Turinabol is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) and is the only steroid created specifically for physique and performance enhancement needs. This steroid never had any medical purposes because it was created to enhance performance and improve physique in fitness and bodybuilding settings.

Turinabol is often called shortly Tbol or also Oral Turinabol or Oral Tbol. That’s because this compound comes exclusively in the form of tablets. The injectable version of this steroid is too liver toxic so we can say there isn’t one. The active substance is 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone and it could be found as numerous other brand names.

This steroid is derived from Dianabol (Dbol) or better said – Methandrostenolone. That’s why Dianabol (Dbol) is considered the “father” or “big brother” of Turinabol (Tbol).

Tbol vs Dbol

Both are orally active steroids and structurally they are similar. But Tbol is having the added 4chloro alteration and this is what makes it so different. In fact, Tbol and Dbol are 2 extremely different steroids.

Dbol is highly aromatizing, has a high anabolic activity and mild androgenic activity.turinabol-odin-pharma

Tbol doesn’t aromatize at all, it has a very mild anabolic activity and almost zero androgenic activity.

  • Dianabol is much better at adding a lot of muscle mass in a short period of time.
  • Turinabol is better for those who want slow and dry gains with performance enhancement without too much increase in weight.

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Advantage of Turinabol – fewer side effects. Advantage of Dianabol – much better at growing muscles.

Turinabol Benefits in Bodybuilding

You should know that Tbol is not a good bulking steroid. You shouldn’t expect to grow lots of muscle on it. But instead, there’s no need to worry about estrogenic related side effects and you can enhance performance without increasing the side effects risks.

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Also, it can bind to SHBG which makes it highly effective if stacked with other steroids. It may still increase lean muscle mass and strength levels.

You are getting tighter muscles without a puffy look and without too much gain in weight.


Turinabol Dosage and Administration

The dosage of Turinabol is ranging between 20 mg and 100 mg a day maximum. The sweet spot is 50 mg per day for most men. Although some people use it as a solo cycle, we recommend running it as a part of a steroid stack.

Being milder definitely doesn’t mean you should abuse it so keep doses low. Since Turinabol half-life is 16 hours which is a lot for an oral steroid, many people use it once a day. But you may split if you wish.

Dosage for men: 20-30 mg/day for beginners; 40-60 mg/day intermediate users; higher doses for professionals.

Dosage for women: 2.5-5 mg/day for beginners and intermediate users; 10 mg/day is the maximum you should go for.

Turinabol Oral Only Cycle Example:

  • Week 1-6 Turinabol and Dianabol both at 20-30 mg a day. With liver protection.

Turinabol Cycle Example:

  • Week 1-10 Sustanon 400 mg/week
  • Week 1-8 Turinabol 50 mg/day
  • Might add Primobolan 500 mg/week (Optional)


Turinabol Side Effects

Turinabol is a milder steroid, which means that side effects would be milder too. But the risk of receiving side effects is still there. Respect Turinabol as a steroid, otherwise you’re likely to get nasty side effects.

First off, Tbol is C17aa, which means that it passes through the liver. You risk liver damage by abusing it or using it alongside other liver damaging compounds.

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Is also important to know that Turinabol is likely to cause some negative effects on your cholesterol values.

Like any other steroid, is going to suppress natural testosterone production and women are at risk of experiencing virilizing symptoms too.

Androgen related issues cannot be excluded, but since it has almost no androgenic activity, they are very unlikely.

  • Tbol surely won’t cause high estrogen issues because it cannot aromatize.



Turinabol (Tbol) is an amazing steroid to add to a stack for lean muscle mass gains without nasty side effects. Some bodybuilders consider it a weak steroid since it cannot add a lot of sizes, but that’s a mistake. Tbol is amazing for dry and lean muscle gains with an overall improvement in strength and athletic performance.

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