Tbol Side Effects


Turinabol is a very well known anabolic steroid for being pretty mild in terms of side effects whilst remaining very effective. Because of the fact that Tbol cannot aromatize into estrogen and because of extremely low androgenic activity that’s nearly non existent (with activity rating of 6) the compound is almost safe.

Do not let this fool you into thinking that Turinabol is absolutely side effects free. If you are going to attempt to abuse the product, make sure that side effects would occur. Plus to that, people with lower tolerance to the product are going to receive side effects too.


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That’s why Tbol side effects are possible, but they are very unlikely to occur when used properly.

In fact, the Turinabol side effects for men are almost non existent as long as the product is used properly.

Just think about it: no estrogenic activity results in no risk for estrogenic side effects since it cannot aromatize. Hence no gynecomastia, bloating or water retention. Androgenic side effects are also having extremely low chances of occurrence because is having weakened androgenic capabilities.

Androgen related side effects such as oily skin, acne, abnormal hair growth on face and body, hair loss, aggression and others are much less likely to occur. Only people that are genetically predisposed would get them, or those that abuse the product.

Another thing to mention is hepatotoxicity. This is an orally active steroid and there is some concern about liver toxicity. Nonetheless, the compound is much safer for your liver compared to other orally active products. For example, German athletes were given Turinabol for years (in low doses) and they weren’t having any liver damage.

Therefore, if you are going to have reasonable cycles, cycle lengths, dosages and breaks between cycles – the compound is not going not cause any liver damage.


Avoid Tbol Side Effects

Despite the fact that Turinabol side effects are not as bad, having some precautions is going to help you even more to avoid those negative side effects.

Once again, Turinabol side effects greatly depend on your genetics and tolerance. Some people might find Turinabol great at even high doses without side effects, but others might find it too much and too harsh in milder doses.

Tbol side effects, needless to say, highly depends on dosage and cycle length. The higher doses and longer Tbol cycle length, more and nastier side effects might occur.

Add a PCT plan at the end of each Turinabol cycle to stay away from the Tbol side effects in regards to testosterone suppression and also add liver protective compounds to keep your liver healthy. Cycle supporting products may help to avoid other Tbol side effects too.

  • Testosterone suppression side effect would also be excluded if a testosterone base steroid is added to the Turinabol cycle. Tbol suppresses testosterone and when synthetic Test is added, your levels are maintained high.
  • Liver toxicity is not as bad, as mentioned, yet it would be even less of a problem if liver protective products are added and anything that damages your liver is excluded.
  • Estrogenic side effects are not going to occur with Tbol.


Other Tbol Side Effects

  • Cholesterol issues might occur because increases bad LDL cholesterol and decreases good HDL cholesterol. Without pre existent cholesterol issues and with a good diet and cardio – they are unlikely to occur.
  • Cardiovascular / heart issues are possible, although very unlikely to occur, unless you have pre existent issues.
  • Sleep issues. In rare situations, some people report that they are not sleeping too well with insomnia, but that’s rarely occuring.
  • Mood changes. Usually, the changes in mood are positive: better focus, more energy, better mood and feeling of well being etc. but some people report negative Tbol side effects in regards to their mental abilities.
  • Stomach upset. Some people running Tbol cycle may experience some gastrointestinal effects, nonetheless, using it with food may reduce the issues.
  • Hair loss. The compound speeds up the hair loss in people predisposed to get the side effect, although the compound is pretty safe for your hair.
  • Oily skin and acne. Rarely occurs, yet it may be possible.

Tbol side effects are similar to most other steroids’ but some of them are excluded and those that can occur are much less likely to appear.


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