Anadrol Review


What is Anadrol?

Anadrol is an extremely powerful and famous steroid in the bodybuilding settings for its amazing properties in building lean muscle mass. Anadrol is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is increasing male hormones synthetically and this is leading to a huge benefit in increasing red blood cells. This is the reason why Anadrol is still given in medical settings for people with various health issues especially those who suffer from anemia (low red blood cells) and also those who have wasting diseases.

Anemia is a condition when the individual is constantly feeling fatigued and tired and taken in consideration that Anadrol is increasing red blood cells, is quite obvious that the energy level is going to get highly boosted.

Anadrol is the steroid that is going to make you feel, look and perform much better. Is one of the most famous steroids in existence for packing on a huge size and that’s because of its amazing abilities to pack on size by growing muscle mass. Therefore, those people who are using Anadrol are going to get a huge boost in their energy, performance, strength level all while getting a lot much bigger.

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Some of the best results from using Anadrol includes:

  • Huge increase in muscle mass
  • Enhanced strength levels
  • Extremely fast results in less than 2 weeks
  • Mind blowing pumps
  • Much faster recover after each workout
  • More endurance during the intense workouts

The active substance in Anadrol is Oxymetholone, but this compound might be found as many other trade names except for Anadrol such as Anapolon and many others. In the end, any compound containing Oxymetholone is the same Anadrol.

Oxymetholone is a DHT derived steroid but unlike all other DHT steroids which cannot aromatize and have no estrogenic activity, Oxymetholone is offering a huge estrogenic activity, therefore is capable to offer estrogen related side effects like no other steroid but except for side effects, there are various positive effects too.

What is Anadrol Used For?

Anadrol is a bulking steroid and is very famous in bodybuilding settings for growing muscle mass and strength levels. Generally, is used for physique and performance enhancement, mainly to grow your body mass as much as possible. But this compound is also used in medical settings.

Anadrol is a powerful androgenic steroid that is increasing the person’s red blood cell count and as said earlier, that’s something extremely helpful for patients who are suffering from anemia.

Other than that, Anadrol is given to patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases. The steroid is great at boosting nitrogen retention which is extremely important for those who want to maintain muscles and gain extra. Additionally, the nitrogen is having an essential role in enhancing the required performance.

Due to enhanced nitrogen retention, the bodybuilder is allowed to enhance the performance really fast and to grow a good amount of lean body mass. This is greatly going to help the user to feel and get a good amount of strength and power in the time of exercising with weights.


Anadrol (Oxymetholone) due to all of its amazing properties has become extremely popular known for huge and really fast physical improvement and body changes. Nonetheless, the use of this powerful steroid has been banned for physique and performance enhancement. That’s because many bodybuilders tend to abuse it in attempt to gain even more and faster gains.

  • That’s a huge mistake – they should stay away from abusive doses because they lead to side effects, in controversy to normal dosages which offer huge benefits and no side effects, so is very important to learn how to properly use Anadrol, before actually starting with it. Is always a good idea to talk with a doctor and maybe with someone who has more experience which may guide you into how to properly use Anadrol.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is such a powerful steroid that is going to offer an even bigger impact on your hormonal system than testosterone would and being super potent – it would make you grow much more than testosterone would.

In the end, this steroid is used both for physique and performance enhancement as well as for various medical purposes. Is a very powerful anabolic steroid that should be treated accordingly, otherwise side effects are very possible.

What are the effects of a cycle with Anadrol?

When using Anadrol, the steroid is having various effects on the body and is having an overall positive impact on the growth of muscles and your mass and size. Oxymetholone (the active substance in Anadrol) is stimulating various processes in the body which are helpful for the user when training and dieting properly, one of those processes includes the stimulation of red blood cells, but there are lots others such as nitrogen retention and so on and so forth.

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Through its effects, this steroid is boosting the fast growth of muscles and is also making sure that the user is going to gain much more muscles than he ever could naturally. The growth of muscles requires an anabolic environment, it requires more oxygen, more red blood cells, more protein synthesis etc. and Anadrol is known to do exactly that.

  • The person is going to get a much faster recovery after each training, much more endurance during weight lifting, much more strength for maximum lifts and all of this aids faster and more muscle growth.

How does Anadrol affect your body?

The first thing that the user of Anadrol is going to notice is that their ability to handle training and workouts is going to be highly boosted. The steroid is working on various levels in the body, providing the person with the needed process boosts allowing to highly improve physique and performance.

Is not only the fact that user of Anadrol is going to perform and feel much better, but he’s going to change his bodily outlook either. Every user of Anadrol reports getting a much better look because he’s getting much bigger and more muscular.

Here’s a list of only examples of what Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is going to help you with. There are various other positive effects that Anadrol would offer too.

  • Users of Anadrol receive much more energy and that’s super beneficial as you get more energy both in the gym and outside the gym, allowing you to stay focused throughout the day. Nevertheless, more energy also means that your muscles get more energy, which allows for even more muscle growth. Moreover, you would notice that you would be increasing fat burning processes and your weight lifting strength as well as body sculpturing process would be boosted. With extra energy, you would build muscle mass and strength much faster.
  • Anadrol is also a steroid that is going to increase your testosterone levels and that’s extremely beneficial because that’s an essential hormone for growing muscle mass and strength. With more testosterone, your body is capable to boost growth of muscles and their strength, in the same time, those with more testosterone notice that they are having much more focus and more strength during their hard work out regime.
  • As mentioned, this is a well known steroid for increasing red blood cells which is allowing a person to enhance the energy levels even more. But the production of red blood cells is extremely helpful overall – a person without enough red blood cells won’t be able to grow muscles and would get tired much faster. Without RBC, your muscles don’t receive enough oxygen. The more oxygen, the harder your muscles would get tired and that’s how you would increase performance and endurance.
  • With more testosterone, the user is going to receive more estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. While they are often seen as problematic hormones by many people, that’s far from true. Without estrogen and DHT, a person would have huge health issues and wouldn’t be able to grow muscles and strength because these 2 hormones are extremely important for their growth too. Estrogen keeps your cholesterol in normal range and makes you stay away from injuries during intense workouts, DHT keeps your male characteristics on point and makes you much stronger.
  • Anadrol would help you keep your diet on check because it works on hormonal level. This way, a user is capable to have a much better eating program allowing him to have a good diet. It would allow the user to get the maximum out of the foods he eats and therefore, the nutrition and proteins from foods are put to the best possible use.
  • Other than that, Oxymetholone is known to boost your metabolism rate and that’s going to be extremely helpful for allowing you to stay away from various illnesses and diseases. This way, you could burn more body fat, you could stay away from pains, heal from injuries faster, grow muscles and generally feel much better.


Anadrol Benefits

Everyone who is using Anadrol has reported feeling, looking and performing much better. It starts by making you feel better and more motivated. That’s because Anadrol works extremely fast on the hormones which would make you feel motivated and better very shortly. Because you’re feeling better, you start performing better too, something that is getting boosted by Anadrol as well.

In a short period, you would inevitably start looking much better either, with less body fat and much more muscles with an overall performance – Oxymetholone (Anadrol) makes you feeling the best that you could.

Is extremely important to keep in mind that in order to take the best out of Anadrol you should be going through a very high level weight training and with a very good diet on check. It also depends on your ultimate goals. Depending on the achievements that you’re searching for, you may have different dosages, different diet and workout program from another person using Anadrol – this would offer different results.

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In the end, here are some benefits that everyone would get:

  • Anadrol is going to increase the red blood cells and as mentioned earlier, this would allow the users to feel much less tired during their training. You get tired much harder and you are healing much faster, allowing for longer and more frequent and more intense workout exercises.
  • Despite the fact that Oxymetholone is a known steroid for offering water retention, it would help you get rid of body fat. This is not going to make you look slimmer immediately due to water retention, but after you stop using Oxymetholone, you would be much muscular with less body fat whereas the water retention would disappear soon after the cycle.
  • Losing body fat is a good thing, but the main benefit of Anadrol is huge and fast increase in muscle growth and strength. Anadrol is used by those bodybuilders who want to get extremely big and they need to get so muscular very fast. So, you get a combination of reduced additional fat layers with increased muscle mass. Is quite obvious that the body is going to get a defined look making you leaner and ripped. Within a few weeks, users are getting much more powerful and stronger with a lot much more muscles so they are looking much better.
  • That’s another positive effect of Anadrol – the user is going to get much powerful. That’s why is a favorite compound not only for elite bodybuilders, but for professional weight lifters too. Powerlifters and strongmen can swear that Anadrol allows them to increase their maximum lifts quite a lot, and that’s especially if they go through their first Anadrol cycle.
  • Increased motivation is what Anadrol is known for as well. The individual is going to perform better on a hormonal level making him able to perform better physically, but he’s also going to feel better psychologically which would make the person continue on pushing and working out.
  • The users of this steroid are going to get huge benefits because they would get increased red blood cells, increased protein synthesis, increased oxygen, increased testosterone, increased nitrogen retention as well as decrease in cortisol (hormone that makes you add fat) as well as decreasing chances for you to get an injury and decreases the time that your body requires to heal up. These are only some examples of what Anadrol helps you with.


Indeed, Anadrol is having a lot of different benefits. This anabolic steroid is considered extremely powerful and super helpful, with this being said, is quite obvious that you would greatly boost your physique and performance. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it remains an androgenic and anabolic steroid and taken in consideration that is a very powerful one – side effects are possible. So, let’s get to the further point.

Anadrol Side Effects

Anadrol is going to have an impact on your body on the hormonal level and being considered a powerful steroid, it would have a strong impact on your body. While a lot of the effects and processes would be very beneficial, some of them are considered negative side effects.

Is highly recommended to try all the possible methods for managing the side effects of Anadrol, otherwise they can be pretty bad. That’s especially applies for people who just started to use Anadrol – they are most susceptible to get negative adverse effects. That’s because their bodies are not adjusted to the use of this compound.

In order to stay away from side effects is extremely important not to abuse Anadrol in terms of cycle length and dosage (short cycle lengths and low dosages are recommended), a PCT plan is very important after each steroid cycle, using supplements and products during the cycle is also going to be helpful, working out on a regular basis as well as having a good diet with an overall healthy lifestyle is all going to be helpful.

The side effects appearance, intensity, frequency and for how long they would stay depends on all of those factors including some more such as personal tolerance, experience and others.

There are short term and there are long term effects, there are also dangerous effects but there are side effects that you may not even notice. In the end, here are some examples of what side effects you could experience from using Anadrol:anadrol

  • Increased blood pressure. This seem to be a very commonly reported side effects by users of Oxymetholone. In case this side effect is getting out of hand and won’t get controlled – it may lead to hypertension which can be unhealthy. High blood pressure is occurring because of decreased HDL (good) cholesterol and increased LDL (bad) cholesterol). Too much blood pressure may lead to excessive sweating, redness/ flush of your skin, decreased sensitivity to heat and other side effects.
  • Water retention. That’s another extremely commonly reported side effect of Anadrol. Despite the fact that is DHT derived steroid and cannot aromatize, it somehow highly stimulates estrogen. Due to much higher estrogen activity in the body, the person is going to retain a lot of water. This would offer a “puffy” look where the individual would notice quite a good amount of subcutaneous fluid. Whilst some water retention is good, Anadrol tends to make you retain way too much, making you look out of proportion – you need to make sure to control it efficiently.
  • Because of the same increased “female hormone” – estrogen, the users of Anadrol may develop gynecomastia. Estrogen is the main hormone known for offering the “accumulation in the breasts” which is leading to gyno. A lot of bodybuilders call this side effect the “worst one” because is leading to a bad appearance – the total opposite of what a bodybuilder is trying to get out of using Anadrol. Controlling the estrogen, you would control the gyno, but if continuing to use the steroid despite its appearance – you may develop a gynecomastia that requires surgery for getting rid of it.
  • DHT related side effects. The reason why we share multiple side effects all at once is because some people may develop certain DHT related side effects, others may develop others. Some people may develop acne, others just oily skin, others hair loss, other people may get other side effects. Some may get no side effects, others may get all of them (or at least multiple ones). It very much depends on the dosage and also on the genetics of each person.
  • This is a side effect that affects everyone and since Oxymetholone is a powerful steroid that affects your liver quite a lot, you need to protect it. Anadrol is an orally active steroid and as almost all oral steroids – it affects your liver. Hepatoxicity won’t become a problem if the compound is not abused, won’t be used alongside with other toxic compounds and would be used with liver protective supplements. This would allow you to maintain liver enzymes in normal range.
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When To Take Anadrol?

Anadrol is taken orally by mouth as it comes in form of tablets. Because of liver hepatotoxicity as well as other possible side effects, dosages should be low to moderate and cycle lengths short.

Anadrol is taken during the bulking cycles. This is not a good steroid for cutting because you would retain way too much water, which is the opposite of a cutting cycle. Anadrol is not good for getting learner and shredded, but is amazing for growing immense amounts of muscles.

  • The dosages are anywhere between 25 mg and 50 mg for most people. Only professionals should attempt higher dosages than 50 mg which is up to about 80 mg a day. 25-30 mg is usually a good starting dosage for beginners, but the sweet spot for most people is 50 mg a day. Cycle length is anywhere between 4 up to 8 weeks. 4 weeks for beginners, 6 weeks sweet spot and 8 weeks for professionals.
  • Due to short half life of Oxymetholone of about 9 hours, the compound is recommended to be divided at least in 2 dosages taken throughout the day. If you use 50 mg daily, use 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg before working out for maintaining stable blood levels.


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If you plan increasing the dosage after you have enough experience, you should make sure that you can tolerate more dosages and you actually need more. Do not increase the dosage if you are unsure you would tolerate it and do not increase it if you don’t need more.

Every Anadrol (Oxymetholone) cycle must be followed by a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol in order to recover back your hormonal balance.

After a cycle, follow the PCT, after the PCT, stay away from the Anadrol for a while. Let your body to rest before you start a cycle again. In between cycles you should leave a few weeks because this break from the steroid would make sure that your body is going to function normally.

Anadrol is also taken during a blast and cruise protocol as a good addition.

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