Do Steroids Work?

When talking about anabolic steroids effectiveness and safety measures, there has been quite a lot of debate and people who are thinking pretty different about this. There are people who think that steroids side effects vs benefits are not worth it taking in consideration that the side effects ratio is higher in their opinion. There are others who think that they are actually much better in terms of benefits with very little risks of negative side effects.

Some people think that they do not work to well and that side effects are too much making them bad for your health and too dangerous – that’s why steroids shouldn’t be used. On the other hand, there are people thinking that anabolic steroids are actually very safe and that the side effects risks are much lower compared to the benefits and huge results a person may receive from using them.

If you’re a person who is wondering “do steroids work?” then there’s just one way that we can check it: learn about the effectiveness, benefits, side effects and results that users of anabolic steroids have got.

Bodybuilding and Steroids

Defining bodybuilding – that’s a simple process in which the user is bulking up and increasing their muscle mass. Although is much harder to do it than it sounds, bodybuilding simply requires the user to increase muscle mass. Yet, we all know that this is requiring a lot of exercise and a good and proper diet for achieving it.

The problem is that there are people who, regardless of how much time they are trying to get to their dream results, won’t get them. With a lot of time, dedication into workout and diet they are still not getting the desired results and often that’s simply because of their DNA – genetics. In such situations, a person is requiring something else to do in order to change their body physique and get over their genetic limits.

In fact, they simply need to add something else to their regimen because they cannot achieve a dream body appearance with increased performance without regular exercise and proper diet. That something extra is steroids because they are changing the way how the body is utilizing fats, sugars as well as many other nutrients that you receive from the foods that you consume.

By doing this change, the steroids are greatly helping the physiological processes in the body to get boosted in order to get the user a perfect anabolic environment allowing them to bulk up more and much faster. Steroids are known to make the user go over his genetic capabilities. This means that if your DNA is allowed to make you grow muscles to a certain point – the steroids would extent that point.

Plus to that, favoring all these bulking up processes, the users are capable to achieve a much muscular body and increase performance much faster and easier with less effort. But in the end, there are various proofs which indicate that the steroids are extremely helpful in bodybuilding processes.

The proofs we are talking about are bodybuilding legends but the one that stands out from all of them is Arnold Schwarzenegger. This bodybuilding legend has admitted to have used steroids and is no doubt that they helped him to achieve his huge success in bodybuilding career and therefore, that’s a valid proof suggesting that steroids do work for bodybuilding purposes.

  • Still there are rumors of people suggesting that the steroids do not work. Why? Well, that’s very easy to answer and that’s quite obvious. Anabolic steroids won’t work for people who don’t know how to use them. It’s like a fully working car which won’t drive because the driver can’t control and drive it properly. The user would call the car broken, while is the person’s fault.
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The same goes here with steroids and the reason why you may hear of some people saying that anabolic steroids do not work is because they have used those steroids improperly and they couldn’t have a healthy and balanced diet as well as a proper exercise regimen on a regular basis. Remember that anabolic steroids help you to grow muscles, but they won’t grow them while you sitting on a couch. They boost the growing and anabolic processes, but the muscles should be exercised and properly fed in order for them to grow.

Another reason that some people may say that steroids do not work is because they got too much side effects which they couldn’t tolerate. In most of such cases is again the user’s fault because of not using steroids properly. It can be various different factors coming at play here. For example, by using too much doses you would get side effects. By starting with a really powerful steroid while you don’t have enough knowledge on steroids – you also get side effects and so on and so forth.

Use steroids properly and they would definitely work as there’s nothing better than steroids which can boost so much the bodybuilding processes.

Great Boost in Endurance

Anabolic steroids are not only famous for its huge abilities to grow muscles really fast and really huge, but they also work by boosting your endurance levels. The endurance improvement is extremely important for anyone in professional sports where they must perform as much as possible. Most sport fields require high endurance levels and steroids can offer them.

Endurance is actually the ability of performing a difficult and strenuous physical activity for a long time without getting tired and exhausted meaning that with more endurance you have – the longer you can perform. Then again, a lot of sport fields require endurance because this can include running, swimming, cycling, fighting and so on and so forth.

  • The reason why a person is receiving more endurance is because the steroids are offering an even more efficient oxygen transport system in the body – that’s extremely important. A good enough oxygen transport system is ensuring that the cells in the body are getting as much oxygen as they need and with this, the user is able to endure much longer hours of exercise and strenuous activities without getting tired so fast.

Steroids are amazing at increasing endurance levels and that’s because they are increasing red blood cell counts. In medical settings, steroids are being prescribed by doctor to patients suffering from anemia – a condition when the person lacks enough healthy red blood cells for carrying enough amount of oxygen to the body’s tissues. Taking in consideration that steroids are given for such condition, logic says that the compound would greatly help sportsmen and bodybuilders.

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Remember that by using anabolic steroids you would greatly boost endurance because of the much higher red blood cell count increases. As a result, the oxygen transport system in your body is going to get boosted and would be much efficient. With more oxygen transported to your tissues, muscles, cells etc. by red blood cells you are going to improve endurance.

But pretty much the same as with growing muscles, you cannot boost endurance levels by using anabolic steroids alone and not doing anything. Is extremely important for you to eat properly and exercise regularly and in this case the steroids would boost the endurance levels. Using steroids without exercises and without a healthy diet you won’t get expectable results.

  • Remember that long and frequent cardio workouts are the best exercises for boost your endurance levels, but when steroids are added to such programs – your endurance levels would get over the roof.

Steroids can help greatly increase endurance levels and increase muscle mass and boost muscle growth processes at once, but is extremely important that none would happen with exercising properly for conditioning your body and eating properly.

Weight Gain and Fat Loss

  1. First things first – anabolic steroids are extremely helpful for an overall weight gain purpose. Not all steroids are capable to help you to gain weight, but those who do are medically being prescribed by licensed doctors to patients who are suffering from HIV and AIDS and from cancer and are losing unhealthy amounts of weight.

Such steroids are given to those patients in order to maintain their healthy weight or to gain it back. Those steroids are usually considered “bulking and/ or growth” steroids and they are generally being prescribed to all patients who are suffering from any diseases causing dramatic / unhealthy weight loss in patients. It can be a result of HIV and AIDS, of a serious burn, a chronic condition, infection or a serious injury or any other. In such cases, anabolic steroids are given and they greatly maintain a healthy and proper weight.

Those who are underweight and really want to add some more then anabolic steroids might be their perfect solution because steroids are known to be one of the best weight gain solution in existence.

Logic says that they would help bodybuilders and anyone who is searching to grow more too. But then again, remember that steroids, pretty much as with endurance and muscle growth, won’t help you to gain weight by simply using anabolic steroids and doing nothing else. This way, you won’t gain weight because your body gets the anabolic environment, but without enough good nutrients – your body cannot grow as it doesn’t have enough resources.

These resources, nutrients, protein and carbs and all others are received from foods and they are important for building cells and tissues. The amount of muscle and weight gain is depending on the amount of foods that you eat and on the food type. That’s why a proper and healthy diet is so important. It is extremely important for you to make sure that you should be increasing the protein and the carb amounts in your meals because these are the most important ones for making you grow further.

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The steroids are only making a much better use of those nutrients, proteins and others. They won’t make you grow, nutrients do, and steroids make sure that the nutrients are put for better use. The steroids would change your physiological processes that you require for weight gain and it would greatly help in a long way in increasing your weight.

2. Secondly, all steroids help you to lose body fat. There are those that help more and others that are not as helpful for losing body fat – but in the end, they all help you to lose the fat. There are various processes which help you achieve that and making a better use of nutrients is one of them too.

Yes, this does mean that you are able to lose body fat in the time that you add weight. The added weight would be made of muscles. It very much depends on what you eat because you obviously may add fat too, but the amount of the body fat would be much lower and the amount of the body fat that would be lost would be much larger. In the end, the result depends on what you eat and on the type of training.

Pretty much as with anything else you need a proper diet and regular exercise. Steroids, then again, do not help to lose body fat while doing nothing else than just using them. However, with a proper exercise and healthy diet – the fat would melt off.

  • Therefore, you can gain weight in the time of losing body fat. Or you could only lose body fat without gaining weight depending on the steroid type, exercise type, diet type and so on and so forth.


In the end, as much as we can see, the steroid do really work and they can be very helpful for various different purposes. In fact, steroids can help with much more than what has been mentioned above, but those are the most notorious results and effects of using steroids and the reason why most people use them.

Is important to remember that steroids only work for as long as you follow the instructions required for using that certain steroid in order to make it work. Various steroids are used for various different needs and that’s important to remember. You need to take your time in order to learn it all. Learn about steroid types, how to use them, how to make a better use and so on and so forth. A proper steroid in a proper cycle while having a proper diet with proper training exercises in proper hands would offer enormous results.

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