Why Are Steroids Illegal?

There are various different steroids which are readily available on the market and yet, you cannot freely buy them. There are also steroids which seem to be available on some sources and yet they are completely banned. There are some specific countries where some specific steroids can be obtained over the counter – without showing a valid prescription, but not in USA.

FDA has placed all steroids as controlled substances with some steroids being available to be purchased and used only by having a valid prescriptions and others being completely banned. There are a number of reasons why they are considered illegal and you cannot get the over the counter.

This didn’t stopped many people such as bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to continue on using anabolic steroids. No wonder taking in consideration that the main function of anabolic steroids is to improve your endurance, increase your muscle mass and strength, agility and speed as well as your overall physical appearance including many other reasons.

So, we all know that there are a lot of people who are still using steroids despite the fact that they are illegally used for such purposes and despite the fact that they cannot be obtained without a valid prescription. We also know that they can be dangerous if not used properly, but we are sure that they are extremely effective and beneficial when we do use them properly, all of this makes us think – why are steroids illegal?

  • Is important to note here: there may be some people who thought about getting a prescription in some illicit manner in order to obtain their required steroid. That’s a really bad idea, first off because illicit manners of getting prescriptions is not a good idea and secondly – even if you do get one it won’t be really helpful.

Those people who are requiring anabolic steroids for some specific reasons (when suffering from some health condition) they are offered a prescription. But even if you do get a prescription, the dosages that you are able to access legally are very low – in comparison to what you need for bodybuilding. Generally, the dosages of steroids for physique and performance enhancement purposes are quite higher compared to those required for medical uses.

That’s why, instead of that, you may simply use some sources which offers you steroids that can be trustworthy and would make sure that you get actual high quality steroids for sale. But until then, if you’re wondering why are steroids illegal then you can check out some of the main reasons below.

  1. Steroids Are Promoting And Unfair Competition
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As it has been mentioned earlier, steroids are very well known for great boost in endurance levels and boosting speed as well as energy levels. They are capable to increase strength levels, fat loss and many other beneficial effects. This means that those athletes who are going to properly used anabolic steroids they are capable to run or swim much longer distances, they are capable to lift much heavier weights, perform much better in a fight or during other sports effects and so on and so forth.

Those who are using anabolic steroids are having an obvious advantage over those who don’t by having much defined muscles when it comes to bodybuilding competitions and they can perform much better and longer in competitions too. As a result, it means that those athletes and sportsmen who are using anabolic steroids are almost guaranteed to win at almost any given event they are competing in, compared to those athletes who do not use them. So, for making a fair play, these substances have been banned from professional sports. The IAAF as well as IOC have stripped hundreds of various different athletes in various different sport fields who have won winning medals illegally, as a result of using anabolic steroids.

As a result, the steroids have been banned and they have been made illegal with the main reason being the fact that they are promoting and unhealthy and unfair competition in a variety of various different sports disciplines.

  1. Steroids Offer The Athletes a Big Advantage

Is quite obvious that athletes using steroids have huge advantages, as it was earlier mentioned. They are being used for improving their strength, performance and muscles and a lot of people had a lot of benefits and huge results. When properly using anabolic steroids all along combined with the regular and intense workout exercise regimen and a healthy diet, the individual is capable to grow muscles much faster and much more efficiently.

The anabolic steroids are known to mimic the effects of testosterone – increasing the total testosterone in the body and this is a hormone which is offering huge advantages and benefits when talking about physique and performance enhancement. This hormone is known to offer a much faster and efficient muscle growth process and those men who are getting more testosterone are restoring their youthful vigor with more energy and endurance.

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This all means that those athletes who are using steroids are normally much stronger and faster than those clean athletes who don’t. Is quite obvious that it would result in not a fair contest when these 2 different categories of athletes are competing in the same event.

  1. Steroids Are Not Safe And Might Be Dangerous

With all the hype around the steroids’ side effects is nearly impossible to hear about steroids and not know that they are offering side effects and that they are having quite a wide variety of different side effects, some of which can be nasty and even long lasting.

Kidney and especially liver issues are some of the most serious side effects associated with the use of anabolic steroids, but there are various other side effects and for example it includes heart diseases which is quite a common side effects of steroids too. Usually, heart diseases, kidney or liver issues are all associated with a prolonged use of steroids and with too high doses.

In fact, almost all side effects are associated with too high doses or / and with prolonged use. That’s why, is very important to properly use steroids to avoid or reduce the side effects. Some other side effects that are worth mentioning here includes hair loss as well as oily skin accompanied with some pretty nasty acne breakouts on different parts on the body, especially on back, chest, face etc. You may get abnormal hair growth on body and face, mood changes as well as aggression.

There are many other side effects such as estrogenic related side effects like gynecomastia, water retention, hypertension and others – usually being attributed to long term use of some specific steroids. Since there are still many other side effects – they have all contributed the idea of banning the use of steroids.

Except for various different physical side effects, there are different psychological side effects too, as said – aggression but not only. You may get mood swings, depression and some others too. Some side effects can be serious and even dangerous, offering a risk to your health. Make sure to use steroids properly if you want to play safe, but in the end, it all satisfied the idea of banning steroids. The safety issues placed steroids as banned substances and made them illegal for being used.

  1. Steroids Are Not FDA Approved
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As mentioned, some countries may have offer some specific steroids over the counter but USA FDA is not. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and this is an organization that is having the task of approving or disapproving the use of some drugs or food items that are being processed and manufactured offered publicly. This is the organization which is making sure that what’s readily available in the markets / stores / pharmacies etc. is not dangerous for your health.

What is important for a health system but they might still be dangerous like some antibiotics or some steroids is given only by having a valid prescription and what’s too dangerous is banned altogether.

FDA has not approved all steroids as some of them are banned altogether. Others that are considered safer and still effective required for some health conditions they are available only by prescription.

  1. Steroids Are Unhealthy

Steroids are normally working the exact same way as testosterone taking in consideration that is offering a boost in this hormone. With this being said, you get the same benefits of increased testosterone, but you’re also getting the exact same side effects of testosterone.

Is important to mention that when using them for too long, your body stops producing testosterone on its own naturally as the body “thinks” is producing too much. That’s why the long term use of steroids leads to inhibition of natural production of hormones. This is one of the main reason why a lot of benefits you are getting from using steroids may be very quickly reversed after you would stop using the steroids.

There are various different methods which can stop this from happening. But without those methods, you may start losing muscle mass, adding body fat, changing your voice to a lower tone, greatly diminish sexual drive and many others.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why using anabolic steroids for physique and performance enhancement is not recommended by doctors. But then again, these negative side effects can be reversed back.

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