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You heard that testosterone is the recommended steroid for the first steroid cycle but the problem is that it comes in the form of an injection and you never performed it yourself. Now, you may wonder about how to self administer testosterone injection and what’s the best site to perform it.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can perform a self-administration of testosterone injection. With its help, you can start self-administration of testosterone injection as it contains a step by step guide.

Before we continue – you need to know that it applies to all forms of injectable testosterone, regardless of the ester. This guide contains valuable information if you’re wondering “how to self-administer testosterone injection?”

The frequency of administration depends on the Testosterone ester you choose. Our recommendation:

Let’s get started.

1. Check the Concentration of Testosterone

Various brands, manufacturers, and esters of testosterone offer various concentrations of testosterone. For example, commonly, Testosterone Cypionate offers 200 mg/ml or 250 mg/ml. But there are other versions. Nonetheless, there’s Testosterone Propionate that commonly offers 100 mg/ml.

Therefore, you need to know that all liquids are having varying concentrations. It’s essential for you to keep in mind the concentrations of testosterone. For example, if it comes in 200 mg/ml but you want to receive only 100 mg of testosterone per shot, then you need 0.5 ml (cc). Calculate the amount in ml.



2. Use a Sterile, Suitable Needle and Syringe

When you administer testosterone injection, exactly as with any other injectable compounds, it’s vital for you to use a sterile and never-used-before needle! Not following this step you’re at high risk of infections and many other health risks.

Beware – testosterone is a pretty oily and viscous solution. Especially with longer versions like Cypionate and Enanthate. Make sure to use a thicker needle than normal (such as 20 or 21 gauge) for drawing up the dose.

3. Carefully Wash Your Hands

That’s very important for reducing the risks of infections, rashes, and other unwanted experiences. When giving an injection – make sure you keep your hands as clean as possible. Use enough antibacterial soap and water. That’s why many doctors perform injections with sterile gloves!

4. Draw Up Your Dose

This is the reason why the first step is to calculate your concentration. After you determine the recommended dose for your needs, you need to calculate the volume of your dose compared in terms to the concentration of your testosterone. As explained above – in case you want to receive 200 mg per shot and your testosterone has a concentration of 200 mg per ml, then you would need to use one full ml of solution.

For drawing up the required dose, firstly draw air into your syringe – equal to the volume of the pre-planned dosage. After that, carefully wipe the top of the medication bottle with an alcohol wipe. You are ready to insert the needle into the medication throughout the lid. Push down the air you drew earlier in your syringe into the vial (bottle) with testosterone solution. Turn the vial upside down and draw out your planned dosage of testosterone. Avoid drawing more or less.

Why do you need to inject air into the bottle? Well, this is going to increase the internal air pressure. As a result, it would be easier for you to draw the testosterone into your syringe. As mentioned, Testosterone is a fairly thick oily solution. Therefore, people find it hard to draw it without first injecting air.

5. Aspirate the Syringe

Make sure you aspirate your syringe thoroughly. It’s more important than you may think because if you would inject air bubbles into your body it could lead to serious medical conditions. If you’re interested about it – read about embolism. The name of the health condition. So, please, make sure there are no air bubbles in your syringe when you’re attempting to inject the testosterone solution. To do so, you’ve got to “aspirate the syringe”. How to properly do it?

  • Hold your syringe with the needle locked on it while pointing up in front of you (like a rocketship).
  • Closely inspect for air bubbles inside the syringe. Shake (tap) a little bit on the side of the syringe in order for the bubbles to go to the top of the solution.
  • Make sure all the bubbles are at the top and the solution doesn’t contain any bubbles.
  • Slowly press the plunger in order to push out the air that is located at the top of the syringe.
  • Continue forcing the air out until you see a tiny drop of the solution coming out of the syringe.

Of course, make sure you won’t spray out a serious amount of the solution. If you do, either use the remaining dosage or repeat step 1.

6. Prepare the Testosterone Injection Site

Most commonly, Testosterone injections are intramuscular. Therefore, the injections go directly into a muscle. Generally, large muscles are the best spots. For example, there are 2 relatively accessible muscles for intramuscular injections that you can use as easy spots to perform your testosterone injections:

  1. Deltoid (upper arm)
  2. Glut (the upper back portion of the thigh, such as the butt cheeks)

Other common places to perform an intramuscular injection are thigh muscles.

Note! These are not the only places that people use to inject testosterone. However, these are by far some of the most common injection spots.

Regardless of which of these injection sites you choose – make sure to take an alcohol pad that is 100% sterile and carefully wipe the entire area around where you plan to inject. That’s very important as it kills the bacteria on the skin. Without doing it, that bacteria can enter your blood when penetrating and it leads to infection.

  • NOTICE! If you choose to inject into the glute or buttocks, go for the top outside section of the glutes as your injection site. You need to go for an injection spot that is either at the top of the left or in the top right glute. These areas have the best access to the muscle tissues and they are allowing users to avoid hitting nerves and blood vessels. This may lead to other issues as well. By injecting in different spots of the glute, you risk hitting nerves and blood vessels.

7. Inject the Solution

Hold the loaded syringe like you would hold a dart at about 90 degree angle, right above your already wiped and sterile injection site. Plunge the needle into the flesh quickly. Before you depress the plunger, draw it back a little bit. You shouldn’t be drawing blood into the syringe. If you do then remove the needle and choose another injection site. If you draw blood into the syringe it means that you hit a vein. After you find a spot, inject the solution at a controlled pace, steadily and carefully.

8. Take Care of the Injection Site

After you have introduced the entire solution from the syringe (fully depress the plunger), slowly pull out the needle. Slightly press the area around the injection site with a sterile cotton swab. By doing so, it is going to prevent the emerging needle from pulling on the skin. Therefore, you can avoid experiencing any extra pain. The injection site might start bleeding. It doesn’t always bleed, but if it does – apply a sterile Band-Aid. A cotton swab would work well too.

Do not reuse the syringe or especially the needle. Throw them in a proper container and make sure nobody has access to it.

There are cases when people experience redness, swelling, or discomfort after the injection. Most commonly, that’s all bearable. In case it’s not and it gets out of normal soreness at the injection site – there’s a chance you either have allergies or used improper injection techniques.



Be very careful in how you store your testosterone solution. Always store it at the recommended temperature and in proper climates (avoid direct sunlight or excessive moisture etc.). Additionally, always check for the expiration date on the bottle. Do not use the solution in case it has expired.

Needless to mention that you should keep the solution out of reach of children or animals. Never share the solution with other people. Never use the same syringe or needle twice. Make sure you use proper dosages.

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