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Men who are regularly working out and are building their bodies achieved great looking bodies thanks to the powerful hormone – testosterone. Those who were working out for years may have noticed that in their 30s, they do not perform as well as in their 20s and they do not have as much muscles either.

A lot of people are asking the question why it happens? The answer is the same – due to testosterone. Men in their 20s are having much more testosterone than in their 30s. As you age, testosterone levels declines and that’s why we rarely see elder men having a great defined body – we rarely see elder men having a great amount of testosterone.

On the other hand, as men age, they are much more likely to experience low testosterone, that is also known as low T condition – this is a common condition mainly for men after their 30s and this is an unhealthy condition for a man which comes with various nasty symptoms.

How we can stay away from all these things? From low testosterone condition, from losing muscles and strength?

To maintain high testosterone levels. But how we can do that?

Use synthetic testosterone.

Synthetic testosterone is also called androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) and a lot of bodybuilders and simple gym guys are using steroids in attempt to enhance their physique and performance – and they do have a great success out of it.

Synthetic testosterone is the exact same as naturally occurring one – as soon as it reaches the body, your body cannot distinguish between the natural one and the synthetic received from the steroid.

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There are various forms of testosterone, mainly it comes as injection, but there are also testosterone pills. This is the perfect solution for those who do not want to inject themselves with anything.


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Oral testosterone pills allows users to swallow tablets and increase their testosterone levels.

Why Oral Testosterone Pills are not as famous as Injectable Testosterone?

There are 2 main reasons:

  1. Injectable testosterone is considered a more powerful / potent version than testosterone pills.

This means that you would require a higher dosage of pills in order to achieve the same boost of testosterone of a lower dosage of injectable testosterone.

  1. Oral testosterone pills should be administered on a daily basis and there are versions that are hepatotoxic.

Injectable testosterone is barely increasing liver enzymes and plus to that, there are injectable testosterone versions that can be used only once or maximum twice per week. Oral testosterone should be used multiple times a day and plus to that – there are hepatotoxic versions.

What versions of oral Testosterone pills are out there?

When you would search for oral testosterone pills online you would notice that there are 2 versions:

  1. Methyltestosterone
  2. Testosterone Undecanoate

Methyl-1-Test-10-Dragon-PharmaBoth these active substances come in form of tablets (testosterone undecanoate can be found as pills and injections too) and they are both increasing the testosterone levels when administered.

The difference between them is that methyltestosterone is C17 alpha alkylated and it passes through the liver, which makes it hepatotoxic but testosterone undecanoate is not as effective and should be used multiple times a day in higher dosages.

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So, you either go for Methyltestosterone for a short cycle and low dosage, or for Tetsosterone Undecanoate that won’t affect your liver, but won’t be as effective, so you need to use it in high dosages on a daily basis to make it effective.

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Testosterone Pills Conclusion

In the end, testosterone pills are a solution for people who hate injecting themselves but they still need to increase the testosterone levels.

Make sure you know that swallow testosterone pills is easy, but overdoing it would lead to too high testosterone levels which comes with various nasty side effects.

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