Somatotropin Side Effects


One of the most widely used compounds for physique and performance enhancement as well as considered among the most effective life-improving supplements is Somatotropin. This is a synthetic version of Human Growth Hormone (shortly called HGH) which is the exact same HGH. The difference is that is made in laboratories and injected, instead of naturally made. When the compound is used, the HGH levels of the user increase. That’s because Somatotropin (Somatropin) is the exact same HGH of 191 amino acids.


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Needless to mention that a Growth Hormone is growing in popularity in bodybuilding and athletic circles. That’s because this compound helps you… well… grow.

People in such circles always search for ways to grow muscles. And there’s barely any other that can be considered better than HGH for such purposes.

HGHSomatotropin is helping with the repair, growth, and expansion of muscles as well as any other tissues in the body. This is a unique product that is not considered estrogenic or androgenic, meaning it is not gender specific. So anyone (male or female) can administer HGH and get its benefits.

Explaining Somatotropin Side Effects

This is a protein hormone (peptide hormone) that is not going to offer sex specific benefits or sex specific side effects. It is an amazing compound offering great results and benefits.

  • But in case there’s too much HGH in the body (too high doses of Somatotropin administered) then the side effects would definitely appear. And those side effects are unique and specific, different from steroids’ side effects.
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Also, steroids are often used with SomatropinHuman Growth Hormone to get maximum benefits. With this being said, they can boost the benefits of each other. But they may also exacerbate the side effects too (specific ones).

Therefore, if you use HGH with steroids, do not expect their side effects to disappear. They are either remaining the same or may get even worse. For example gynecomastia, water retention, etc.

HGH Side Effects

As mentioned, HGH side effects are often associated with too high doses of Somatotropin. There are also rare cases when a person has natural hypersensitivity or allergies to Somatotropin or its compounds. In such situations, the person receives side effects even at lower doses, but that’s rare.

Also, Somatotropin side effects may be worse in case a person suffers from specific health conditions before starting to use HGH.

HGH Water Retention and Swelling

Is not uncommon for users of HGH to notice they are experiencing water retention or swelling. That’s why HGH is associated with more fluid retention. That’s especially in the joint areas leading to the next side effect.

HGH Joint Pains

This is a common Somatotropin side effect. Due to fluid retention in joint areas, a lot of people are reporting joint pains. In fact, HGH is a compound that can promote healthy joints. But to do so, the joints have to expand and be placed in the proper position. Therefore, it could cause joint soreness and pains.

HGH Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Another fairly common Somatotropin HGH side effect is the carpal tunnel. Also because of excess water retention pressing up against joints causing numbness and pains and overstimulating muscles and tendons in the wrists.

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HGH Gynecomastia

Is unlikely for HGH to cause gynecomastia alone (although it may happen in rare cases). But many bodybuilders use aromatized steroids with Somatotropin and this is speeding up the gyno apparition.

HGH Insulin Sensitivity and Hypoglycemia

The compound is known to reduce insulin sensitivity by raising your blood glucose levels. This may increase the risks of high blood glucose levels and risks of diabetes as well as hypoglycemia.

HGH Organ and Tissue Abnormal Growth

Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the growth of tissues and organs. In case you administer the compound for too long and/ or in too high doses, among Somatotropin side effects we can add the abnormal growth of internal organs as well as other parts of the body. It could lead to a larger nose, ease, hands, feet, stomach, etc. This is why a lot of bodybuilders are suffering from protruding stomachs (called HGH Gut).


Other HGH Side Effects

There are also other Somatotropin side effects such as sleepiness during the day, muscle, nerve, and joint pains; tingling and numbness of skin; as well as growing cancerous tumors in case you already have them in your body. HGH doesn’t cause cancers, but if you have these tumors, being a Growth Hormone, it may help them grow. There may be other HGH side effects too.


In the end, remember that HGH side effects are uncommon in case you don’t have allergies or hypersensitivity to it, or pre existing health conditions as well as use it properly.

We recommend starting slowly. Then gradually increase. This way you make sure you are a good responder to its effects.


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