Would Anadrol Help My Bodybuilding Needs?

Anadrol 50Is a very well known fact that if you want to get in shape you need to work out regularly and bodybuilders should be working out even more and even harder if they want to compete with others and be on the top. When you want to have a good looking body then often people do not really pay attention to their workout routine and although they may have a good diet, most of them do not really pay too big attention to it.

Nonetheless, when it comes to professional bodybuilding where each and every single and little detail is very important, bodybuilders should check them all. Those bodybuilders are setting various different methods and ways in order to help them to lose the body fat, to gain as much muscle mass as is possible and to make sure that they are getting the most ripped physique they can achieve before a competition. During a competition, this is all extremely important and is recommended for bodybuilders to check it all very closely if they want to win.

But even so, there are already some standard routines which were proven to be among the most effective and this is the reason why almost every single athlete and bodybuilder is following pretty much the exact same routine in an attempt to achieve the best results and get the win. This is the reason why is getting almost impossible for the judges to select a winner, so the competition is becoming even harder.

Extremely strict workout schedule alongside with an extremely strict dieting program is the key to win, but that’s often not enough taking in consideration that there are thousands of other athletes who are doing the same. That’s the moment when you are thinking that something may offer you an advantage. In case you already see some guys who seem to have obvious advantages over all others then they are most likely already using that “huge advantage” which would get you to your win. What we are talking about is Anadrol – by far one of the most powerful orally active steroid that you can find on the market.

What is Anadrol (Oxymetholone)?

Anadrol is among the most widely used anabolic and androgenic steroids for physique and performance enhancement purposes and in fact, this is one of the most helpful steroids for gaining huge muscle mass and size. Anadrol steroids are used when the individual is searching for huge muscle mass increase and that’s because you would hardly find anything else that can help you to get so big and in a short period of time as Anadrol steroid would.

Anadrol is containing the active substance Oxymetholone – this is the chemical name of the steroid while Anadrol is just the brand name. Oxymetholone can be found as other trade names too, but Anadrol is by far the most famous and widely used brand for Oxymetholone. Mainly because is the first brand.

Anadrol is also very often referred to as Anadrol 50, Abombs and/ or A50 where 50 is standing for the amount of Oxymetholone found in a tablet of Anadrol. Oxymetholone can be used both orally and by injection, but oral form of AnadrolOxymetholone is by far most famous and more widely used than the injection. And usually, an Anadrol pill is coming in dosage of 50 mg of Oxymetholone. Therefore is called A50 or Anadrol 50. But you may notice it is also called “Abombs” and that’s because of its huge effectiveness which comes like a “bomb” when Anadrol steroid is being administered.

This compound is among the most widely used in bodybuilding and that’s because there’s nothing to give you such huge increases in muscle mass than Anadrol does. That’s the reason why is so popular and so widely used, especially by those people where the size is the key to win (such as bodybuilding competition).

Oxymetholone itself is being derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and it was proven that the steroid is pretty closely related to the action of the methyl-dihydrotestosterone. However, the compound has been proven to work even better because is containing an extra 2-hydroxymethylene group and this little chemical change offers huge benefits. That’s because that added group is making the steroid to be extremely effective when is being orally administered in form of pills as Anadrol pill 50 mg.

This compound was created many years ago in the 1960s and it was designed for helping people to treat muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis and others. In fact, the compound is still nowadays being fairly famous and widely used in medical settings for the treatment of HIV and AIDS induced wasting.

As mentioned, Anadrol is a DHT derived steroid and often people think of DHT derived steroids as “cutting” steroids because they cannot convert into estrogen. Anadrol is definitely not like that – is the complete opposite. Despite the fact that it cannot aromatize and convert into estrogen, it still somehow activates the estrogen receptors and therefore is greatly increasing estrogen flow in the body.

For this reason, estrogenic related side effects with this DHT derived steroid – Anadrol 50 are definitely possible and that’s why you won’t ever get lean on it so is never used in cutting cycles – you can’t get shredded with Anadrol.

In addition to that, this compound is considered to be a lot much more powerful than Turinabol and more than 3 times as strong as Testosterone is when talking about anabolic activity. One of the reasons why bodybuilders started to use this steroid so actively is because of its very favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio which is 320:45. In the same time, this product is having a low ability to bind to the androgen receptors, so low that you could compare it to Winstrol when talking about androgen receptor binding affinity.

In the end, this powerful steroid is among the best steroids when it comes to building muscles and huge size. Is one of the first compounds that are considered to be administered when someone is searching to get as huge as possible.

What Does Anadrol (Oxymetholone) Do?

Anadrol is an extremely helpful compound which is working as other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors. It does what other steroids are doing and above was explained its properties. All of that made Anadrol containing Oxymetholone to be used for bulking cycles for physique and performance enhancement purposes and is also being used in medical settings for various health conditions, but mainly for those needs where the patient is underweight and/ or suffering from muscle deficiencies etc.

Below you would find a list of the most notorious effects of AnadrolOxymetholone

  • Anadrol biggest benefit is that is causing extremely huge muscle mass increases that no other steroid is capable to offer and it offers it in a very short period of time. There are a lot of bodybuilders who already have used Anadrol and they reported gaining more than 20-30 pounds of lean muscle mass on their first cycle with Oxymetholone.
  • Anadrol is causing a significant amount of water weight retention and this means that you should be controlling your water intake and generally your estrogen levels. This is helpful for growing muscles but is not as helpful for cutting cycles. Therefore Anadrol is perfect for bulking, but is rarely used in cutting stacks.
  • Abomb is notorious for huge boosts in muscle mass creation as well as power and strength increase. Because the body would grow so fast and so big in a short period, very often users of Abomb report they are feeling hungry. That’s because their body needs more fuel in order to create the new muscle cells. With optimal diet, that’s very good for those who want to grow.
  • Except for muscle mass increase, as mentioned, you are going to notice a huge increase in strength levels too, but also in energy levels. Users of A50 noticed they were able to lift around 40 pounds more after about a month of using it than they were able to lift before it. With energy and strength increase, you can train longer and push more which is all very beneficial.
  • Originally, Anadrol has been created for treating osteoporosis and is still used nowadays for such purposes. Logic says that the steroid is amazing for increasing bone density and generally your bones health. This is very helpful because it decreases the risks of bones fractures or injuries during heavy weight lifting and improves your overall health.
  • Due to the same reasons earlier mentioned, Oxymetholone is a compound which is helpful for your joint pains too by decreasing them. A lot of users reports of Oxymetholone compounds said they have less joint pains and that’s because of a better lubrication in joints as well as a much more flexibility of the joints since using Oxymetholone.
  • Big benefit of Anadrol is the fact that you won’t be getting negative effects on libido as you can get on most other steroids which is happening because of suppression effect on natural testosterone production. This steroid, instead, is binding to the SHBG (Sexual Hormone Binding Globulin) – a hormone that is made for removing testosterone from your body. By taking Anadrol, you get less SHBG and therefore, your body allows to retain more testosterone. This is a part of what makes Anadrol to make you grow more muscles and no libido issues.
  • Being a powerful steroid, Anadrol is going to offer big results even at low dosages that’s why, if you’re new to this compound, you can start low at a low dosage and you’re still going to get big results. More dosages results in more benefits, but more side effects too. You start low and increase if required until you feel comfortable with the dosage. Make sure to not get over the recommended dosage which will be discussed further.
  • Anadrol containing Oxymetholone is often used alongside with other steroids as a cycle stack and this would be maximizing the effectiveness. For most results, is often stacked with other bulking steroids like Testosterone, Nandrolone or Trenbolone.
  • Anadrol is purely amazing for those who hit their plateau phase during their cycles. By adding Anadrol, even during a mid cycle, this would greatly boost your body and would make you add new muscle mass.

Anadrol Effects Before and After

When to Take Anadrol? Anadrol Dosage

Anadrol pills are usually used during bulking cycles and they are prescribed by doctors to patients who are having some health issues that are often related to weight loss or muscle loss. Oxymetholone, as mentioned, is coming in form of injection and in form of tablets but by far the most widely used and preferred method of administering Oxymetholone is orally by mouth as pills, which is no wonder taking in consideration that you can simply swallow something instead of injecting it.

Anadrol pills should be taken very carefully because this is a powerful steroid and side effects are possible to occur, especially with higher doses since side effects are very closely related to the dosage. If you want to get the most out of it, stack with the most effective dosage that is low enough not to get side effects, and use supplements and various supportive therapies for lowering the side effects while you get the benefits.

Is very important to have a healthy lifestyle, regular workout, diet, not having pre existent health issues with medicines and supplements that can make you stay away from unwanted side effects, all along with a good PCT plan.

Because of the short half life of Anadrol which is only from 8 to 10 hours, the compound should be administered at least twice a day, some people use it even often. That would make you have stable blood levels and receive the maximum out of this compound. Split the total daily dose in 2 halves at least, taken at the same time per day, every day.

Start slowly and increase the dosage until you feel comfortable. People use doses between 20 mg up to maximum 100 mg a day – doses over 100 mg per day are highly recommended to be avoided. In fact, doses of 100 mg a day should be administered only for short periods.

Most often, people use 50 mg a day, 25 mg taken in the morning and 25 mg taken in the evening for a cycle length of 6 weeks. Most commonly cycle length are in the range of 3 up to 6 weeks. Getting over 8 weeks is very dangerous. In fact, because of its high hepatotoxicity using Anadrol for more than 6 weeks is already dangerous.

The compound shouldn’t be administered by women, this is a very powerful product, so powerful that some men cannot tolerate it, not talking about women which generally have a much lower tolerance to steroids than men do and therefore side effects can be much worse.

It is very advisable to add HCG to elevate libido, Liv-52 and Milk Thistle in order to stay away from hepatotoxicity, other supplements for cardiovascular and cholesterol possible side effects as well as some PCT medications after each Oxymetholone cycle such as Nolvadex or/ and Clomid. Extremely important is to add anti estrogen medications during the administration of Anadrol because estrogen related side effects are very possible.

Anadrol, as mentioned, is very often stacked with other compounds, or it can be used solo. We recommend to start with 20-30 mg a day for 4 weeks alone to see how it works alongside with some supplements and anti estrogen.

If you do well, you can increase the dosage and maybe even add other steroids. Here’s a good cycle. 6 weeks of Anadrol 50 mg a day out of a total of 10 weeks with 500 mgs a week of Sustanon, 600 mg a week of Deca Durabolin, 25 mg a day of Aromasin, 20 mg a day of Cardarine also known as Endurobol (GW-501516) as well as some liver supplement. All of this should be followed by a PCT plan.

It is very recommended not to start another cycle containing Anadrol in a matter of at least a month or better even longer. You need to give your body as much time as possible between 2 cycles of Anadrol as this would allow your body to recover and to stay away from unwanted side effects and protect your internal organs.

So, general tips or rules of using Anadrol are:

  1. Start slowly at a low dosage and short period of time solo. Increase the dosage and cycle length but never go over 100 mg a day and 6 weeks. 50 mg a day with 4 weeks cycle is most common.
  2. Stack Anadrol only when you have enough experience and is best stacked with other steroids for bulking cycles such as Testosterone, Nandrolone, Trenbolone and others.
  3. Always add cycle supporting supplements and medicines such as anti estrogens, liver protecting supplements and PCT plans after each cycle with Anadrol – these are extremely important but there are various others too.
  4. Make sure that you are healthy enough to use this powerful compound and have a healthy lifestyle with proper diet.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) Side Effects

Anadrol can offer side effects and that’s quite obvious when you’re using a powerful steroid. There is no steroid without side effects and that’s especially when is not being used properly. The steroid is considered even stronger than Winstrol – one of the strongest oral steroids, no wonder that side effects are possible, especially if you don’t use it properly.

The biggest side effects of Oxymetholone compounds are liver hepatotoxicity and estrogenic related side effects. This is the main reason why Abombs should be used within the recommended dosage guidelines as higher doses than recommended or using it for too long periods would lead to serious damage to your liver.

Even if you still use the compound within the recommended dosage guidelines, you still need to get cycle support products such as liver protecting compounds and other supplements for protecting your other organs too.

Cycle supporting supplements, healthy lifestyle and all other methods meant to manage the side effects are extremely important because otherwise you’re going to find yourself with nasty and maybe even permanent side effects.

Here’s a list of the most commonly reported side effects when using AnadrolOxymetholone pills:

  • Liver problems known as hepatotoxicity indicating liver enzyme issues;
  • There are multiple estrogenic based side effects such as bloated face
  • Gynecomastia known as gyno or man’s breasts, bitch tits etc.
  • High blood pressure known as hypertension and others;
  • There are also androgenic related side effects such as oily skin and acne
  • Uncontrollable aggression;
  • Male pattern hair loss and others;
  • Appetite loss or appetite increase
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Stomach issues and even diarrhea
  • Nausea and lethargy
  • Lower back pumps and cramps

And there are other side effects too as this is not the full list. As we can see, there are quite a good amount of negative side effects and that’s why following all the methods meant for lowering the side effects are so important to be followed.

Where to Buy Anadrol (Oxymetholone)?

Anadrol containing Oxymetholone known as Abomb or A50 is an extremely famous steroid and that’s because is a very effective product in bodybuilding world for physique and performance enhancement purposes, especially when it comes to huge gains in muscle mass by allowing new muscle cells creation. You can buy Anadrol 50 for sale from the sources which you can find mentioned for making sure that you would receive what you pay for.

Make sure to know that the compound is coming with its own side effects and issues but they are manageable as long as you know how to properly use Anadrol 50. There are various ways to protect your body and organs from Oxymetholone and by applying them, you can get the most out of Anadrol for sale in terms of benefits while you have the chance to stay away from side effects and other health issues.

But except for health issues, there are other issues that customers might find when searching for Anadrol for sale and that’s the price and the quality which is all due to the source. You can get Anadrol 50 by doing a research online and that’s what we recommend you to do. There are veteran steroid users who already have their preferable source where they always get Anadrol 50 because they know they won’t be scammed.

We recommend to do your research first and then buy Anadrol online because you would save a lot of money. But make sure that the source you’re using are not scammers. Since Anadrol is in such a high demand, scammers do not sleep and try to rip you off money. They can sell you herbal product with name Anadrol telling you that is the same steroid – which is by far not true. You can get under quality or under quantity of Oxymetholone too and lately you can overpay for actual Anadrol 50. We suggest sources with actual Anadrol for sale of high quality, sources that are trustworthy.

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