Why Every Athlete Is Searching For Ways Of Boosting Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is by far the most widely used steroid in the world and there are various good reasons why. Testosterone is a body hormone that is helping to increase the muscle mass, in fact, is the primary hormone required for increase muscle mass and strength levels. With this being said, is quite obvious why every athlete, sportsmen or bodybuilder or anyone who is looking into getting a better looking physique with performance boost searchers for ways of boosting testosterone levels.

By using testosterone steroids which is synthetic testosterone that is working absolutely the same way without any differences as the naturally occurring testosterone – the user is increasing / boosting the testosterone levels and this is leading to various different benefits and helpful processes in the body. Testosterone steroids are added to almost every single steroid stack for almost every single need – either for bulking or cutting.

This hormone is main male hormone not only for increasing lean muscle mass and a proper body development, but is helping sperm production as well as sexual desire among men including many other purposes. The natural production of testosterone is reaching its peak levels at about the age of 30 and from that moment, the levels start to gradually go down as men age, that’s why men get less sexual desire and a number of health issues may rise. Not only in regards to sexual performance, but this would be greatly affected.

However, this doesn’t sound good for men searching for increasing physique and performance because the performance in the gym is going to take a down route too. For maximizing the muscle growth effects, you need to have a high level of testosterone – that’s why everyone searching for such purposes is trying to increase the testosterone levels and buy testosterone boosters, be it natural or steroids.

Most of anabolic and androgenic steroids are being derived from this hormone and they are all used with great success for improving the performance and for inducing a very high amount of muscle and strength gains. An insufficient amount of testosterone hormone is going to lead to abnormalities such as bone loss, muscle mass loss, reduced sexual desire and ED related issues including many others, especially for men as it has psychological effects too.

Testosterone is extremely important so you should keep it high for as long as you want to have a good looking body and to have a good performance level.

What is Testosterone | How to Boost Testosterone – How to Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is a steroid that is found in the androstane class which is containing both a keto as well as hydroxyl groups at the 3 and 17 position, respectively. Testosterone is playing an important role in male reproductive tissues like for example prostate and testes and is promoting secondary sexual characteristics which are so important for bodybuilders like muscles and bone mass.

The level of testosterone in the body is fluctuating throughout a day and is fluctuating over your lifespan but is still inevitably declining when you reach 30 years. Without this hormone, your body will inevitably offer some side effects such as less muscles and muscle power, being the worst for bodybuilders.

Is important to know that there’s also bound testosterone and free testosterone. The bound testosterone is available in very large quantities. Quite often, this testosterone is bound to the protein albumin or to SHBG – sex hormone binding globulin. This is the reason why bound testosterone is not getting fully utilized by your body taking in consideration that is in a bound state.

Our bodies are making the use of free testosterone but the bad news is that about 98% of your total body testosterone is bound. However, there are various ways of increasing free testosterone levels with using synthetic testosterone steroids being the most effective.

Usually, testosterone steroids are coming with attached esters, made for delaying the release of testosterone in the body after it got administered. There is non esterified testosterone which is release as fast as possible with a half life of only 2-4 hours.

Because the non esterified testosterone is released too fast, esterified forms of testosterone steroids were made where a certain ester is attached to testosterone made for delaying the release. There are many different forms of esterified testosterones and each ester is offering a different release rate.

For example, there’s Testosterone Propionate – the first esterified form with the shortest half life of only 20 hours and there’s Testosterone Undecanoate with a half life of up to about 33 days with many others variants of synthetic testosterone steroids in between. The most notable ones being Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate as these are considered the most widely used and popular both in medical settings and for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

There are testosterone supplements too, but they are by far not as effective and as fast working as testosterone steroids are. Bodybuilders using testosterone steroids are those which actually get their testosterone levels boosted over the roof and getting huge benefits and results.

There are various ways to use testosterone such as pills, tablets, capsules, gels, creams and injections meant for intramuscular or subcutaneous use. The most effective testosterone is the one coming in form of injection known as Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate or other famous forms.

For this reason synthetic testosterone steroids used for physique and performance enhancement purposes are used only in injection forms.

What is Testosterone Used For | What Does Testosterone Do | How to Raise Testosterone

As earlier mentioned, Testosterone is an extremely important hormone for a proper and healthy body development, especially in males as this is the most important and essential hormone for males. You can increase testosterone in various natural methods, but the use of synthetic testosterone steroids would increase testosterone extremely much and extremely fast – so far and so much that no natural methods or supplements can compare to it.

By using this steroidal hormone, the user is going to notice a huge and almost permanent increased gains of the muscle mass size, lean and quality muscles as well as muscle function, power, performance and strength. Other than this, users can notice that they are greatly increasing aggression levels during workouts which is helpful, endurance levels as well as a big boost in the ability to handle the intense workouts including many other benefits.

Other than this, testosterone hormone is extremely important for the body when talking about sex drive, bone density, red blood cell production, sperm production, overall fat distribution in the body, muscle strength and mass which means that you get less body fat and more muscles. This is the reason why testosterone is extremely important for preventing osteoporosis or any other bone related side effects. It is a very helpful hormone for stimulating linear growth and bone maturation. All of this, so far, is extremely important for bodybuilders and anyone who is trying to increase muscle mass and strength levels.

Testosterone increase is very beneficial for the physical energy boost, for regulating cognitive energy and for maintaining muscle trophism too. In addition to everything mentioned, Testosterone is having a very good ability to reduce the cardiovascular related diseases risks and that’s because this hormone would improve the levels of good health, especially when talking about a man’s health. It is all due to the decreased visceral fat mass (again super beneficial for bodybuilders), decreased total cholesterol values as well as glycemic control.

In fact, Testosterone hormone is beneficial for almost everything it does in the body for a bodybuilder and for any other man searching for a healthy and issues free life without nasty symptoms.

Synthetic testosterone steroid, in medical settings, is being used for the treatment of males that are suffering from too little or no natural testosterone production at all in most cases. But it also can be used for certain forms of breast cancer, transgender men and non binary individuals including lots of other medical purposes.

The compound is included in World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines for being among the most important medications needed. Although there’s not such a list for bodybuilders, but synthetic testosterone is also an essential steroid being among the most important for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Testosterone is highly effective, by increasing its levels, bodybuilders are capable to gain huge increases in size and strength and they can do it much faster. All other steroids are compared to testosterone and as mentioned most of them are derived from this hormone. That’s why, and due to other reasons, Testosterone is often viewed as the “father” of all other steroids.

There are users reported experiences suggesting that as a result of using Testosterone steroids they were capable to gain up to about 20 lbs of lean muscle mass during a cycle with such steroids. It is a hormone that greatly boosts protein synthesis and with such a huge boost in protein synthesis, is no wonder that lots of muscle mass can be packed. In the end, some of the most noticeable and important benefits when it comes to helpful and indeed remarkable things and results of using synthetic testosterone steroid comes to:

  • Big boosts in protein synthesis
  • Enhanced recovery speed rates and efficiency
  • Higher libido
  • Big increases in lean muscle mass, muscle strength and aids fat loss
  • An overall increased strength and endurance levels

Talking about the benefits of Testosterone is almost infinitely since this hormone is extremely important for a proper development and especially when talking about physique and performance enhancement.

Testosterone Dosage | Testosterone Administration | Testosterone Cypionate – Enanthate – Propionate

Testosterone dosage is highly individual depending on various different factors. Some of them includes what is your personal tolerance to the steroid, what are your goals, what other steroids you use and many other factors. Nonetheless, testosterone based steroid dose is in the range of 200 up to 1500 mg per week for all needs.

As mentioned, all testosterone based steroids are coming in form of oil based solution that are meant for intramuscular injection. Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, or any other esterified form of testosterone is coming as a form of injection. As mentioned, there are orals and other forms of administering it, but they are very rarely or never used for bodybuilding purposes because they are much weaker.

Talking about testosterone injection steroid, the dosing range per week is all for all esterified testosterones. What is different is the administration schedule and that’s because of different release times and therefore different half lives. Doses between 400 and 700 mg per week are the most common with doses less than 400 mg a week being used as a booster while doses higher than 800 mg a week are used only by professional bodybuilders searching for aggressive bulking cycles.

Testosterone Cypionate is used once a week, Testosterone Enanthate is used twice per week, Testosterone Propionate every day and all other forms of esterified testosterone is used depending on the ester – this indicates how many times the total weekly dosage should be split into being necessary to be used per day.

Testosterone is extremely universal and versatile, for this reason it can be stacked with almost any single steroid or other compound for physique and performance enhancing purposes. It can be used in cutting cycles (generally in lower doses) with cutting steroids or can be used in bulking cycles (generally in higher doses) with bulking steroids. Other than that, it can be used for TRT phases during the administration of other steroids for avoiding low testosterone condition.

So, for receiving most out of testosterone, is best used in form of solution meant for injection and most commonly as Testosterone Enanthate, Propionate or Cypionate in doses between 200 up to about 1500 mg per week.

Cycle length also depends on the form of testosterone administered, however cycles are in the range of 6 up to 16 weeks. Short based testosterones are usually having shorter cycles with longer ones being taken for longer periods of times.

Testosterone Side Effects | Low Testosterone | How to Treat Low Testosterone

As anything in this world, using too much testosterone would lead to negative side effects. That’s why is so important to use Testosterone steroids within the normal range in order to stay away from negative side effects. Low testosterone levels are treated with testosterone steroids but what if you stop using the compound? It leads to natural low production of testosterone and this is a negative side effect of testosterone steroids.

For treating low testosterone induced by steroids use, including testosterone, is recommended to have a PCT plan, pretty much as with any other anabolic steroids use. A PCT plan restores the natural production of hormones and this way you’re going to treat low testosterone production. While the low testosterone condition is treated with such steroids.

Too high doses of testosterone steroids means that your body gets too much testosterone overall because, as mentioned, synthetic testosterone is working absolutely the same way as naturally occurring one. By lowering the dosage, you get lower side effects and milder because your testosterone levels won’t be too high.

Getting side effects out of using Testosterone means that your levels of testosterone in the body are already too high and your body cannot tolerate it. By reducing the dosage you’re going to be reducing the side effects.

Some of the most common side effects of Testosterone are:

  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Oily Skin
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water Retention
  • Natural Testosterone Production Suppression
  • Decreased Libido

There are other side effects too because these are only a few examples that you can read here. A lot much more side effects can occur. Androgenic related side effects can occur and estrogenic related side effects can occur as well. For dealing with them you may require various medications such as anti estrogenic drugs for dealing with the estrogenic side effects.

Testosterone may offer negative effects on cardiovascular and cholesterol values, for such purposes you are going to need supplements which can deal with them. For dealing with the suppression of natural testosterone production you would require a PCT plan such as using Nolvadex, Clomid or others.

Keep in mind that the side effects are by far not as bad and intense as those of Trenbolone, nonetheless, side effects still are possible and they can be bad in case the compound is going to be abused.

Side effects indicate that too much testosterone is in the body and pretty much as low testosterone condition is coming with nasty side effects and symptoms, too high levels are also coming with negative side effects. Lowering the dosage is usually the key to reduce the side effects, but you are still able to maintain high levels of testosterone which would greatly help with physique and performance enhancement purposes and not getting negative side effects by using supplements, medications and having a healthy lifestyle, diet and regular exercise regimen.

Reducing and avoiding the side effects of testosterone based steroids requires the exact same methods of managing side effects of all other steroids so you shouldn’t do anything extraordinary for keeping your health safe.

In fact, testosterone is much better tolerated compared many other steroids since is a naturally occurring hormone. Most men can tolerate it very well and generally, men can tolerate this hormone much better than women, which is quite obvious taking in consideration that a much higher amount of testosterone is found in men than women.

Side effects for women are the worst when talking about virilizing side effects, which means that they are basically turned into men. This is mainly a male hormone – due to naturally higher amounts of testosterone in a man than woman, they get the male sexual characteristics. Virilizing side effects for women include:

  • Increased or decreased sex drive;
  • Deepening of the voice;
  • Abnormal and excessive facial hair growth as well as on body;
  • Receding head hair;
  • Irregular menstrual cycles;
  • Enlarged clitoris;

That’s why side effects for women are generally much worse than for men when talking about testosterone compounds while men can tolerate the compound very well.

Testosterone Booster – Testosterone Pills or Testosterone Supplements | Best Testosterone Booster

Testosterone booster is pretty much any product that is capable to boost your testosterone levels. There are various different methods and products that can boost them. There are supplements such as Testo Max which is very famous, there are others such as Prime Males which are considered good testosterone supplements, Test Freak; TestoFuel, Test HD and many other natural testosterone boosters.

Those compounds are often containing various herbal compounds such as Fenugreek, Ginger, Tribulus Terrestris, Oats as well as Forskolin and various other compounds. While this may sounds good taking in consideration that they are herbals and you may often find information suggesting that the herbal testosterone boosters like the ones mentioned above are side effects free, take in consideration that the boost in testosterone is either not going to happen, or it would be so little that you won’t notice any benefits.

On the other hand we have testosterone steroids and they are increasing the total testosterone levels over the roof – and that’s what actually helps. This is why, there’s no better testosterone booster than testosterone steroids. You won’t be receiving actual and noticeable benefits when using natural testosterone boosters or supplements.

Where to Buy Testosterone | Get Testosterone For Sale | Buy Best Testosterone Steroids

Testosterone can be purchased from various different sources but is extremely important to pay attention to what you’re actually buying. With nowadays tricks and mass media information you may get caught in the idea that you purchase actual testosterone while you’re only given a natural supplement which is not going to work anywhere near as good as actual testosterone steroids.

That’s why, if you want to get testosterone for sale that is going to offer real benefits then you need to make sure that you won’t be getting supplements or herbals, but actual testosterone steroids. Best testosterone steroids for sale can be purchased from various sources, but they are not as easily found online, taking in consideration that there are so many sites and sources that are selling fake testosterone steroids, herbal testosterone given or better said “disguised” as actual testosterone, sources offering actual testosterone but for enormous prices and so on and so forth.

That’s why deciding where to buy testosterone is so important and that’s why you need to find a very good source where you can do it, just for not paying too much, getting fake injections or herbal pills – all of which won’t make you happy by offering the actual testosterone benefits which you may be expecting when buying testosterone.

We recommend customers to take time and do their research on where to buy steroids for sale. That’s including testosterone for sale too. We can recommend some sources, which we guarantee that by using them, you’re going to get what you are expecting and what you’ve paid for – actual testosterone that is going to boost your levels and would make you increase physique and performance levels to the next step.

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