Winstrol Reviews

Many people have tried this extremely famous anabolic steroid called Winstrol and therefore, you can find various different Winstrol reviews online from people who had actual experience with it.

This is a powerful anabolic steroid and the reason why is so popular is because the compound is extremely helpful for physique and performance enhancement purposes, especially when talking about cutting cycles when the individual wants to get muscle definition, hard and dry look effect with vascularity.

That’s why, Winstrol is considered to be one of the best pre contest steroid – it offers crazy results when talking about muscle hardening effects and getting you shredded.

Actual Winstrol Reviews

By doing some research online, you would find different people writing different things about Winstrol. Some say big-muscles-low-body-fat-winstrolis extremely helpful for physique and performance enhancement, others say that is offering negative side effects. It all sounds true.

Yet, if you find someone suggesting that Winstrol is not working or is ineffective – that’s either a scam, or the person used fake Winstrol. This is a powerful compound which would definitely work, in a positive or negative way.

In order to stay away from negatives, is very important to learn how to use Winstrol properly.

We can assume that most of negative Winstrol reviews came from people who never learned how to properly use it and abused it.

  • Obviously, a powerful compound that is abused would offer negative side effects.

We recommend to start very slowly with it, learn as much as possible about it and try to use it correctly, this would make sure you stay away from negative side effects. Knowing as much as possible about the compound in advance is greatly going to help you increase effectiveness of the compound and reduce the possible side effects.

Therefore, we have a lot of positive Winstrol reviews. They are from people who learned how to use it properly and had amazing effectiveness. There are lots of examples which prove how effective Winstrol can be, including a lot of people’s photos proving how they used to be before Winstrol and how their body transformed after introducing the product:


Except for many men transforming their bodies, you can also find a lot of women who changed their physical appearance. Winstrol (Stanozolol) is a steroid that is offering a relatively mild androgenic activity and that’s why the compound is often used by women too. The risk of receiving virilizing (masculinization) negative side effects is not as big as with other steroids.

Here are some examples of women using Winstrol:


As much as you can guess, these are people who share positive Winstrol reviews. In the end, what kind of experience you would have with this compound greatly depends on you. Various factors come at play such as:

  • Your age
  • Gender
  • Size, muscle amount, fat percentage
  • Winstrol dosage
  • Winstrol cycle length
  • Goals
  • Other steroids added
  • Personal response and tolerance
  • Other factors.

Depending on all of them, here is a list of what positives you may expect from Winstrol, and then we’ll share a list of negatives that you may expect from Winstrol.


  • Boosts strength levels
  • Burns body fat, both subcutaneous and visceral fat
  • Preserves and even grows muscles mass
  • Strengthens up your muscle mass
  • Is greatly reducing the recovery time
  • Greatly enhances the efficiency of other steroids
  • Huge boosts in focus, energy and stamina
  • Enhanced resistance, endurance and mental abilities


  • Liver toxicity and liver damage
  • Testosterone suppression which may lead to low testosterone condition
  • Androgenic related side effects like acne, baldness and others
  • Cholesterol negative effects
  • Cardiovascular negative effects
  • Virilization for women
  • Some psychological side effects may occur too.

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