5 High-Profile Athletes Who Used Steroids

Is in the human nature to compete and to prove that you’re the number one and athletic competitions are among the best competitions in proving this, therefore the competition when it comes to athletic performance is extremely huge on various different levels. This is the reason why ever since the very beginning of the athletic competition, the competitors always have been searching for various different ways and methods for getting an advantage on their opponents.

Is quite obvious that in order to get an advantage in athletic competitions when you need to show off your performance then you need to work out harder than the opponent, you need to train more often than everyone else and to keep the strictest diet compared to everyone.

Nonetheless, there are coming other various factors which doesn’t depend upon us and that’s genetics. While a person may be working out harder, longer and dieting stricter, he still may not achieve the results that another person would without as hard and frequent trainings. That’s only because of the genetics.

But with the advancements done in medicine, there have appeared compounds which are able to alter your genetic limits and get over them. Also, the compounds are known as the best things for giving you the advantage when it comes to athletic competition.

Ever since their apparition, the steroids have offered huge benefits and results to various different competitors in various different sport fields such as cycling, baseball, bodybuilding, fighting and lots others, almost any sport where physical performance is required.

Because of the obvious and huge advantage that the steroids are offering to those using them, they got banned. The competitors who used anabolic steroids proved much better results than those who do not use them. Therefore, those who used steroids were soon considered “cheaters” as they were capable to gain unnatural amounts of muscles and display performance never seen before.

That’s why, many people who were caught of using anabolic steroids has derailed the professional sports careers of many different athletes because of the reasons mentioned earlier – they were seen as cheaters. There are various different stories of various different sportsmen and some of the stories got the attention of the media and they ended up being really popular.

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Below we’re going to offer 5 examples of some of the biggest athletes in the world who have been proven to use anabolic steroids. By checking their story and what they reached – you could understand how big steroids actually are in terms of helping you to increase athletic performance.

  • Roger Clemens. True baseball fans are very familiar with this name. This is one amazing baseball player who hailed from the state of Texas, pretty much as many other baseball players before him. Roger used to be one of the best pitchers in the league many years back in 1980s and 90s but as he was aging, it wasn’t too hard to notice that he started to decline and display “not as good performance”. Taking in consideration that he was aging continuously – the situation didn’t get any better, but it went the other way around, therefore Clemens thought that he requires some help with this. Taking in consideration that there’s nothing better which can help with such needs than using performance enhancing drugs and most specifically – anabolic steroids, that’s what he used.

A while later, Clemens has been called “Juiced” in the Jose Canseco book which is referring to a person who uses steroids and that’s since one of his baseball playing friends had some knowledge on steroids. There’s also the popular “Mitchell Report” where Roger Clemens has been named on steroids more than 80 times.

Yet, Roger Clemens never has admitted to use performance enhancing drugs like steroids.

Roger Clemens

  • Chris Benoit. Benoit is an extremely big name in wrestling because this guy was one of the most successful and professional wrestlers of all times. In fact, almost anyone who is a big name in the wrestling field has used anabolic steroids. That’s because of some factors. One of them is that, as already being mentioned, those that do not use anabolic steroids are no competitors for those who do use them. Taking this in consideration alongside with the fact that there are no real regulations that could ban the use of anabolic steroids in wrestling, I guess is quite obvious the outcome. Yes, the steroids are very popular and widely used in the sport of wrestling because of these factors.

Yet, being a naturally aggressive guy who used anabolic steroids abusively, this lead to various mental issues, which is we can presume that he already had them and by adding abusive dosages of steroids on a regular basis, this ended up in a tragedy. Chris’ mental condition got really bad negative affected leading him to murder his wife, his young son and ultimately – himself. This happened in his home state of Georgia back in 2007.

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In the end, there are specialists suggesting that it was the treatment Benoit was using in order to combat his years of the steroid use which has been the actual cause of the breakdown. Not actually the steroids.

Chris Benoit

  • Marion Jones. Marion is a female athlete which is supplying our top of high profile athletes who used steroids. Although there are many other famous examples of a woman using steroids, Marion is the most famous out of them all. There was a time when Marion has been considered the fastest woman in the world and is quite obvious that it was thanks to the fact that she was using the performance enhancing drugs which gave her a huge advantage.

Jones was denying the rumors that she was consuming steroids for years until this already became too obvious and she couldn’t go any other way than just admitting that she was indeed using them. This had an extremely bad result on her career as an athlete taking in consideration that she has bene sentenced to obstruction of justice because she was lying for so many years that she has been using anabolic steroids. That’s why she had all of her Olympic medals taken away.

In addition to that, Marion Jones has spent 6 months in federal prison due to this.

Marion Jones

  • Barry Bonds. This is another baseball player which got caught on using anabolic steroids. There were lots of rumors floating around that Barry is using anabolic steroids because a lot of fans found Bonds gained huge amounts of muscles in a short period of time when he moved from Pittsburgh Pirates to the San Francisco Giants. This huge amount of muscle mass gained was very suspicious to lots of people.

Later, Barry has managed to set an all time record for the home runs in a season with 73. Barry achieved huge results due to the steroid use, but it also led him to be convicted of perjury in federal court, due to the same reasons. After Barry Bonds has been caught to use anabolic steroid it has results in him getting pretty nasty fines and no need to mention that it has ended up his career. His public image was simply destroyed and from being one of the fastest men in baseball, he is now only seen in the top anabolic steroid users.

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Barry Bonds

  • Jose Canseco. This is another baseball player which might be one of the most hated man in the baseball sports both by his fellow players as well as former players due to some various different reasons. Jose Canseco is very well known for his book named with the same term that was already earlier mentioned here in this article – “Juiced”. This term is used in describing a person who uses anabolic steroids.

Jose wrote this tell-all book about the steroids in the baseball and he has even mentioned various different baseball players too who have been using anabolic steroids. This means that by writing that book, he gave away the names of many different baseball players who used anabolic steroids, and that’s even including his former bash brother teammate Mark McGwire. Is quite obvious that as soon as the book “Juiced” got released, Jose Canseco ended up being considered one of the most hated in the baseball by fellow and former players – all whose name ended up in that book.

In the end, the book is considered one of the most important look into the steroid use when talking about the professional sports that has ever been written. We think that it might be a good idea for anyone who thinks about using anabolic steroids to read that book, especially people in professional sports.

What made other people be quite sure that Jose’s claims that all the names found in his book are true is the fact that, in his book, he admitted his own use of anabolic steroids too. This only added validity and credibility to the words written there. Various different important factors about anabolic steroids use in professional sports, specifically baseball can be found in the book “Juiced” by Jose Canseco.

Jose Canseco

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