Winstrol Steroids

Winstrol that is also very often referred to as Winny is containing the active substance Stanozolol. Winstrol is just the brand name, but there are many other brand names of Winstrol (generics) that are containing the same active substance – Stanozolol.

Any other brand with Stanozolol is the exact same Winstrol. The difference is in the manufacturing company. Hence, any brand with Stanozolol is referred to Winstrol steroids.

What is Winstrol?


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WinstrolStanozolol is a popular and widely used androgenic and anabolic steroid, one of the most famous one used for physique and performance enhancement purposes by athletes and bodybuilders.

It was designed to help patients with various diseases (such as osteoporosis) back in the days when it was created in 1960s.

The compound is similar to Anavar (Oxandrolone) in terms of being orally active and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived. Although there is injectable version of Winstrol (known as Winstrol Depot), Winstrol oral pills are by far the most widely used form of the compound. Obviously, taken in consideration is much easier to use it.

What to Expect From Winstrol Steroids?

Stanozolol found in Winstrol steroids is a compound that is directly binding to the androgen receptors and these are extremely important receptors found in muscles and bone tissues. Therefore, those receptors make those tissues grow. Your muscles start growing and they become more powerful with an increase in bone density.

With a stimulation in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, this is all super effective at gaining muscles and making them stronger. Other than that, Winstrol steroids are amazing at stimulating fat loss processes in the time you gain or at least maintain dry lean muscles.

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The compound is best known because it has a very favorable anabolic to androgenic activity, without aromatization (estrogen related activity) with strong binding to SHBG and ability to grow muscles whilst losing fat.

Winstrol Anabolic to Androgenic ratio is 320:30 and that’s making Winny a very effective steroid.

The promotion of cell growth (anabolism) is due to high anabolic rate and it makes you stronger. If you know how powerful Anadrol is then just for comparison – Winstrol has same anabolic activity.

Winstrol Steroids Cycle

Is not recommended to run Winstrol steroids for longer than 8 weeks because the compound is powerful and increases the risks of side effects, especially hepatotoxic related side effects. That’s why is highly recommended to run it no longer than 4-6 weeks in order to stay on the safe side.

Adding liver protective compounds would also greatly help, exactly as cycle supporting products would.

Since Winstrol steroids are super powerful, you do not need to abuse them to get benefits. Doses of Winstrol between 25 mg and 100 mg a day are going to be enough. In fact, 100 mg may be too much for many, that’s why most people stop at 50 mg daily to stay away from side effects and still receive great results.


The compound works fast, and therefore, in a few days, you would appear drier, fuller and more vascular. The overall increase in performance would be boosted too. Most people use Stanozolol as a pre contest steroid.

Having a half life of 9 hours, the compound is used multiple times throughout the day.

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Winstrol Steroids Side Effects

Remember that side effects can occur when using steroids, and the risks increase when the dosages are increased.

Side effects of Winstrol steroids are not among the worst, but they are not among the mildest steroids either.

Some side effects to expect from Winstrol (Stanozolol) includes:

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Androgen related side effects like acne and hair loss
  • Cardiovascular and cholesterol negative effects
  • Nausea
  • Dry and painful joints
  • Hepatotoxicity

Is considered that hepatotoxicity is the biggest problem with Winstrol.

That’s why cycle length should be short, dosage low, avoid liver damaging products and add liver protective products.

Good news is that Winstrol steroids cannot aromatize into estrogen, therefore water retention and gynecomastia won’t occur. In fact, the steroid can even help prevent such side effects.

Winstrol steroids are very rarely used alone, because of ability of Winstrol to bind to SHBG and because of testosterone suppression. That’s why testosterone is added to avoid low testosterone suppression. All Winstrol steroids cycles should be followed by proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plans.


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