Human Growth Hormone For Woman


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally produced hormone in the pituitary gland of the brain. GH (Growth Hormone) is considered a vital hormone because it has lots of different functions. It is controlling a lot of different things in the body. Without this hormone, a person wouldn’t function properly. People suffering from HGH Deficiency are suffering from various different issues and symptoms. That’s true both for men and women.

Human Growth Hormone for women specifically is responsible for various things. But it applies to men too. Examples include vitality, youth, energy and it has a lot of health benefits when it is at an optimal level.HB-HgH-Liquid

The pituitary gland is releasing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in a series of “pulses” throughout the day. But the most HGH is being released during sleep at night. The more you sleep and the deeper your sleep is – the more HGH can be obtained and the more benefits you get. That’s the reason why those women who are suffering from sleep apnea or other sleep issues are suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency. In turn, this makes the symptoms of sleep apnea (and those related to low HGH levels) even worse.

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When the HGH is released into the bloodstream, the hormone is attached to most tissues in the body. Especially the bones and the muscles.

Uses of HGH for Women

Human Growth Hormone for women is having pretty much the same benefits it has for men. That’s why it can be used for the same purposes that a man can.

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Regardless if we’re talking about fitness purposes of running HGH for women or about anti aging or health issues reasons – Human Growth Hormone works for both genders in the same way and is very efficient.

HGH for Physical and Psychological Fitness

Human Growth Hormone is the hormone that is responsible for repairing, replenishing, building, and growing of the body. It has an essential role in maintaining bone and muscle strength, is extremely helpful at preventing bone loss – a health condition known as osteoporosis.

In addition to that, Human Growth Hormone was proved to increase muscle mass and to decrease fat, especially around the midsection (around the belly). It helps to recover from an injury or disease allowing maintenance, healing, and recovery of muscles.

Except for lots of physical benefits, Human Growth Hormone has been proven to have a lot of psychological benefits too. It maintains normal cognitive functions, decreases depression, increases motivation, etc.

With this being said, those who run HGH are likely to get all these benefits when the product is used properly.


Benefits of Human Growth Hormone For Woman

  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Decreases chances and recovery time of illnesses and diseases
  • Making you feel and look younger
  • Boosting the mental abilities
  • Enhancing the feeling of well being
  • Thickens your skin, decreases wrinkles, improves skin condition
  • Improves capacity of exercise
  • Enhances immune function
  • Improves cholesterol health
  • Improves hair health

There are also various other benefits of HGH that were not mentioned here.

Women Make More Growth Hormone Than Men

We all know that men have higher testosterone levels and men are considered (normally) physically stronger than women. With this being said, it is quite obvious that many may think that men are also producing more Growth Hormone.

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Nonetheless, there are many studies that prove that the mean concentration of Growth Hormone is anywhere between 6-fold to 120-fold higher in premenopausal women compared to men. The studies prove that Growth Hormone levels in premenopausal women compared to men of the same age are higher as well as are the higher GH secretory burst amplitudes.

During menstruations – the GH levels are increased even more.

Dosage of HGH for Woman

Generally, dosages of Human Growth Hormone for woman is determined by the doctor in case you’re suffering from a health condition.

If you’re searching to use HGH for anti aging purposes and simply to feel better – HGH is used in dosage of 1-3 IU a day. This dosage would also help to lose weight, feel younger, etc.

When used for fitness purposes, it is recommended to start at the same dosage and only increase if it would be needed. A woman shouldn’t use more than 6 IU a day, usually.

  • HGH is used in cycle lengths of 3-6 months or even longer.


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