Winstrol Stanozolol

Winstrol is the brand name of the active substance Stanozolol that is very widely used by bodybuilders and many other athletes for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Usually, this compound is called shortly Winny by many people but regardless which trade/ brand name is offered, as long as you get high quality Stanozolol – that’s all Winstrol.

The compound is very famous because is very effective for growing lean muscle mass or at least preserving muscles during low calorie diets in the time that it helps to boost the fat loss processes. That’s the reason why Winstrol (Stanozolol) is used by seasoned bodybuilders and athletes who went through bulking cycles and now want to get muscle definition.

The compound is known for getting water retention out of the body and would help have less subcutaneous water, allowing the muscles to be visible, defined with a hardening effect.


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Another great news is that WinstrolStanozolol comes in both form of injection and as tablets. That’s why, those who do not want to inject themselves with anything (simply because it sounds awkward or are afraid of injection) they may go for oral Winstrol pills which are very powerful too. In fact, Stanozolol tablets is a much famous version compared to injection because most people choose to simply swallow something rather than injecting it.

  • This anabolic and androgenic steroid is very favorable due to great Anabolic to Androgenic ratio on paper which is 320:30 making it 3 times more anabolic than testosterone and 3 times less androgenic than testosterone and in the same time, Stanozolol is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derived steroid, so it cannot aromatize and hence, no estrogenic activity.

Due to all of its amazing properties, Stanozolol has been an awesome product for many years among those who want to step on the stage and compete, regardless if it comes to showing off your muscles or displaying a great performance – Winny is going to help you with both of them.


Winstrol is the perfect steroid for those who want to receive a hard, defined body with amazing muscles and less body fat, all along with more vascularity and definition, more strength levels, more energy and stamina and an overall better performance.

Winstrol Cycles – How to Dose Stanozolol?

First off, you have to choose which form of Winstrol you want to use – pills or injections. Pills are offering a shorter half life but there is not a huge difference 9 hours vs 24 hours. Hence pills should be used 2-3 times a day whilst injection once a day.

In terms of how they work and what benefits or side effects you would receive – there is no difference.


Same dosages and cycle lengths should be applied to. Stanozolol dosages are in the range of 30 mg up to 100 mg a day for all men. Beginners go for 30 mg a day to start with, professionals go to higher doses such as 80-100 mg daily. But most people find that 50 mg daily is the best dose to get great effects and keep side effects at bay.

Cycle length with this compound should not ever go over 8 weeks. But most people prefer 4-6 weeks to keep their liver healthy.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) Side Effects

  • Winstrol’s biggest side effect is the liver hepatotoxicity.

You need to make sure you keep your liver healthy. That’s why doses shouldn’t be high and cycle length short.

  • Another commonly reported side effect of Winstrol is dry joints.

That could be because of the compound is flushing out the water of your body. Take joint supplements.

  • As all other steroids – is suppressive for the natural testosterone production so make sure to have a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan ready.

It cannot offer estrogenic side effects, but you may get androgen related ones like acne, hair loss etc. and women may get masculinization (virilizing) adverse effects.

There may be other negative side effects either, make sure to control them in order to keep yourself healthy and not getting too bothering side effects.


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