Anastrozole For Men


Anastrozole is a very famous compound for men, although the compound was originally designed for women. Anastrozole for men is used by steroid users because this is an aromatase inhibitor. Such types of medications are used when estrogen is getting out of control and it needs to be reduced. That’s because aromatase inhibitors are inhibiting the aromatization process by binding to the aromatase enzymes.

  • Usually, too much estrogen is a problem for women and thus, they get estrogen positive (hormonally positive) breast cancer. Anastrozole is given to women in order to treat this form of breast cancer.
  • But Anastrozole is also used by men who use anabolic steroids and are at high risk of getting too much estrogen, which would lead to estrogen related side effects.

Such types of side effects usually lead to: water retention and then bloating and even edema, water retention often leads to hypertension (high blood pressure) and therefore, high blood pressure leads to cardiovascular issues (heart related problems). As much as we can see, these side effects work with a domino effect. Other than that, men with too much estrogen may start feeling moody and emotional, may get insomnia issues and therefore energy lack. As if that’s all not enough, one of the ugliest side effects as considered by many bodybuilders – too much estrogen leads to gynecomastia which is also known as man’s boobs, bitch tits etc.


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Anastrozole for men is good because it controls estrogen (lowers it) and therefore, prevents and can treat such side effects.

Is important to mention that not all steroids are offering estrogen related side effects. There are aromatized steroids (also called wet steroids) and there are non aromatizable steroids (also called dry steroids). Why people won’t just use dry steroids that won’t cause estrogen related side effects?

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Because dry steroids are very good at preserving lean muscle mass getting you shredded and making you lose body fat. But dry steroids are far from wet steroids in terms of adding muscles, packing on size and strength. For example, Dianabol and Anadrol are wet steroids and they are far better at making you grow muscles compared to Winstrol and Anavar which are dry steroids.


Therefore, people only need estrogenic protection from aromatase inhibitors such as Anastrozole when they use aromatizable steroids.

There is no point in using AIs when you run dry (non aromatizable) steroids as your estrogen levels won’t get high.


However, men do need Anastrozole (or other AIs, but Anastrozole is one of the best and most famous compounds out there) when they want to get as big as possible and they use aromatized steroids (those that make you grow fast and huge).

Anastrozole is most commonly sold as Arimidex – most famous brand name for this compound. But you could find Anastrozole being sold as numerous other trade names except for Arimidex. That’s why, men need Anastrozole in whatever brands for estrogenic protection.

  • PS: Other notable Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) include Letrozole as Femara and Exemestane as Aromasin.

arimidex-1-mg-mahaRegardless why you need Anastrozole (for breast cancer or estrogen protection during aromatized steroid cycle) – you may get it directly from this website Anastrozole for men is an extremely important and helpful compound when you plan using steroids.

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Customers also may get any other AIs of their choice in case you find Anastrozole not as good or for whatever the reason, other AIs work better for you. We offer all types of compounds required by bodybuilders using anabolic steroids.

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  • IMPORTANT! Make sure you learn about Anastrozole side effects, Anastrozole dosage and how to properly use it etc. This way you would make sure you know what to expect and how to stay away from side effects whilst making the compound most effective.

Anastrozole is made to CONTROL estrogen, not to completely eliminate it, which would lead to side effects.

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