What Do Steroids Do To Your Body?

You may have done a bit of research on steroids and you know what their side effects are and how beneficial they can be, but there are a lot of people who don’t know what steroids actually do to your body. In this article, you would find some valuable information about this and how do steroids work.

There are many people who would want to know if steroids are really helpful for bodybuilding purposes and how would steroids work by supplementing them on a regular basis. Well, there are various researches and millions of peoples’ reports suggesting that steroids are greatly aiding bodybuilding efforts by enhancing the effectiveness of muscle growth processes. Steroids make you gain lean muscles at a much faster rate than you would normally and is greatly helping the body to recover much more efficiently and faster from fatigue and this way they are able to perform their workout sessions much better and longer as well as more frequently too. Steroids help to increase endurance levels as well.

There are various different studies done on steroids which prove that anabolic steroids greatly enhance your workout efforts and that’s because there are various different body processes which are getting boosted leading to more lean muscle growth, more strength increase, better performance and fat loss.

For those who still don’t know – we do not grow in gym while working out and lifting heavy weights. The muscles are growing when we’re recovering. When we’re going through intense exercise and workout routines, the fibers in the muscles are getting a lot of different micro tears and ruptures.

Side Note – That’s why is so important to get a proper rest – without enough rest and proper diet, too strenuous workout would lead too way too much micro tears in our muscle fibers and this can lead to injuries and fractures.

The hormone testosterone is known to be the essential hormone for repairing those micro tears and how efficiently they are being repaired and how fast is being determined by the amount of testosterone in the body. The human body is naturally producing this hormone but there’s a limit of it. This hormone is also responsible for other processes too, for example, except for repairing tears, in the same time as is repairing those tears, the hormone is overcompensating it and that’s because is building more and stronger muscle fibers.

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That’s how our body grows and this is one of the reasons why generally and naturally, men have more muscles than women do. There’s also a medical terminology for this process and is being called as muscular hypertrophy when the muscles are getting bigger and they are stronger.

What do steroids have to do with this? Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones which are increasing the total amount of testosterone in the body. There are various other processes in the body that are getting boosted by the use of steroids and they are all leading to more muscle growth, but the increased testosterone is the main one.

How Do Steroids Affect The Body? How Do Steroids Work?

As previously mentioned, steroids (testosterone base steroids as well as other variants of steroids) are synthetic (laboratory made) form of the naturally occurring hormone – testosterone (and others). By regularly using steroids, and there are steroids which can be administered intramuscularly by injection or orally by mouth as tablets, the substance you’re receiving is getting absorbed in the blood stream and as a result this substance is getting into the muscle cells through the Androgen Receptors (AR).

  1. As soon as the substance (the synthetic hormone) is entering into that cell, they are working together alongside with the DNA of the cells and this is what greatly helps to increase the protein synthesis rate and due to the increased protein synthesis rate, this is stimulating the faster and more efficient growth of muscles.
  2. Steroids, as previously mentioned, are offering other benefits too. For example they are helping the body to recover much efficiently and quicker than it normally would from the fatigue which is being “collected” by the muscles while you were going through intense workout and exercise program. There’s a moment when the muscles are getting overworked (too exhausted) and at this moment they are release a hormone which is called cortisol – this hormone is also being called “the stress hormone”. That’s an important part of muscle growth process too and let us explain why.

The cortisol hormone (AKA stress hormones) is aiding the breakdown of the muscles and that’s because they are binding themselves to the receptor sites of your muscles. Steroids come at help here too and that’s because they are known to inhibit this process, and as a result this is reducing the fatigue level. That’s very beneficial because when you get less fatigue, you are able to work out more days per week, and this is what can make you gain much more muscle mass much faster.

  1. But that’s not all that steroids are helping you with. In fact, steroids are having various different benefits for our bodies and we cannot mention all of them here, but some of the most important were already mentioned and we cannot finish this article without mentioning another very important thing that the steroids is doing to your body: reducing body fat.
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That’s why steroids are so closely related to people who are looking to good – fitness models on cover of fitness magazines have high chances of using steroids and that’s because they look amazing in terms of huge amounts of muscles alongside with no body fat. That’s really hard to achieve – getting really big without body fat is one of the hardest part in bodybuilding. But not as hard with steroids.

The steroids do not only help you with muscle growth and strength boosts, but they are great when it comes to reducing your total body fat and to stay lean. As a result, the user of steroids do not need to go through a really strict diet for an extremely long period of time. They can stay lean and even lose body fat in very short periods of time all while not having the strictest diet on the planet.

There are studies and researches which prove that the naturally occurring hormone testosterone is very effective at inhibiting the formation of fat cells too, and that’s the reason why low body fat percentages are very often being associated with higher amounts of testosterone and vice versa – high amounts of body fats are being associated with lower levels of testosterone. When using steroids and increasing testosterone levels, is quite obviously that you lose body fat.

But except for allowing you to lose body fat through an increased level of testosterone hormones, there’s also other processes boosted in the body which allows the user to melt off body fat.

There’s not very much reliable information available (at least online, at least so far) indicating exactly how much would steroids help to reduce the body fat percentage. Nonetheless, the customers’ reports that already used steroids claim that they can be extremely beneficial for such purposes and while there are no studies proving so, customers reports are often reliable enough.

  • However, is important to understand a few different things – first of all, you should know that there are various different steroids which are readily available on different sources on the market and they are all coming with various different efficiency, benefits, side effects, potency and so on and so forth.
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For example, there’s not only Testosterone alone (the synthetic testosterone steroid and not the naturally occurring hormone) but there are various other steroids which are very famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes. For example, some of the most famous ones includes: Dianabol (Methandrostenolone), Winstrol (Stanozolol), Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone), Anavar (Oxandrolone), Anadrol (Oxymetholone), Equipoise (Boldenone), Trenbolone and some others that were not mentioned here.

Each of these steroids are different and they are used for completely different purposes. For example, Winstrol and Anadrol are 2 completely different steroids which cannot be used for the same purposes. While Anadrol is extremely helpful at increasing your body size and total muscle mass, Winstrol is more effective at staying lean and getting a shredded physique.

Side Note – Very often, many people are using a combination of 2 or more of various different steroids in order to achieve their goals. That’s because using 2 or more different steroids concomitantly is going to offer more results since one steroid may work in one part, while other steroid in another one. Plus, using steroids together they are maximizing their effectiveness. The process of using more steroids together is being called “stacking” – steroid stack.

It very much depends on the combination of what steroids you’re using, this is going to affect your body in different ways that’s why, what steroids to use is so closely depending on what exactly is your ultimate goal. In the end, different steroids are affecting your body in different ways. You can find valuable information about each steroid in particular and you can find information about a steroid stack in particular too. This may help you to decide what you need.

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