Finasteride Results

Finasteride is a popular medication among men in order to treat male pattern hair loss. But it also can be used as a preventative medication for hair loss for those who are prone to get this condition. Other than that, Finasteride is given to men suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) – enlargement of the prostate.

Usually, men who need it for hair loss purposes usually require much lower doses that is why Finasteride is mostly sold as 2 brands for 2 purposes: hair loss and BPH.

Since men suffering from BPH need higher doses (of 5 mg a day usually) they are given Proscar. But people who are searching for treatment of male pattern hair loss (which require 1 mg a day usually) are given Propecia.


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That’s because Proscar contains 5 mg per tablet of Finasteride and Propecia 1 mg per tablet of Finasteride.

Usually, Finasteride is prescribed by a doctor for whatever condition. But Finasteride can be used among bodybuilders too (as brand Propecia mostly). Is used as a preventative medication for losing hair whilst running anabolic steroids.

That’s because steroids are known to cause hair loss and therefore, Finasteride is added as prevention.

What is Finasteride Exactly?

Finasteride is an orally active medication that is mostly sold as Proscar (tablets of 5 mg) or Propecia (tablets of 1 mg). This is a very powerful type II 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor. It is known to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

With this being said, Finasteride is used to lower total levels of DHT in the body. DHT is a powerful sex hormone in men but is also the “enemy” of head hair. That’s why men with more testosterone are more likely to become bald. More testosterone results in more conversion of DHT. DHT hormone is increasing androgen activity on the scalp and shrinks hair follicles causing shredded hair.

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When Finasteride is introduced – you get less DHT and therefore males can save their hair. So, bodybuilders running steroids are likely to get more DHT because steroids are increasing testosterone. Other steroids may even increase DHT directly. So, they are using Finasteride to protect their head hair. Therefore, the compound is used as a hair loss prevention.


  • With all of this being said, you may be interested in Finasteride results, obviously. The compound is considered very effective with a great success rate when used as a preventative of hair loss during the use of anabolic steroids. Also, Finasteride results for BPH health conditions were proven by numerous studies to be great as well.

Finasteride Results For Hair Loss

When talking about Finasteride results for the treatment of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) then there are were some trials made. It was on a group of men who used Finasteride for 2 years. Here are the results they showed:

  • 5% of men have greatly increased their hair growth
  • 30% of men showed a slight improvement
  • 31% of men showed a moderate improvement
  • 66% of men have increased their hair growth
  • 83% of men haven’t shown any further hair loss

Based on these numbers, we can easily say that Finasteride results are amazing! Finasteride is going to show great success in the treatment of hair loss in most men running it. Especially when used as a preventative compound for hair loss.

When interested in Finasteride results for treatment of hair loss, you should know that the initial results are usually seen after about 3 months of continuous use. From the first day up to about 3 months – you may not notice too many results. But be sure the product is working, you just need to run it for longer periods of time to see the results.

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From the third up to the sixth month, the early signs of Finasteride results start to be noticed. Although you may see improvement, you should not stop running it because after about a year of continuous use you’re going to get noticeable results.

  • BUT, is very important to know that if you’re running Finasteride for bodybuilding purposes you should run it only for as long as you run steroids. Of course, if using it to keep your hair when running steroids.


Finasteride results in terms of hair loss may be amazing. But at the same time, there are negative Finasteride results known as side effects which can be long lasting and pretty bad.

  • So, before running it, be sure you absolutely need it. And make sure not to use it for longer than required or in higher doses.

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