Dianabol Results


A lot of people are wondering about Dianabol results before actually using it because we all know that this is an anabolic steroid and many people heard that anabolic steroids may be dangerous.

Well, here is what we can say about this: Dianabol results greatly depends on you and how exactly you use it. The same applies to its side effects. We do know that anabolic steroids have side effects and that’s true, but the reason they got banned is because back in the day, many steroid users abused them in order to achieve more/ faster results and that’s a huge mistake as this is not the way steroid works.

Dianabol results are going to be risk-free and huge as long as you learn how to correctly use it.

First of all that means that Dianabol dosage and Dianabol cycle length are moderate. With increased dosage and cycle you increase the benefits and results, but you increase the side effects too. So is better to take it slowly.

Dianabol results are mind blowing when the anabolic steroid is used properly.

Most people who used Dbol understand very well why this steroid is considered the most famous and widely used all over the world – there are very good reasons, and that’s including its results.


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Best news is that Dianabol results indeed may appear without any side effects or risks associated and plus to that, the compound is not requiring an injection to be administered. Dianabol pills are super easy to administer – 3-4 times per day by swallowing pills for about 4-6 weeks is going to make you grow huge amounts of muscles and plus to that, all Dianabol results are appearing extremely fast. You would start feeling it working within some days after starting to use it, and by week 2 you are going to lift more weight, feel better and look fuller.

Let’s take a closer look to Dianabol results which are pretty dramatic.

Strength Gains


One of the very first thing that you would notice is the strength gains from using Dianabol. This steroid makes you stronger really fast and would make you capable to lift some weights that you weren’t even thinking about. There are a lot of athletes and bodybuilders suggesting that they were capable to lift some weights that they haven’t ever touched in the past in a matter of some days.

This is due to the fact that Dbol is adding new muscles, but plus to that, is making your muscles way more powerful. This means that the muscles are getting more powerful without even growing, but a combination of both offers crazy strength gains.

Mass Gains


Dianabol is known to be one of the most famous and commonly used steroids for gaining muscle mass. Is important to have a calorie surplus during the diet and to train hard, this would ensure at least 15 lbs of pure muscle mass gains in 4 weeks cycle. But is not uncommon for people to report gaining about 25-30 lbs of muscles during the first Dbol cycle.

This is a very powerful mass gainer but is important to understand that some of the total weight that you would add would be from water weight. That’s why, after you discontinue the Dianabol cycle, you should expecting losing some of the weight as that’s going to be the water flushing out of your body.

Other Dianabol Results

There are many other Dianabol results such as:bodybuilder-dianabol-workout

  • Huge increase in protein synthesis boost
  • Is stimulating fat loss processes
  • Is reducing fatigue
  • Greatly improving recovery
  • Enhances performance levels etc.

Dianabol results are mostly helpful for those who are using Dbol for bulking cycles because of the aromatization and therefore, estrogenic activity which leads to water retention. That’s what makes it a powerful mass gainer. But if you search for cutting cycles, Dbol may not be the best addition. The water retention is not going to be a good thing for those who aim to get a dry and vascular look.


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