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Anavar for women is a widely discussed topic and that’s because Anavar is the most famous and considered the best anabolic steroid for women. The active substance is Oxandrolone while Anavar is the first and most famous trade name. You could buy high quality Oxandrolone being sold as other trade names than Anavar, but you get same Anavar for a lower price.

We call it Anavar because of the brand name’s high popularity.

Regardless if you’re a man or a woman, you have high chances to improve your physical appearance and enhance performance with this steroid. Also, this is an extremely popular compound for beginners too and that’s due to its high safe profile.

  • Anavar is considered a mild anabolic steroid and that’s why is so popular among women. Other stronger steroids have much higher chances of offering negative side effects to both men and women, but it especially applies to women since their tolerance is generally much lower compared to the tolerance to steroids of men.

Despite being considered a milder steroid compared to most other steroids, Anavar (Oxandrolone) still remains a very popular and highly efficient product for those who want to improve physical appearance and enhance performance with boosted strength levels.

That’s why, we get a compound that is super effective and is safer compared to many other steroids. No wonder Anavar is top 1 most popular and considered the best product for women.

Anavar Dosage For Women

Despite being milder, side effects are still possible with this product. They are just not as bad and have lower chances to occur. But in the end, it highly depends on various factors such as personal tolerance to the product, but especially it depends on the dosage and cycle length.

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That’s why, before a woman would actually start using Anavar, she should learn how to properly do so, this way she ensures low side effects and high effectiveness.


  • So, the most common dosage for women is 5-10 mg a day. This dosage is enough to offer results without side effects. 5 mg a day is the good starting point with most women stopping at 10 mg a day.
  • There are professional women who use Anavar (Oxandrolone) in higher dosages of 15-20 mg a day, but anything more than 20 mg a day is considered pure abuse. In fact, dosages that get over 10 mg a day are considered to greatly increase the risks of experiencing virilization symptoms.

These are the worst side effects for a woman associated with the use of anabolic steroids. Good news is that the masculine characteristics developed from using Anavar can be reversed shortly after stopping to use the steroid. But that’s only if the steroid is stopped at the onset of such symptoms.

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That’s why is highly recommended to keep dosages low and Anavar cycle short.

Cycle length for women is usually 4 weeks – that’s going to be enough to offer great results. There are few who go up to 6 weeks, but that’s only for those who have enough experience with this compound.

So, female Anavar cycle should be 5 mg a day for 4 weeks for beginners. The next cycle (after some months of letting your body to recover) can be: 5 mg a day for the first week, then 4 more weeks with 10 mg a day. Few women go to higher dosages but 15 mg a day for 6 weeks would be offering crazy results but that’s increasing the side effects risks.

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Anavar Women Side Effects

Except for receiving various virilizing side effects from using Anavar, women are at risk of getting other side effects too such as cholesterol related ones, liver issues, cardiovascular negative effects and others.

However, women’s worst side effects are masculinization symptoms such as deepening of the voice, irregular menstruation cycles, abnormal hair growth on face and body, smaller breasts, shredding head hair and others.

The side effects of Anavar for women depends on genetics, but it greatly depends on the dosage too.

In order to burn body fat and preserve muscles with an overall boost in physical appearance, a woman should properly use Anavar.

Benefits of Anavar for Women

The product is so famous because of various reasons for women.

Some “side benefits” include: Anavar (Oxandrolone) is orally active so it can be easily administered by mouth in form of tablets. Other than that, being a milder compound – is female friendly with less side effects risks including masculinization symptoms.

women-using-anavar-bodyBut the real benefits include:

  • Muscle building effects
  • Helps burn body fat
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Is enhancing strength levels
  • Boosts confidentiality
  • Enhances mood
  • Boosts performance
  • Increases libido and sex drive
  • Increases clitoris sensitivity making a woman more likely to reach orgasm

There are many other benefits that were not mentioned here.

Anavar Women

Anavar seem to be perfect for women. Regardless if you want to be turned into a real-life She-Hulk or you simply want to get a sexy aesthetic beach body – you would receive great help from Anavar.

The only problem that Anavar (Oxandrolone) has is the price. Nonetheless, you would receive it for a great price by using our steroid source. You can buy Anavar for sale here at You may find it as other brand names, but make sure the Oxandrolone is the same high quality and purity and save lots of money.

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