What Do Steroids Do To You?

Steroids are synthetic hormones which are coming in form of tablets or as oil solution, which should be used by intramuscular injection, and they can affect you in different ways depending on what type of steroids you’re using. But in the end, steroids are known to be very helpful for physique and performance enhancement that’s why they are widely being used by fitness models and enthusiasts, bodybuilders, powerlifters as well as sportsmen in different sport fields for a wide range of reasons.

There are some steroids that are more popular than others for some reasons, but the most popular seem to be Dianabol containing Methandrostenolone as the active substance. Although steroids are working in similar ways, they are still differently working and you may wonder what do steroids do to you?

Very well, one thing they are so helpful for is the fact that they are altering the way how your body is utilizing important nutrients such as fats, sugars and other nutrients that you receive from foods. This means that the body is making a better use of all nutrients allowing you to grow muscles and reducing the deposited fat.

Taking in consideration that synthetic steroids are mimicking the effects of testosterone (by using steroids your body’s testosterone is increased as your body won’t notice a difference between the naturally occurring testosterone and synthetic testosterone received from steroids), they are therefore, altering the physiological processes. With this being said, they are inducing chances in the overall appearance and physique of your body because you grow more muscles than you would naturally, you grow them much faster, you increase endurance and muscle repair processes as well as boost strength.

Main reasons why steroids are being used by fitness athletes and bodybuilders would be explained below.

  • Muscle Growth

Is a very well known fact that for growing muscle mass, a person must go through workout routine which is requiring a lot of weight training and ultimately, this is helping bodybuilders and athletes to increase their muscle amounts and their strength. Nonetheless, is a very well known fact that there’s a moment when the person is reaching plateau in growing muscles. This means that the person is reaching the limit to what he is able to achieve through the weight training alone.

Every person is having a limit to the amount of muscle mass that he is achieving and for each person limits are different. However, these limits can be surpassed by each person, regardless of how little or how big those limits are. For achieving better/ superior/ more results – the person is using steroids and this way, the genetic limits are getting altered and this would greatly change the way how the muscles are responding to the exercises.

This is the main and biggest reason why people use steroids. They are capable to achieve much bigger results in much shorter periods of time. They are able to get better results over their genetic limits. Plus, they are capable to achieve those limits much faster than they are able naturally. Only a few weeks of intense training while properly using anabolic steroids is going to offer huge results, and that’s exactly what steroids do to your body.

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This doesn’t mean that using steroids alone without training and dieting would make your body amazing. Steroids only help to achieve faster results and better results, but won’t make you grow without dieting and working out. Is still very important to eat properly and to workout properly and that’s because food is the what actually makes you grow, the nutrients in the foods is what your body requires to make your body muscle mass increase, steroids are making a better use of those nutrients.

  • Improves Endurance

The physical endurance is extremely important when it comes to bodybuilding, to physique and performance enhancement. Anyone who is searching to look better or to boost their performance levels should search for ways to improve endurance and there’s nothing better which can improve endurance as steroids.

The endurance is an extremely important factor when talking about how efficiently your body is when talking about transporting the oxygen to the cells in various different parts of your body (especially in the muscles) and to remove the carbon dioxide. By a more and more efficient transportation of oxygen to the cells, you get a boosted endurance. The better and faster is this oxygen transport system, the higher your endurance levels is going to be.

We all know that the more cardio workouts you are doing, and the more intense they are, the more levels of endurance you get. But we all know that months of very intense and very often cardio workouts is going to improve your fitness levels and boost your endurance levels not too much. However, by using steroids for all those months, the endurance levels and fitness levels would get to another level.

In addition to that, there is going to be a limit on the endurance levels indicating how far you’re able to run, swim, perform or be engaged in any other activities that is requiring to have endurance. By using anabolic steroids, you’re going to be pushing this limit way further, and you would also reach that limit way faster.

In addition to that, you should know that very often, patients suffering from anemia are often given steroids. Why? Because steroids are great at increasing the number of red blood cells in the body, that’s why they greatly help those suffering from anemia. There are various other ways of treating anemia, but steroids are very helpful. What does it have to do with bodybuilding? When steroids are given by healthy people it also increases the production speed rate of red blood cells and this is also very important for improving the endurance levels. The higher the amount of red blood cells, the more endurance you will get. You won’t ever see a sportsmen requiring endurance suffering from anemia.

Nonetheless, is very important to understand that pretty much as with muscle growth, endurance boost won’t magically occur. You are going to need to be engaged in some endurance building activities and intense cardio workout. Running, swimming, jogging as well as many other activities are very important for boosting your endurance. But when adding steroids to this mixture, this would occur much faster.

  • Decreases Body Fat
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Steroids are known to increase body muscles but they are also decreased body fat. By increasing testosterone levels, it results in less body fat percentage because this hormone is known to decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for creation of new fatty cells which makes new fat.

By increasing your testosterone levels, you inhibit cortisol and therefore steroids are greatly slowing down the process of creation of new body fat. Plus, it doesn’t only stop you from putting fat, but is helpful for melting off the fat you already have.

There are not enough studies done explaining how exactly steroids help you to get rid of the already existing body fat, but there are reports suggesting that steroids are amazing at making you losing fat.

  • Restores Youthful Vigor

As it was already mentioned here, steroids are synthetic testosterone and they are increasing the testosterone levels in the body. That’s obviously extremely helpful for restoring youthful vigor especially among men taking in consideration that the amount of testosterone is directly correlated with how a man feels and looks.

Taking in consideration that men who are over 30 years are usually having lower levels of this hormone, they are starting to feel worse and lose their “youthful” endurance, vigor etc. For this reason is so important for men to keep their testosterone levels high. They can try natural methods such as dieting, exercising etc. but using anabolic steroids for such purposes is going to increase the testosterone levels like no other natural method.

Steroids are having the same effects as testosterone has and when they are being used for physique and performance enhancement, the steroids would improve the testosterone and this is going to be great when talking about restoring the “good mood”.

How to Safely Use Steroids

Is a very well known fact that steroids can be dangerous, especially because of the all mass media pressure on steroids and on the way most media is exaggerating on how bad the side effects of steroids can be. While that’s true that steroids can possibly be dangerous and they do have a number of side effects, some of which can be pretty dangerous and serious for your health, steroids can be safely used without getting nasty side effects.

Steroids are dangerous and offer serious side effects only for as long as they are not used properly, or in case you have some pre existing health issues that are not compatible with the use of anabolic steroids. For this reason, is very important for everyone thinking to use steroids to learn about steroids, to be sure that their health condition allows them to use steroids and is very important to learn on how to safely use steroids.

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Usually, there are 3 main strategies that should be accomplished in order for achieving amazing results from the use of anabolic steroids and in the same time to minimize the risks of side effects. There are various methods on how to use steroids safely, but here are the most important ones for the guarantee of good results combined with high efficacy. So here are they:

  • Stacking. This is very important because using several steroids at the same time is usually increasing the efficiency without increasing the risks of side effects. The steroids are working concomitantly when used together and a steroid is working on some parts while other steroid is working on others.

In addition to that, is a well known fact that steroids taken together during a stack, they are boosting each other’s efficiency. Other than that, steroids taken together are known to reduce and to prevent the apparition of side effects. For example, there are steroids known to induce libido issues, but by adding testosterone steroid, the libido related issues would be prevented or reduced. Another example is – there are aromatizable (also called wet) steroids which convert into estrogen and this leads to estrogenic based side effects. There are certain steroids known for reducing the estrogen and therefore preventing or reducing estrogenic based side effects.

  • Cycling. Using steroid is helpful but only for a certain amount of time, using the steroid for long periods can be dangerous. Steroids are known to interfere with your hormones and that’s why if you use them for too long, natural hormonal balance might be greatly disrupted – this leads to side effects. There are other reasons why you need to be cycling steroids.

Cycling basically means that you need to take breaks in between cycles. Use steroids for a while and then stop for a while. Restart using steroids again. This way, you greatly reduce the side effects, they would be reversed naturally, and you maintain your natural hormonal balance. Liver toxicity is another reason why you should be cycling steroids including some other reasons. Something that is quite obvious but should be noted: do not use higher doses than those recommended or those that your body can tolerate. Abusive / higher doses than recommended is the main reason why you may get side effects.

  • Post Cycle Therapy. You get a steroid usage plan, but you also need to have a Post Cycle Therapy plan too. Every steroid cycle should be followed by a PCT plan. After you stop using any type of steroid (even the mildest), is best to have a PCT and that’s because this way you’re going to reverse the side effects of the steroids that may be induced during the use of steroids.

A Post Cycle Therapy is a plan where some certain drugs are used during the steroid break in order to boost the natural hormonal balance and to reduce the side effects which may be induced. Another quite obvious note is: add cycle supporting supplements during the cycle of steroids in order to reduce the possibility or intensiveness of side effects.

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