Top 6 Steroids For Muscle Growth

Those who want to add muscle mass they should go through resistance training as this is the only want to build muscles. Nonetheless, those people who want to add really big amounts of muscle mass, especially those who want to get over their genetic capabilities for some professional sports then they need to use anabolic steroids. It greatly helps people to get over the genetic limits when it comes to physique and performance enhancement and they are also very helpful for those people who want to add muscles and enhance performance really fast.

Most of professional bodybuilders have used and are still using steroids nowadays because every little detail is important in such sports and that’s why, in order to get to the top list, they are using steroids. There are a lot of professional bodybuilders, who are considered to be legends in such sports, have admitted to have using steroids during their career for achieving those huge results and among them we can mention Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman as well as Sergio Oliva and many others.

In case you want to match up some of your favorite bodybuilder and to have a body that would look anywhere close to their bodies then you should learn about some of the steroids that are listed below as these are the top steroids for muscle growth.

Almost all anabolic and androgenic steroids are known to greatly increase the muscle mass – but not all of them. Plus to that, there are some steroids that are better for muscle growth than others. Those famous bodybuilders have used specifically these steroids in order to get the amount of muscles they obtained during their prime.

  1. Dianabol

Dianabol is considered to be the most famous and widely used anabolic and androgenic steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes, is always on the top list and that’s because is an amazing steroid when it comes to building some really good amounts of muscle mass. Dianabol is the brand name – the most famous brand but it could include many others too. The active substance is known as Methandrostenolone or Methandienone but most often, the steroid is referred as Dianabol or simply Dbol. You would find this steroid on the top list of the anabolic and androgenic steroids.

Customers can search and visit any given bodybuilding forums about steroids and you’re always going to notice that this steroid is being mentioned there and that’s for some really good reasons. Dbol has been firstly introduced back in 1958 and it obtained a huge popularity, being the most famous steroid for physique and performance enhancement nowadays and historically.

The steroids are categorized in 2 classes – cutting and bulking steroids. Cutting are those that help to lose fat and maintain muscle mass while bulking are those that are helping to grow muscles to huge levels. Dianabol is a bulking steroid because it greatly helps to increase the total amount of muscle mass and weight and is fairly safe in terms of side effects. Its huge effectiveness in terms of muscle and strength increase combined with low side effects made it being used by most professional bodybuilders and athletes all over the world.

Dianabol is having all the important elements and factors that your body requires for developing a highly muscular appearance. This steroid is significantly boosting your muscle growth, is reducing body fat too and is increasing strength levels offering an overall amazing body look.

By properly using Dbol, you are going to notice that in short time, you would be able to lift much more weights, to have more intense workouts and to work out more frequently, all of which would greatly help to pack on even more muscles. The compound is very effective at increasing as well as defining the muscles. That’s why you won’t only get a much better physical body look, but you’re going to increase performance and strength levels with Dianabol too.

  1. Trenbolone

Trenbolone, being one of the world’s most powerful steroids in existence, is one of the most popular steroids as well. This is a hardcore steroid that is going to greatly change your physical appearance and increase your performance and strength levels. Being an extremely powerful injectable steroid that is offering huge anabolic and androgenic activity but in the same time it cannot aromatize and therefore no estrogenic activity, Trenbolone is a unique steroid which can be used with amazing success in both bulking and cutting cycles.

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Trenbolone, that is often shortly called Tren, is an extremely powerful steroid and for this reason, the steroid is not a good choice for those who just start to use anabolic steroids. Instead, this is one of the best things in existence for professional bodybuilders who already have experience with anabolic steroids and want to get even more results even if they already plateaued from gains – even after using steroids. That’s how powerful Trenbolone actually is.

Tren is extremely helpful at enhancing protein synthesis which is greatly helping in growing muscle mass and is also having helpful fat burning properties too. Therefore, you grow immense amounts of muscle mass, but you also lose body fat and therefore get muscle definition. But the steroid is not only known for increasing muscle mass alone, but since it has an androgenic activity that is considered to be 5 times the potency of testosterone, Trenbolone is also developing muscle hardness and density, allowing the user to be much more powerful and lift much more weights.

Because Trenbolone is so helpful at increasing muscle mass as well as power and strength levels, Trenbolone is a favorite for a lot of strength and weight lifters who are searching for ways to lift as much weight as possible. That’s why this hardcore steroid is used by both people who search to increase their physical appearance as well as by those who want to perform better.

A lot of bodybuilders and other sportsmen and athletes are using Tren before a competition or a show in order to have huge development for their physical fitness appearance and performance.

  1. Testosterone

The list of top steroids for muscle growth won’t ever be full without testosterone. Testosterone base steroid is extremely important and the most widely used hormone for physique and performance enhancement, no wonder, taking in consideration that this is the essential hormone for building muscle mass.

Those people who are searching for ways to increase serious amounts muscle mass are searching for testosterone because this is the hormone that is allowing the muscles to grow. In fact, this hormone is extremely important for various different needs, especially for a man.

Testosterone, except for being the most important hormone for increasing muscle mass, is also helping to get a faster recovery after each training session. It greatly boost your endurance during intense training sessions and is offering faster recovery after each one. Therefore, users of testosterone steroid are capable to train more, train more frequently and therefore this allows for even more muscle gains.

Another important factor to mention here is that testosterone is essential for increasing red blood cells and this is allowing the blood to carry more oxygen to your muscles. Oxygen is very important for making your muscles keep on growing further. But in addition to that, it helps your muscles to get tired not so fast. Therefore, by using steroids, user report a much higher level of endurance levels during the intense workouts.

Enhanced protein synthesis is another factor that greatly helps user to grow muscles and that’s exactly what testosterone does. It also helps nitrogen retention. This means that you won’t be losing muscle mass and in the same time your muscle growth is boosted.

In fact, testosterone is such an important hormone that there’s a very wide list of positive effects which the hormone is offering. There are many other positive benefits to mention when talking about increased testosterone levels, and they are not only limited to physique and performance enhancement, but especially to such purposes.

Testosterone steroid is used by almost all fitness models, bodybuilders and athletes in order to increase athletic performance and their body appearance. That’s because testosterone steroid is greatly boosting the overall amount of testosterone hormones in the body.

  1. Deca Durabolin
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Deca Durabolin is considered among the top list of most famous and widely used anabolic and androgenic steroid containing Nandrolone as the active substance. Deca Durabolin is an extremely effective muscle builder steroid that is often used as an addition to other steroids in order to enhance the effectiveness and not increase the risks of side effects.

This steroid is very often called simply Deca but the active ingredient – Nandrolone is considered to be the most famous and widely used steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes. This injectable steroid (doesn’t have an oral version) is considered among the favorite steroids for many different people and bodybuilders all over the world. The steroid is most often stacked with Testosterone because a combination of these 2 steroids is greatly increasing the effectiveness while decreasing the side effects risks.

In addition to that, by properly using Deca Durabolin with a healthy diet and with proper and regular exercise, user are able to add a good amount of pounds of muscles within only a few weeks of using it. There are a lot of people’s reports suggesting this. Except for the fact that Deca Durabolin is an extremely effective steroid for building muscles and in the same time is safe in terms of side effects, another huge benefit is the price.

Deca is considered to be a cheaper steroid compared to most other steroids when comparing the price. That’s why, you stay away from side effects, while get huge amounts of muscles in the time you save money.

Deca Durabolin has a favorite anabolic to androgenic ratio and moderate estrogenic ratio all of which is very good for offering an anabolic environment allowing customers to pack on muscles and get a good size. It is also one of the best steroids in existence for joint health which is extremely good for those who are undergoing intense exercises with heavy weight lifting.

There are cases when extreme weight lifting is leading to joint damage and Deca is known for both protecting your ligaments and joints as well as to offer a faster and more faster recovery of them, as well as of your muscles.

But then again, in order to make Deca maximum effective with the lowest side effects it should be used alongside with Testosterone, that’s because Deca Durabolin is decreasing testosterone levels.

  1. Anadrol

Anadrol is the perfect steroid for those who want to become “mass monsters”. The biggest guys on our planet have used Anadrol because there’s no other steroid which can make you grow as fast and as effective as Anadrol would. The active substance in Anadrol is Oxymetholone and this steroid is known to be one of the most potent oral steroids which makes your overall weight grow very fast.

Oxymetholone might be sold as many other trade names except for Anadrol, but this is the most famous brand which is also often called A50 (because a tablet of Anadrol contains 50 mg of Oxymetholone) or Abomb because the pills of Anadrol are compared to bombs since they are so effective.

This steroid has been developed for treating patients who are suffering from anemia conditions and for those patients who are having weight and muscle wasting syndromes such as severe accidents, chronic conditions, HIV and AIDS induced wasting and others – generally everyone who had weight gaining issues. Logic says that anyone who uses Anadrol would gain weight and immense amounts of muscles as soon as they use this powerful steroid with increased red blood cell counts which is important for those who are searching for muscle gaining.

The compound shouldn’t be used for too much time because Anadrol or Abomb or A50 is an extremely powerful steroid that is capable to offer huge results in very short period of time, plus, being so powerful – you may develop side effects too. That’s why there’s no need to use it for long periods of time, and is not recommended due to side effects.

Is best when Anadrol is being added at the beginning of a bulking cycle in order to “kick start” your cycle with big boosts in power and strength levels as well as boosting the addition of extra muscles. The steroid is very notorious for preserving a good amount of lean muscle mass and for building muscle tissue.

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Being considered one of the most powerful oral steroid which is so effective at increasing strength levels and improving performance as well as overall weight and muscle mass of the user, no wonder that Anadrol has become so popular among bodybuilders, athletes and powerlifters. Watch out for the negative side effects and Anadrol is going to be your best friend for adding immense amounts of muscle mass.

  1. Equipoise

Another very effective anabolic and androgenic steroid for muscle growth is Equipoise and is the steroid which we close the “top steroids for muscle growth purposes” because these are the most effective ones for such purposes. While you may find others being good enough for growing muscles such as Winstrol, Anavar and others – they are not as good as the ones that were mentioned in this list.

Equipoise is containing Boldenone as the active substance and is most often offered in a long version making the steroid effective while having an infrequent administration schedule. Boldenone is also having a very favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio with moderate estrogenic activity also making it an extremely favorite steroid for muscle growth purposes. Equipoise is also very often being referred simply as EQ and the gains made with Equipoise are often called EQ gains.

Due to a number of factors (some of which were earlier mentioned) as well as some other factors, Boldenone was thought to be pretty much the same thing as Nandrolone with brand names Equipoise (EQ) and Deca Durabolin (Deca) respectively. This was a mistake which people were making for many years, but then later it was discovered that the 2 steroids are very different from one another, despite the fact that the results seem to be similar.

Boldenone found in Equipoise was firstly developed as a veterinary steroid, it was made for horses in order to bulk up, to add muscle mass, to increase their strength levels, endurance, performance, speed and agility. With all of this being said, I guess there’s no need to mention how immensely powerful the steroid can be for the human body – offering pretty much the exact same results as mentioned earlier.

Equipoise is the steroid that is very famous for increasing red blood cells count and that’s very good for those who want to increase their muscle mass and strength levels. It offers a number of positive effects for those people who are searching to increase the muscle mass.

Summary About Top Steroids For Muscle Growth

The steroids previously mentioned are the absolute top steroids for increasing huge amounts of muscle mass and while there are other steroids which can also help with such purposes – you won’t find anything better than those previously mentioned. Taking in consideration that these are the top best steroids for muscle growth, a lot of people are using them mixed together in order to get the best results.

So, by using multiple steroids together from the list above, the amounts of muscle and strength increase would be huge. Generally, steroids are very important and very helpful when talking about building a very muscular physique. That’s because the anabolic steroids are changing various different things in your body, the anatomy of your body, the hormones, and boost various processes all of which is very helpful for making you put on much more lean muscles and do it very fast.

Is also very important to make sure that these powerful steroids do have harmful negative side effects which should be controlled. There are various different methods on reducing and controlling the negative side effects of anabolic steroids which should be implemented.

Remember that the more powerful a steroid is (and the ones listed above are among the most powerful ones), the more effective is, but it also means that the more side effects it would have.

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