hair growth on intimate areas as well as on various other parts on the body like face, axilla etc.
  • In the same time, there are anabolic effects too. Some of the best anabolic effects examples include: improved neural condition, increased performance, agility, endurance and speed as well as accelerated growth of muscles, bone density, red blood cells and others.

There are also anabolic types of drugs that are being manufactured in order to improve the tissue building of the androgens and also to lessen the androgenic or the sex linked properties. However, is important to mention here and to know that there are no steroids at all that has fully or completely removed androgenic effects, despite the fact that there are some of them which have very low androgenic effects.

That’s because the androgenic effects, in essence, are anabolic effects tissues which are being sex linked. That steroid which is having the most potent anabolic effect is also the one that is considered to have the most androgenic effects too. But there are some steroids made with high anabolic activity and scientists tried to reduce their androgenic activity.


It was earlier mentioned that the anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones and they are working by binding to the receptor molecules and therefore there are stimulating those receptors which are mainly being found in muscle cells, as well as bone cells and many other parts of the body. As a result of this stimulation, this is going to active some certain genes which would allow to produce more proteins. As a result, those hormones are having an effect of the activating the rate of the enzyme systems which are very closely linked with the protein metabolism.

In short, this process is inhibiting the process of degradation of proteins and is working the other way around by greatly boosting the protein synthesis. Protein synthesis rate indicates how fast and how well a person is capable to gain muscle mass and size. No wonder that so many people are searching for so many ways on boosting their protein synthesis.

Anti Catabolic Effects

Except for the fact that giving your body a favorable anabolic environment for growing muscles, anti catabolic effects are exactly as important. Anabolic steroids, by the way they are working, are amazing at offering anti catabolic effects too. A lot of people using anabolic steroids claimed that they are recovering much faster and allows them to train much longer and much harder too.

This is extremely beneficial for making progress and going further. Anti catabolic effects are ensuring that you won’t be losing muscle mass and make sure that you can go train harder and recover quicker. There’s often noticed a muscle catabolism effect during the really intense workouts and anabolic steroids help you to stay away from this effect.

Anabolic steroids are famous for other reasons as well. For example, it is inhibiting the effects of some hormones like for example cortisol. This is a type of hormone that has to do with the breakdown of the tissues during the time when the person is exercising and after that and the hormone is known to inhibit tissue breakdown after the intense workout. This would stunt your growth. As a bonus, it is fastening your recovery either.

This hormone cortisol is causing the breakdown of the protein and is being secreted during the time that you’re working out. As a result, it would improve the use of the proteins for fuel and it is going to be suppressing the inflammation too. Inflammations and injuries may occur during intense workouts and that’s often because there’s too little protein amounts. Without cortisol, your protein is put for better use.

Is important to mention that anabolic steroids are very helpful at stopping the binding of the cortisol to the receptor sites. That’s helpful because this way your muscles won’t get tired as fast – and that’s what allows you to keep on pushing further without so much pains and you’re also going to recover much faster after each training.

Due to all of this, cortisol has been nicknamed “the stress hormone” and by reducing this hormone, you’re reducing the risks of getting diabetes, you get less body fat and less risks of weight gain, you reduce muscle weakness and skin that is getting bruised easily etc.

What Do Anabolic Steroids Do?

Anabolic steroids are a form of the male sex hormone testosterone which is considered the most important and essential hormone for a man’s health, both physically and psychologically, and for anyone who is searching to increase muscle mass as this is the most important hormone for physique and performance enhancement purposes too.

A lot of people are using anabolic steroids all over the world with great success for such purposes but we recommend customers to read and to inform themselves about “what do anabolic steroids do?” before actually using anabolic steroids. For answering this question, you’re going to be given a short summary of the most important things about what you can expect from using anabolic steroids.

What Do Steroids Do?

  • Enlarged Muscles

Anabolic steroids have been widely used and are still used by bodybuilders, by sports athletes as well as ordinary people trying to get a better looking physique in order to aid their muscle building processes. This is the most noticeable effect of using steroids and is the main reason why so many people use them. Steroids are working by retaining huge amounts of nitrogen in the body as well as to hugely increase protein synthesis.

Nitrogen is the substance that is present in the human body in various amounts and is more present in healthy people in normal conditions, as a result this helps to synthesize proteins. Using steroids is leading to an increase in nitrogen amounts and this is ultimately leading to more protein uptake from the digestive tract and synthesis after you eat foods.

In the end, with more protein synthesis this is increasing the muscles amounts and muscles strength. This is the biggest reason why people use steroids and the most desirable result.

  • Increased Body Performance

It has been proven that steroid users are showing much better performance in almost all sports fields where speed, strength, agility, performance and endurance are required. People using steroids are having an obvious advantage over those who do not use them in sports and athletics because they were able to register much better results.

Because of the boost in all those factors – strength, performance, speed, agility, endurance and all others, is quite obvious that steroid users have a big advantage. Medically, this occurs because steroids are increasing oxygen delivery to the muscles alongside with an increase in red blood cells counts. This is offering the user more energy, more muscle strength and so on and so forth.

Energy levels, strength levels, endurance levels and so on and so forth are greatly enhanced for a steroid user, that’s why they are better performing at activities when physical strength is required.

  • Enhanced Male Characteristics

Due to the fact that the anabolic steroids are increasing testosterone levels in the human body, is quite obvious that anabolic steroids would greatly boost male sexual characteristics. This is the main reason why female users are having a much lower tolerance to anabolic steroids and they are much prone to get side effects, especially virilization.

Users of anabolic steroids tend to develop man like traits such as more facial and body hair growth, deepening of the voice, jaw enlargement, development of more pronounced skeletal muscles, hair loss, muscle growth, and so on and so forth.

  • Increased Sex Drive

Due to the same reason of increased testosterone as a result of using anabolic steroids, the users tend to get an increased sex drive. That’s why, libido increase is common among anabolic steroid users. There are many people all around the world suffering from libido issues and reduced sex drive. Using anabolic steroids may be helpful for them.

There are other benefits when talking about anabolic steroids and sex drive. There are reports indicating that sexual arousal in users have been boosted and even sexual performance can be increased in males.

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

The abuse of anabolic steroids in terms of prolonged use or abusive dosages would lead to side effects of steroids.

  • There are studies done which prove that there is an occurrence of male infertility associated with the use of anabolic steroids for long periods of time. That’s because steroids increase testosterone levels unnaturally and your testicles do not produce them on their own. As a result, it causes testicle shrinkage and therefore it leads to low sperm count and as a final result – infertility.

Enlargement of prostate and prostate cancer is possible too when too long periods use of anabolic steroids are attempted. Other than prostate issues, there are certain anabolic steroids which convert into estrogen. This is lead to high estrogen levels in a man and therefore leads to a condition known as gynecomastia (or simply gyno, or as many people tend to call it – man’s breasts, man’s tits etc).

The use of anabolic steroids can be associated with early onset of male pattern hair loss especially to those men who are prone to get such types of side effects.

  • Teens are always recommended to stay away from the use of anabolic steroids unless a doctor recommends their use for various health conditions. There’s a reason why – there are studies proving that anabolic steroids can cause stunted growth and as a result – short stature. That’s happening because the use of anabolic steroids is linked to the closure of growth plates and therefore, this is retarding the growth to the normal height.
  • Females are most prone to anabolic steroids side effects as they are having much less tolerance to them compared to men. That’s because women’s body, generally, cannot tolerate such high amounts of testosterone as men’s body can. Taking in consideration that anabolic steroids are increasing the amounts of testosterone in the body, no wonder that females are most susceptible of getting negative side effects.

Generally, in females, the variety of unwanted negative side effects are quite a lot and they are more compared to those of them, but they are mainly seen only in those women who are being engaged in an improper and unregulated usage of anabolic steroids. That’s why is extremely important, especially for women, to carefully check the dose and never go over the limit.

For example, there are women who are experiencing an increased hair growth in some regions of the body that are not good for females such as on different parts on the body like legs, arms etc. and even on face. Except for unwanted hair growth, females are getting other virilization side effects too such as deepening of their voices, similar to those of men. Other than this, women who are using anabolic steroids risk interfering with their menstrual cycles too. There are other virilizing side effects like the enlargement of female genitalia like clitoris and some other side effects too.

  • Psychological Effects

It is important to mention that the use of anabolic steroids might also lead to some mental issues too and that’s taking in consideration that anabolic steroids are interfering with your hormones, therefore by having hormonal fluctuations it obvious affects the way you’re feeling and thinking.

When talking about psychological related negative effects linked to the use of anabolic steroids use there are short term side effects but there are also long terms side effects too. The short terms side effects usually include: incontrollable aggression, getting easily irritated, having an awkward behavior as well as questionable decision making. Usually, the long terms psychological effects include depression and moody feeling.

  • Medical Disease

By irresponsibly using steroids, there are side effects that are associated with cardiovascular system. Various heart issues may arise like for example cardiomegaly – this is a health condition when the patient’s heart chambers are getting enlarged, but this is happening as a result of a long period steroid use and usually in higher doses than those recommended.

Another serious side effect associated with the use of steroids is liver and kidney failure. Once again, this usually occurs with a long standing use of steroids. In addition, there are different steroids which affect liver in different ways meaning that there are some specific steroids that are more dangerous for liver and kidney compared to others.

Other serious conditions associated with the use of steroids include increased levels of bad cholesterol and decreased levels of good cholesterol offering an overall bad cholesterol condition. The prolonged use of anabolic steroids, especially in high doses is also associated with high blood pressure (hypertension).

There are other health conditions which can occur from the use of anabolic steroids but they are all closely related to the dosage and period of time that those steroids are being administered. By using steroids in proper dosages and not exceeding the recommended cycle length without having any pre existing health conditions (especially heart, blood, liver or kidney related), then you’re most likely going to avoid getting all of those negative side effects.

There are various different methods which may help a person avoid the negative side effects explained in this article. Avoiding side effects of anabolic steroids is very important and that’s why, before actually using steroids, you need to learn how to reduce or avoid those side effects.

What Do Steroids Do To You?

Steroids are synthetic hormones which are coming in form of tablets or as oil solution, which should be used by intramuscular injection, and they can affect you in different ways depending on what type of steroids you’re using. But in the end, steroids are known to be very helpful for physique and performance enhancement that’s why they are widely being used by fitness models and enthusiasts, bodybuilders, powerlifters as well as sportsmen in different sport fields for a wide range of reasons.

There are some steroids that are more popular than others for some reasons, but the most popular seem to be Dianabol containing Methandrostenolone as the active substance. Although steroids are working in similar ways, they are still differently working and you may wonder what do steroids do to you?

Very well, one thing they are so helpful for is the fact that they are altering the way how your body is utilizing important nutrients such as fats, sugars and other nutrients that you receive from foods. This means that the body is making a better use of all nutrients allowing you to grow muscles and reducing the deposited fat.

Taking in consideration that synthetic steroids are mimicking the effects of testosterone (by using steroids your body’s testosterone is increased as your body won’t notice a difference between the naturally occurring testosterone and synthetic testosterone received from steroids), they are therefore, altering the physiological processes. With this being said, they are inducing chances in the overall appearance and physique of your body because you grow more muscles than you would naturally, you grow them much faster, you increase endurance and muscle repair processes as well as boost strength.

Main reasons why steroids are being used by fitness athletes and bodybuilders would be explained below.

  • Muscle Growth

Is a very well known fact that for growing muscle mass, a person must go through workout routine which is requiring a lot of weight training and ultimately, this is helping bodybuilders and athletes to increase their muscle amounts and their strength. Nonetheless, is a very well known fact that there’s a moment when the person is reaching plateau in growing muscles. This means that the person is reaching the limit to what he is able to achieve through the weight training alone.

Every person is having a limit to the amount of muscle mass that he is achieving and for each person limits are different. However, these limits can be surpassed by each person, regardless of how little or how big those limits are. For achieving better/ superior/ more results – the person is using steroids and this way, the genetic limits are getting altered and this would greatly change the way how the muscles are responding to the exercises.

This is the main and biggest reason why people use steroids. They are capable to achieve much bigger results in much shorter periods of time. They are able to get better results over their genetic limits. Plus, they are capable to achieve those limits much faster than they are able naturally. Only a few weeks of intense training while properly using anabolic steroids is going to offer huge results, and that’s exactly what steroids do to your body.

This doesn’t mean that using steroids alone without training and dieting would make your body amazing. Steroids only help to achieve faster results and better results, but won’t make you grow without dieting and working out. Is still very important to eat properly and to workout properly and that’s because food is the what actually makes you grow, the nutrients in the foods is what your body requires to make your body muscle mass increase, steroids are making a better use of those nutrients.

  • Improves Endurance

The physical endurance is extremely important when it comes to bodybuilding, to physique and performance enhancement. Anyone who is searching to look better or to boost their performance levels should search for ways to improve endurance and there’s nothing better which can improve endurance as steroids.

The endurance is an extremely important factor when talking about how efficiently your body is when talking about transporting the oxygen to the cells in various different parts of your body (especially in the muscles) and to remove the carbon dioxide. By a more and more efficient transportation of oxygen to the cells, you get a boosted endurance. The better and faster is this oxygen transport system, the higher your endurance levels is going to be.

We all know that the more cardio workouts you are doing, and the more intense they are, the more levels of endurance you get. But we all know that months of very intense and very often cardio workouts is going to improve your fitness levels and boost your endurance levels not too much. However, by using steroids for all those months, the endurance levels and fitness levels would get to another level.

In addition to that, there is going to be a limit on the endurance levels indicating how far you’re able to run, swim, perform or be engaged in any other activities that is requiring to have endurance. By using anabolic steroids, you’re going to be pushing this limit way further, and you would also reach that limit way faster.

In addition to that, you should know that very often, patients suffering from anemia are often given steroids. Why? Because steroids are great at increasing the number of red blood cells in the body, that’s why they greatly help those suffering from anemia. There are various other ways of treating anemia, but steroids are very helpful. What does it have to do with bodybuilding? When steroids are given by healthy people it also increases the production speed rate of red blood cells and this is also very important for improving the endurance levels. The higher the amount of red blood cells, the more endurance you will get. You won’t ever see a sportsmen requiring endurance suffering from anemia.

Nonetheless, is very important to understand that pretty much as with muscle growth, endurance boost won’t magically occur. You are going to need to be engaged in some endurance building activities and intense cardio workout. Running, swimming, jogging as well as many other activities are very important for boosting your endurance. But when adding steroids to this mixture, this would occur much faster.

  • Decreases Body Fat

Steroids are known to increase body muscles but they are also decreased body fat. By increasing testosterone levels, it results in less body fat percentage because this hormone is known to decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for creation of new fatty cells which makes new fat.

By increasing your testosterone levels, you inhibit cortisol and therefore steroids are greatly slowing down the process of creation of new body fat. Plus, it doesn’t only stop you from putting fat, but is helpful for melting off the fat you already have.

There are not enough studies done explaining how exactly steroids help you to get rid of the already existing body fat, but there are reports suggesting that steroids are amazing at making you losing fat.

  • Restores Youthful Vigor

As it was already mentioned here, steroids are synthetic testosterone and they are increasing the testosterone levels in the body. That’s obviously extremely helpful for restoring youthful vigor especially among men taking in consideration that the amount of testosterone is directly correlated with how a man feels and looks.

Taking in consideration that men who are over 30 years are usually having lower levels of this hormone, they are starting to feel worse and lose their “youthful” endurance, vigor etc. For this reason is so important for men to keep their testosterone levels high. They can try natural methods such as dieting, exercising etc. but using anabolic steroids for such purposes is going to increase the testosterone levels like no other natural method.

Steroids are having the same effects as testosterone has and when they are being used for physique and performance enhancement, the steroids would improve the testosterone and this is going to be great when talking about restoring the “good mood”.

How to Safely Use Steroids

Is a very well known fact that steroids can be dangerous, especially because of the all mass media pressure on steroids and on the way most media is exaggerating on how bad the side effects of steroids can be. While that’s true that steroids can possibly be dangerous and they do have a number of side effects, some of which can be pretty dangerous and serious for your health, steroids can be safely used without getting nasty side effects.

Steroids are dangerous and offer serious side effects only for as long as they are not used properly, or in case you have some pre existing health issues that are not compatible with the use of anabolic steroids. For this reason, is very important for everyone thinking to use steroids to learn about steroids, to be sure that their health condition allows them to use steroids and is very important to learn on how to safely use steroids.

Usually, there are 3 main strategies that should be accomplished in order for achieving amazing results from the use of anabolic steroids and in the same time to minimize the risks of side effects. There are various methods on how to use steroids safely, but here are the most important ones for the guarantee of good results combined with high efficacy. So here are they:

  • Stacking. This is very important because using several steroids at the same time is usually increasing the efficiency without increasing the risks of side effects. The steroids are working concomitantly when used together and a steroid is working on some parts while other steroid is working on others.

In addition to that, is a well known fact that steroids taken together during a stack, they are boosting each other’s efficiency. Other than that, steroids taken together are known to reduce and to prevent the apparition of side effects. For example, there are steroids known to induce libido issues, but by adding testosterone steroid, the libido related issues would be prevented or reduced. Another example is – there are aromatizable (also called wet) steroids which convert into estrogen and this leads to estrogenic based side effects. There are certain steroids known for reducing the estrogen and therefore preventing or reducing estrogenic based side effects.

  • Cycling. Using steroid is helpful but only for a certain amount of time, using the steroid for long periods can be dangerous. Steroids are known to interfere with your hormones and that’s why if you use them for too long, natural hormonal balance might be greatly disrupted – this leads to side effects. There are other reasons why you need to be cycling steroids.

Cycling basically means that you need to take breaks in between cycles. Use steroids for a while and then stop for a while. Restart using steroids again. This way, you greatly reduce the side effects, they would be reversed naturally, and you maintain your natural hormonal balance. Liver toxicity is another reason why you should be cycling steroids including some other reasons. Something that is quite obvious but should be noted: do not use higher doses than those recommended or those that your body can tolerate. Abusive / higher doses than recommended is the main reason why you may get side effects.

  • Post Cycle Therapy. You get a steroid usage plan, but you also need to have a Post Cycle Therapy plan too. Every steroid cycle should be followed by a PCT plan. After you stop using any type of steroid (even the mildest), is best to have a PCT and that’s because this way you’re going to reverse the side effects of the steroids that may be induced during the use of steroids.

A Post Cycle Therapy is a plan where some certain drugs are used during the steroid break in order to boost the natural hormonal balance and to reduce the side effects which may be induced. Another quite obvious note is: add cycle supporting supplements during the cycle of steroids in order to reduce the possibility or intensiveness of side effects.

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What Do Steroids Do To Your Body?

You may have done a bit of research on steroids and you know what their side effects are and how beneficial they can be, but there are a lot of people who don’t know what steroids actually do to your body. In this article, you would find some valuable information about this and how do steroids work.

There are many people who would want to know if steroids are really helpful for bodybuilding purposes and how would steroids work by supplementing them on a regular basis. Well, there are various researches and millions of peoples’ reports suggesting that steroids are greatly aiding bodybuilding efforts by enhancing the effectiveness of muscle growth processes. Steroids make you gain lean muscles at a much faster rate than you would normally and is greatly helping the body to recover much more efficiently and faster from fatigue and this way they are able to perform their workout sessions much better and longer as well as more frequently too. Steroids help to increase endurance levels as well.

There are various different studies done on steroids which prove that anabolic steroids greatly enhance your workout efforts and that’s because there are various different body processes which are getting boosted leading to more lean muscle growth, more strength increase, better performance and fat loss.

For those who still don’t know – we do not grow in gym while working out and lifting heavy weights. The muscles are growing when we’re recovering. When we’re going through intense exercise and workout routines, the fibers in the muscles are getting a lot of different micro tears and ruptures.

Side Note – That’s why is so important to get a proper rest – without enough rest and proper diet, too strenuous workout would lead too way too much micro tears in our muscle fibers and this can lead to injuries and fractures.

The hormone testosterone is known to be the essential hormone for repairing those micro tears and how efficiently they are being repaired and how fast is being determined by the amount of testosterone in the body. The human body is naturally producing this hormone but there’s a limit of it. This hormone is also responsible for other processes too, for example, except for repairing tears, in the same time as is repairing those tears, the hormone is overcompensating it and that’s because is building more and stronger muscle fibers.

That’s how our body grows and this is one of the reasons why generally and naturally, men have more muscles than women do. There’s also a medical terminology for this process and is being called as muscular hypertrophy when the muscles are getting bigger and they are stronger.

What do steroids have to do with this? Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones which are increasing the total amount of testosterone in the body. There are various other processes in the body that are getting boosted by the use of steroids and they are all leading to more muscle growth, but the increased testosterone is the main one.

How Do Steroids Affect The Body? How Do Steroids Work?

As previously mentioned, steroids (testosterone base steroids as well as other variants of steroids) are synthetic (laboratory made) form of the naturally occurring hormone – testosterone (and others). By regularly using steroids, and there are steroids which can be administered intramuscularly by injection or orally by mouth as tablets, the substance you’re receiving is getting absorbed in the blood stream and as a result this substance is getting into the muscle cells through the Androgen Receptors (AR).

  1. As soon as the substance (the synthetic hormone) is entering into that cell, they are working together alongside with the DNA of the cells and this is what greatly helps to increase the protein synthesis rate and due to the increased protein synthesis rate, this is stimulating the faster and more efficient growth of muscles.
  2. Steroids, as previously mentioned, are offering other benefits too. For example they are helping the body to recover much efficiently and quicker than it normally would from the fatigue which is being “collected” by the muscles while you were going through intense workout and exercise program. There’s a moment when the muscles are getting overworked (too exhausted) and at this moment they are release a hormone which is called cortisol – this hormone is also being called “the stress hormone”. That’s an important part of muscle growth process too and let us explain why.

The cortisol hormone (AKA stress hormones) is aiding the breakdown of the muscles and that’s because they are binding themselves to the receptor sites of your muscles. Steroids come at help here too and that’s because they are known to inhibit this process, and as a result this is reducing the fatigue level. That’s very beneficial because when you get less fatigue, you are able to work out more days per week, and this is what can make you gain much more muscle mass much faster.

  1. But that’s not all that steroids are helping you with. In fact, steroids are having various different benefits for our bodies and we cannot mention all of them here, but some of the most important were already mentioned and we cannot finish this article without mentioning another very important thing that the steroids is doing to your body: reducing body fat.

That’s why steroids are so closely related to people who are looking to good – fitness models on cover of fitness magazines have high chances of using steroids and that’s because they look amazing in terms of huge amounts of muscles alongside with no body fat. That’s really hard to achieve – getting really big without body fat is one of the hardest part in bodybuilding. But not as hard with steroids.

The steroids do not only help you with muscle growth and strength boosts, but they are great when it comes to reducing your total body fat and to stay lean. As a result, the user of steroids do not need to go through a really strict diet for an extremely long period of time. They can stay lean and even lose body fat in very short periods of time all while not having the strictest diet on the planet.

There are studies and researches which prove that the naturally occurring hormone testosterone is very effective at inhibiting the formation of fat cells too, and that’s the reason why low body fat percentages are very often being associated with higher amounts of testosterone and vice versa – high amounts of body fats are being associated with lower levels of testosterone. When using steroids and increasing testosterone levels, is quite obviously that you lose body fat.

But except for allowing you to lose body fat through an increased level of testosterone hormones, there’s also other processes boosted in the body which allows the user to melt off body fat.

There’s not very much reliable information available (at least online, at least so far) indicating exactly how much would steroids help to reduce the body fat percentage. Nonetheless, the customers’ reports that already used steroids claim that they can be extremely beneficial for such purposes and while there are no studies proving so, customers reports are often reliable enough.

  • However, is important to understand a few different things – first of all, you should know that there are various different steroids which are readily available on different sources on the market and they are all coming with various different efficiency, benefits, side effects, potency and so on and so forth.

For example, there’s not only Testosterone alone (the synthetic testosterone steroid and not the naturally occurring hormone) but there are various other steroids which are very famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes. For example, some of the most famous ones includes: Dianabol (Methandrostenolone), Winstrol (Stanozolol), Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone), Anavar (Oxandrolone), Anadrol (Oxymetholone), Equipoise (Boldenone), Trenbolone and some others that were not mentioned here.

Each of these steroids are different and they are used for completely different purposes. For example, Winstrol and Anadrol are 2 completely different steroids which cannot be used for the same purposes. While Anadrol is extremely helpful at increasing your body size and total muscle mass, Winstrol is more effective at staying lean and getting a shredded physique.

Side Note – Very often, many people are using a combination of 2 or more of various different steroids in order to achieve their goals. That’s because using 2 or more different steroids concomitantly is going to offer more results since one steroid may work in one part, while other steroid in another one. Plus, using steroids together they are maximizing their effectiveness. The process of using more steroids together is being called “stacking” – steroid stack.

It very much depends on the combination of what steroids you’re using, this is going to affect your body in different ways that’s why, what steroids to use is so closely depending on what exactly is your ultimate goal. In the end, different steroids are affecting your body in different ways. You can find valuable information about each steroid in particular and you can find information about a steroid stack in particular too. This may help you to decide what you need.

What Do Steroids Do

Steroids are synthetic hormones which are naturally being found in human body, but steroids are synthetic version of those hormones which are working the exact same way as the naturally occurring hormones as soon as they reach your body. They are being used for various needs, for example, there are medical conditions when the patient suffers from hormone deficiencies which may lead to muscle wasting. When steroids are used in proper manner, they can be extremely beneficial for such needs.

But bodybuilders also discovered that except for being very helpful for patients with certain health conditions – steroids are extremely helpful for building muscle mass very fast, for boosting muscular strength, enhancing overall athletic performance as well as to reduce body fat. In short, the use of steroids are greatly helping everyone who is searching to get a better looking physique or to increase their performance preparing for some sports competition. For this reason, steroids are commonly used by people looking for these benefits.

Steroids are very widely used all over the world, very commonly being used among weight lifters such as powerlifters and strength athletes, is being used by bodybuilders because is giving them an ultimate body look that you cannot reach without steroids, by people who want to increase their performance in many different sport fields such as UFC, athletic sports and even football.

Steroids are widely used by lots of different people with lots of different needs and even gym rats who simply want to get a better look of their body use steroids, despite the fact that anabolic steroids are being technically illegal to be used without a valid prescription from a doctor since they are regulated substances.

What Are Steroids?

As mentioned, steroids are synthetic hormones which can be found in the body, and when steroids are being taken, your hormones are getting a spike and as a result your body is going through various different processes which are very helpful for boosting performance and increasing physique.

When talking about steroids being used in fitness world then you’re referring to anabolic steroids and they are different from corticosteroids or those drugs that are being prescribed to people who need to fight with some form of autoimmune disease. Only anabolic steroids are used for physique and performance enhancement purposes because they are synthetic hormones which are mimicking the effects of the extremely important hormone – testosterone as soon as it reaches your system. This is the most important hormone when talking about production of masculine physical characteristics in men like for example increased muscle growth, getting more strength as well as overall leaner muscles.

There are various different steroids, some of which can be administered in oral form and others in injectable form. Before using a certain steroid, you need to learn about it more information. Do your research and try to understand what is this steroid taken for, how to properly administer it and so on and so forth. But when talking about injectable steroids, they are most commonly being administered in the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks.

Is important to know that when anabolic steroids are being used for enhancing physique, performance, strength and muscles then they are being cycled and very often stacked with other steroids (2 or more steroids are being together for an enhanced effectiveness). When the individual is stacking steroids, they are making sure to get more effectiveness and get much faster results, while not increasing the side effects risks too much. Is safer and more effective to use 2 steroids in moderate doses then one steroid in high dose. This way you ensure better results with less side effects.

What does cycling mean? That’s when you use a steroid in a specific interval of time, for a specific amount of time. For example, there are steroids which can be cycled for 10 weeks, then you should stop taking it for a matter of some weeks and then re-start using it again for 10 weeks.

What Does Steroids Do?

Many people may have heard about steroids but few of them know what steroids actually do. Anabolic steroids are working by increasing the user’s muscle mass through activating and boosting various different mechanisms but in the end, the result is pretty much the same. It leads to increased rate of protein synthesis and a reduced rate of protein breakdown with nitrogen retention. Almost every single steroid in existence would boost these processes. The steroids are working as a “food” or “fuel” to the natural hormone produced by the body – testosterone.

People are able to increase their muscle growth and boost their strength levels mainly because of the testosterone hormone and that’s why people with more natural testosterone can do it all faster and more efficiently. However, by adding the steroids to this you are going to enhance the ability of physique and performance enhancement and as a result, the user is going to achieve the results in much faster time and plus to that, the user would get much more noticeable results too.

There are various different studies done on anabolic steroids, which prove them being very effective for muscle growth processes. Customers, who already had experience with steroids, reported their experience and it proves this as well.

  • But getting to studies – it was proven that on average, a person who is on anabolic steroids is able gain about 4 to 12 pounds of lean muscles in only 10 weeks while going through regular and intense workouts.
  • The exact same regular and intense workouts with the exact same diet was given to other men who, on average, was gaining about 20 to 25 pounds of lean muscles in one full year.

This proves that a person on steroids can gain more than 1 pound of lean muscle mass per week while a person without steroids won’t gain even half a pound of lean muscle mass per week. But there are some people reports suggesting that they were able to gain 20-25 lbs of lean muscle mass in a matter of 8 weeks only. As a result, steroids make you achieve the same results you would achieve in a year, in only 4 months or less. Plus, they were proven to offer much bigger results too.

It is important to understand that steroids won’t only help to gain muscles, but they greatly help to lose fat too. Anabolic steroids have been proven to inhibit the production of fat cells and to help fight off with the already existing fat cells. People who want to get leaner with a shredded physique – when the muscles are getting visible and you don’t have too much body fat, they are greatly benefitting from this.

NOTE! There are various different steroids for various different needs. While others help you to grow muscles extremely fast, others help you cut off body fat. Do your research about each steroid before using them.

Potential Side Effects of Steroids

You may have heard about steroids that they are bad and they shouldn’t ever be used because they are almost the worst thing that a person can use. That’s far from truth. While anabolic steroids does have potential side effects, they are only potential and all the hype around the steroids being so dangerous is only due to mass media which hardly criticized steroids exaggerating about their negative adverse effects.

There are various different types of steroids which are offering various different profiles when it comes to potency, to results, benefits, toxicity as well as side effects. In addition to that, each steroids is very different in how they are interacting with various different medications and how they are working for different people taking in consideration that personal tolerance is something very important.

There are steroids side effects but they should be treated properly and this way you would avoid getting them. Some people have bigger tolerance to the side effects while others have lower tolerance. Also, is very important to know how to properly use them for avoiding side effects.

The biggest issues with steroids is that they are synthetic hormones and they are capable to damage your natural balance of hormones and the production of hormones in the body. This can lead to other side effects. But even so, there are various methods on how to control the hormonal balance.

Steroids for Medical Uses and Conditions

As mentioned, steroids are not only used for physique and performance enhancement purposes. In fact, there are very few steroids which were made specifically for bodybuilding purposes. Most steroids were created for various medical uses and health conditions. Some steroids were discontinued from being produced and given to humans, but others are still widely used nowadays.

Most often, anabolic steroids are being given to patients who are suffering from muscle wasting diseases, different forms of cancers, HIV and AIDS patients, men suffering from low testosterone conditions, issues with testicular function and steroids are even given to boys with delayed puberty.

Steroids are given for various different health conditions too and they are prescribed by doctors. That’s why steroids can be obtained when having a medical prescription only and if you do get a prescription of steroids for a health condition, is important to use the steroid exactly as prescribed.