Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone


Fluoxymesterone is the active substance in the brand name Halotestin and this is an extremely powerful orally active steroid. It was firstly released in the late 1950s by Upjohn as the brand name Halotestin. Most people call it shortly Halo. It remains nowadays the most popular brand of Fluoxymesterone.

Like most other steroids, the compound was created for treating various health conditions. It was discovered to offer numerous therapeutic benefits. The anabolic steroid was and is still used for the treatment of hypogonadism, androgen deficiency in men, muscle wasting diseases, and many others.

It wasn’t too long until bodybuilders discovered that the compound can be very beneficial for their needs.

  • People using the compound for physique and performance enhancement consider Halotestin (Halo) one of the most powerful steroids you can find. That’s because it has mind blowing anabolic rating and a huge androgenic rating.

Halotestin Uses

Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone is mostly used for raw strength boost as well for cutting cycles as a great pre-contest AAS. A lot of bodybuilders are administering Halotestin the last weeks before a competition. It would help display an extremely ripped physical appearance. That’s why it is an amazing pre-contest anabolic steroid.


Fluoxymesterone is not a great choice for bulking cycles. Despite its huge anabolic activity, it won’t help grow as many muscles as other steroids. Instead, it is amazing for cutting due to its conditioning effects.

In the end, you need to know that Halo is way too powerful for most people. Is not a steroid that too many athletes will use. Being so powerful, the side effects of this compound are definitely nothing to joke about. Halotestin is very liver toxic and is an overall pretty harsh product. You need to learn to use it properly. Yet, a lot of athletes still stay away from it.

Fluoxymesterone Explanation

Fluoxymesterone (sold mostly as brand Halotestin among others) is a testosterone derived steroid. Is structurally different from Methyltestosterone with an added methyl group at the 17 position of carbon. From its name you can understand it has the fluoro group as well as a hydroxyl group too.


All these structural changes made Fluoxymesterone have

Anabolic rating of 1900 and an Androgenic rating of 850

Nonetheless, do not assume that these numbers would help you grow infinite muscles. In fact, Halotestin is not as good as other steroids to grow muscles.


Fluoxymesterone does offer mind blowing effects that are super powerful. It increases hematocrit and hemoglobin levels with an overall increase in Red Blood Cell count. It has strong fat loss effects with various different effects such as protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, acts to erythropoietin, and regulates oxidation in the liver. Also has effects on muscle mitochondria.

  • All of this makes users of Halotestin display a very ripped, dry, hard, and lean physique with an overall increase in strength, endurance, and energy levels.

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Fluoxymesterone – Halotestin Side Effects

For some people, the Halotestin side effects might be counterproductive. Because it is too powerful, some people may not tolerate its side effects.

The worst and most popular side effects of Halo include liver toxicity and androgenic related issues. It may have strong negative effects on your liver and may develop androgenic issues.

Other side effects to watch out for: cardiovascular and cholesterol negative impacts as well as testosterone suppression.

Fluoxymesterone doesn’t aromatize and that’s why estrogenic side effects won’t occur.

Halotestin Dosage

Halotestin is used in a dosage of 10-40 mg a day. Never use it in doses higher than 40 mg daily or you’re in the danger zone of abusing it. And abusing Fluoxymesterone is never a good idea.

40 mg a day is maximum while beginners should start it at 10 mg daily. This is not your ordinary steroid – be very careful with it and never abuse it.


Females should not attempt the use of Halotestin at all!

Is highly recommended to keep cycle length short. Maximum 6 weeks, but 4-5 weeks is going to be safer for your liver.

Add liver protection while running Halo. Never use anything else with the Halotestin cycle that can stress your liver even more. Examples: Alcohol; OTC meds; other oral (and some injectable) steroids.

Example of Halotestin cycle:

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Before you buy Halotestin for sale, make sure you understand the risks. Also, be sure you know how to use it properly.


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