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Anastrozole is a very popular medication in the industry of bodybuilding because it is known as a medication that is used to alleviate, control, treat or prevent the apparition of some side effects associated with use of anabolic steroids.

The compound is called specifically Anastrozole 1mg because it comes in the form of oral tablets of 1mg in most cases. This is because this medication is actually prescribed in medical settings to women suffering from breast cancer and in most situations, the compound is prescribed 1mg (one tablet) per day for women.

  • Although bodybuilders need lower doses, Anastrozole still comes in tablets of 1 mg and therefore they either use one full tablet much less frequently, or they split up the table to use less dosage – dosage that they need specifically for their needs.


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What is Anastrozole 1mg Anyway?


Anastrozole is the main active substance sold in the brand name Arimidex. This is the first and most popular brand for Anastrozole, yet the compound can be sold as other trade names containing the same substance.

In most situations, Anastrozole is sold in tablets of 1 mg regardless of the brand.

Anastrozole is an anti estrogenic drug, in the class of drugs known as Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). The compound is a drug used for treating breast cancer in women in medical settings, but is also used in bodybuilding purposes and in both situations due to the same reason: Anastrozole does a great job in lowering total estrogen levels.

How Does Anastrozole 1mg Work?

The compound is binding to the aromatase enzymes and therefore is stopping the formation of estrogen through aromatization. This results in lowering the total levels of estrogen in the body.

If a woman suffers from estrogen-formed breast cancer, she greatly benefits from Anastrozole use as it lowers the estrogen levels and therefore treats breast cancer.

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But a man using anabolic steroids also requires Anastrozole because steroids are known to boost testosterone and this hormone is known to convert into estrogen. The more testosterone – the more estrogen. Continuing the use of steroids without adding Anastrozole to your cycle, you are at very high risk of getting too much estrogen, and this leads to various issues.


When you use steroids – add Anastrozole 1mg or half a tablet once every few days and you will control the estrogen levels keeping their levels within normal range.

  • Is recommended for bodybuilders to avoid too high doses of Arimidex (Anastrozole) because this way, too much of estrogen is going to get inhibited and therefore, estrogen related issues are also capable of appearing, but this time because of too low levels.

That’s why it is recommended to have blood work done regularly to check the levels and adjust the dosages of this compound on-cycle according to those levels displayed on blood work results.


How to Run Anastrozole 1mg For Bodybuilders?

The dosages of Anastrozole are greatly varying when talking about its use on-cycle. It depends on a person to another as there are a lot of factors to take in consideration: how prone you are to estrogen related issues, how you respond to Arimidex use, the dosage of steroids you use, their amounts and level of aromatization including cycle length and many others.

That’s why it was mentioned that blood work is so important. It would reveal how to adjust Anastrozole 1mg tablets administration to keep estrogen levels in normal range.

Most men use Anastrozole half a tablet of 1mg (0.5 mg) every other day and they find this dosage to be fairly good. Some men may need to use less or more such as 1 mg (full tablet) every other day or as low as 0.5 mg every 3 days.

Again, Anastrozole for bodybuilders is meant to keep estrogen levels within normal range. Not to completely kill it, which would lead to other side effects. The compound is meant to deal with some side effects associated with use of steroids.

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