Top Five Safe Steroids

As unfair as it is, but for a quite a long period of time, steroids have got a really bad name and in most cases have been associated exclusively only with negative side effects, however, that’s far from reality. People who learned about steroids and done some research known that the international professional sports agencies have put the very bad name of steroids by banning the use of them among professional athletes in almost all sport fields. Since the steroids got banned, the use of steroids have been made illegal in most athletic sports and ultimately for everyone.

It is important to understand that the illegal status of the steroids does not mean that they are actually have no place in the sports and it also definitely doesn’t mean that the steroid market has stopped producing them, especially taking in consideration that there are still safe steroids to be used.

The bad names of steroids have also been put by media on those situations when the users were having an improper use of steroids. This means that the steroids were called “dangerous” and were put a bad name as a result of few people who abused them and got nasty side effects.

But there’s the other side of the steroids which is less discussed about and that’s the fact that there are a lot of steroids that have been proven to be safe when used properly and they were extremely effective for various different needs. There are a lot of steroids that were proven to be extremely useful when talking about the growth of muscles, toning the muscles, strengthening muscles and bones and many other benefits.

The steroids have been proven to be extremely beneficial and therefore they are having a huge importance in repairing the damaged muscles during the recovery after an intense workout. This is greatly going to reduce the changes of injuries during physical activities. Plus, they are extremely important for various different health conditions as well, especially related to muscle and weight wasting syndromes.

No wonder that athletes are using steroids with great success for growing muscle mass and muscle strength and they are able to achieve such results in a very short period. There are various different steroids which are better used for various different needs. Plus, there are steroids that are safer than others too. This means that if you don’t have too pleasant experience with one steroid, you may have with another, with a safer steroid.

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Plus to this, most steroids are believed to be safer when they are being used alongside with supplements. Plus to that, dieting is greatly going to help as a healthy diet would offer less side effects, pretty much as regular exercising. There are various different methods on how to make the use of steroids safer. But in the end, there are still various different steroids which are being considered safer than others, so if your tolerance to the effects of steroids is quite low (meaning that you get nasty side effects), then you may change the steroid and this may change the way you feel.

Sometimes that can be a real struggle to find out which steroid is actually safe for being used, or at least safer than others. While there are really powerful steroids that may offer big results, they are considered pretty nasty in terms of side effects too and for that reason, such steroids are not recommended to steroid beginners. But on the other hand, there are milder steroids which are actually recommended to beginners to start with and get a sense of what steroids are and how they can work on your body.

Therefore, to help people, we are going to make a list of top five safe steroids that you can find on the market available for you to use. This is a list of the mildest steroids in terms of side effects which are still highly effective. Nonetheless, is important to remember that you still should be cautious because although being mild, they are steroids and there are still some side effects risks, especially if any of them are going to be used in abusive doses.


Synthetic testosterone based steroid is considered among the safest steroids that you may use taking in consideration that the steroid would supply you with additional levels of testosterone hormone only. Most men can tolerate additional levels of testosterone very well without additional problems.

This is a naturally occurring hormone and therefore, this product is very easily being absorbed by the body and it doesn’t offer any negative side effects as long as there’s not too much dosages used and therefore leading to bad side effects. The side effects might appear to women since they are having much less tolerance to testosterone, but generally, low to moderate dosages of this steroid have almost no side effects for men.

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Testosterone is offering almost all natural benefits except for the fact that you get abnormal high levels of testosterone when the compound is being administered in higher doses.


This steroid is considered to be so weak that the chances of it offering any nasty or bad side effects are really low. Primobolan which is containing Methenolone steroid won’t offer estrogenic side effects, barely suppresses testosterone and is barely offering androgenic side effects. Other side effects are possible, but then again – they are very unlikely to occur.

Primobolan is considered to be really safe taking in consideration its mild effects and therefore is really good for the beginner athletes who are searching for ways on starting steroids and would rather start it in a safer manner. Primo is a famous steroid among veterans too because it can be used as an additional booster to their steroid cycle stack without offering them negative side effects.

Primobolan can be administered both orally or injectable and regardless of the administration form, you’re very unlikely to get any bad side effects.


Anavar is among the most famous anabolic steroids in existence and we cannot make a list of safest steroids without including Anavar. In fact, this very famous steroid might be the very first to pop into bodybuilder’s minds when thinking about the safest steroid. This is an extremely good option for both men and women and that’s because this steroid offers really mild side effects with very huge effectiveness.

Anavar is containing Oxandrolone as the active substance and is very popular for being a safe steroid which is offering minimal side effects combined with very mild effects on the body organs – making the steroid overall very safe when used in normal dosages.

In fact, the compound is considered so safe that is one of the most widely used steroids for various different medical purposes. There are various different steroids much powerful than Anavar, but they are not used in medical settings as they are by far not as safe as Anavar is. The mild nature of this steroid shouldn’t make you think that it won’t be effective as this way you would make a huge mistake.

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Masteron is a steroid that is having such a low anabolic to androgenic activity that many people mistakenly think that it is ineffective and worthless for bodybuilding purposes. While is true that its low numbers make it quite useless for gaining weight (so is not used for such purposes not in bodybuilding nor in medical world), the steroid is still amazing for cutting cycles and for enhancing the effectiveness of other steroids used alongside with Masteron.

Masteron is having an extremely mild nature offering no side effects or at least very low chances of offering such side effects and in addition to that, it can greatly help with your fat losing abilities as well as maintaining muscle mass. Masteron is containing Drostanolone as the active substance and this steroid cannot convert into estrogen.

Drostanolone offers no estrogenic side effects combined with very low androgenic side effects and overall an extremely safe steroid when talking about any other side effects. While you cannot use it alone for gains, you are unlikely to get side effects from it.

Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is by far much powerful compared to for example Masteron, but is still an amazing steroid which is pretty safe and extremely effective, especially when it comes to build muscle mass and to keep your ligaments, joints and bones healthy. Nonetheless, compared to other steroids that were mentioned so far, Deca Durabolin is still posing a bit more side effects. This is a very unique steroid and for this reason, if you want to keep its side effects low, you need to learn how to use it.

Deca Durabolin containing Nandrolone is extremely effective and offers almost no side effects at all to experienced bodybuilders who are regularly exercising and are having a healthy diet. You can really achieve a lot of results without side effects on Deca, but try to have a proper and safe use.

In the end, regardless of what’s your goal, you should choose a steroid that is good enough for you and your own needs. Exercising and dieting is always making steroids safer and check the benefits and the side effects of any steroid that you’re planning to use.

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