Dbol Review


If you know, only a single anabolic steroid for physique and performance enhancement then is most likely Dbol. That’s because Dianabol (shortly called Dbol) is the most famous and widely used anabolic steroid for bodybuilder purposes.

The little Dianabol pills are known for transforming your body in a matter of some days, make you really huge and muscular. Taken in consideration that the compound is having crazy potency for making you crazy powerful and immensely hugeDbol is most popular and therefore, is most searched steroid among those who want to improve their physical appearance and boost their strength levels.

With this being said, we would share our Dbol Review and hopefully it would help both newcomers as well as those who already have some knowledge about Dianabol.

This extremely famous compound started to be used many years ago and is the first steroid to become widely used on bodybuilding stages. The anabolic steroid started to be used all over gyms and sporting fields and although nowadays the compound is not recommended to be used for such purposes, is still used everywhere where no anti doping tests are done (and sometimes, even there) if a person requires to get real big real fast.

About Dianabol

Dianabol is the first and most famous brand name for this anabolic steroid. Dbol is what most people call it shortly but you may find it as other brand names too.


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  • The active substance is actually Methandrostenolone or Methandienone (chemical name). Nobody calls it by this name, obviously, but the compound is very famous and is very helpful regardless of the brand name, as long as is used properly and the substance is of a high quality.

The compound was firstly made many years ago by a company named CIBA and it was firstly made as an alteration to testosterone. It was made to be less aromatized and less androgenic whilst allowing oral use.

Whilst Dianabol is an orally active steroid and less androgenic than testosterone, it ended up being much more aromatized and slightly more anabolic. Its chemical structure made it a perfect steroid for bulking up.

Main Uses of Dbol

This anabolic steroid was used in medical settings but then it was discontinued, at least in USA. Nowadays, Dbol steroid is very popular for performance enhancement purposes. That’s because the compound is creating perfect anabolic environment with retention of nitrogen and boosted protein synthesis and gylcogenolysis.


  • Mass Gainer: Due to its chemical structure, the anabolic steroid Dianabol allows for a perfect mass gain in a very short period.

In fact, Dianabol is considered one of the safest steroids to add mass so fast and so much. There are other steroids that may add even faster and even more (like Anadrol) but there are more side effects and other drawbacks. Therefore, Dianabol is considered one of the most effective mass gaining anabolic steroids that you may find.

  • Strength Booster: Dianabol is known not only for huge increases in muscle mass, but for boosts in strength levels too, allowing users to lift much more weight than they normally do.

There are steroids that may make you gain mass, but they are not going to make you gain as much strength and performance. Dianabol is among the best strength boosters next to Winstrol. One of the best part is that Dbol makes you boost strength as fast, making you more powerful in a matter of days/ weeks.

Dbol Side Effects

Let’s not forget that Dbol remains an anabolic steroid and as all other steroids, there are some possible side effects. Mainly they are dose and genetic dependable. Assuming you abuse it, side effects risks are very possible to be very bad.


If you have good genetics and you use it properly, you may get no side effects at all. Dbol side effects go as:

  • Hepatotoxicity as all other orally active steroids.
  • Testosterone suppression as all anabolic steroids.
  • Androgenic side effects that are less pronounced compared to testosterone.
  • Estrogenic side effects that are more likely to occur compared to testosterone.
  • Cholesterol and cardiovascular side effects.

Dbol Cycle, Dosage and Stacks

Dbol is taken orally by mouth as pills and is taken every 12 hours at least because of its very short half life of 3-6 hours. But is better to use it every 6 hours or so to maintain stable blood levels.


  • A Dianabol cycle would last anywhere between 4-8 weeks but best would be to stop at 6 weeks.
  • A Dianabol dosage is anywhere between 25 mg up to 80 mg a day or so but sweet spot is 50 mg a day. 25 mg is for beginners, doses over 50 mg are only for professionals.
  • Dianabol is not recommended to be used alone because of testosterone suppression. Therefore Dbol is stacked with testosterone in most cases. It can also be used with many other steroids like Winstrol, Superdrol, Anadrol, Deca Durabolin, Equipoise and many others.

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Regardless why you want to use Dbol, we recommend you to do it very carefully. We have more valuable information about this anabolic steroid and you can use our website LandOfMarbles.com to but Dbol for sale.


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