What Do Steroids Do

Steroids are synthetic hormones which are naturally being found in human body, but steroids are synthetic version of those hormones which are working the exact same way as the naturally occurring hormones as soon as they reach your body. They are being used for various needs, for example, there are medical conditions when the patient suffers from hormone deficiencies which may lead to muscle wasting. When steroids are used in proper manner, they can be extremely beneficial for such needs.

But bodybuilders also discovered that except for being very helpful for patients with certain health conditions – steroids are extremely helpful for building muscle mass very fast, for boosting muscular strength, enhancing overall athletic performance as well as to reduce body fat. In short, the use of steroids are greatly helping everyone who is searching to get a better looking physique or to increase their performance preparing for some sports competition. For this reason, steroids are commonly used by people looking for these benefits.

Steroids are very widely used all over the world, very commonly being used among weight lifters such as powerlifters and strength athletes, is being used by bodybuilders because is giving them an ultimate body look that you cannot reach without steroids, by people who want to increase their performance in many different sport fields such as UFC, athletic sports and even football.

Steroids are widely used by lots of different people with lots of different needs and even gym rats who simply want to get a better look of their body use steroids, despite the fact that anabolic steroids are being technically illegal to be used without a valid prescription from a doctor since they are regulated substances.

What Are Steroids?

As mentioned, steroids are synthetic hormones which can be found in the body, and when steroids are being taken, your hormones are getting a spike and as a result your body is going through various different processes which are very helpful for boosting performance and increasing physique.

When talking about steroids being used in fitness world then you’re referring to anabolic steroids and they are different from corticosteroids or those drugs that are being prescribed to people who need to fight with some form of autoimmune disease. Only anabolic steroids are used for physique and performance enhancement purposes because they are synthetic hormones which are mimicking the effects of the extremely important hormone – testosterone as soon as it reaches your system. This is the most important hormone when talking about production of masculine physical characteristics in men like for example increased muscle growth, getting more strength as well as overall leaner muscles.

There are various different steroids, some of which can be administered in oral form and others in injectable form. Before using a certain steroid, you need to learn about it more information. Do your research and try to understand what is this steroid taken for, how to properly administer it and so on and so forth. But when talking about injectable steroids, they are most commonly being administered in the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks.

Is important to know that when anabolic steroids are being used for enhancing physique, performance, strength and muscles then they are being cycled and very often stacked with other steroids (2 or more steroids are being together for an enhanced effectiveness). When the individual is stacking steroids, they are making sure to get more effectiveness and get much faster results, while not increasing the side effects risks too much. Is safer and more effective to use 2 steroids in moderate doses then one steroid in high dose. This way you ensure better results with less side effects.

What does cycling mean? That’s when you use a steroid in a specific interval of time, for a specific amount of time. For example, there are steroids which can be cycled for 10 weeks, then you should stop taking it for a matter of some weeks and then re-start using it again for 10 weeks.

What Does Steroids Do?

Many people may have heard about steroids but few of them know what steroids actually do. Anabolic steroids are working by increasing the user’s muscle mass through activating and boosting various different mechanisms but in the end, the result is pretty much the same. It leads to increased rate of protein synthesis and a reduced rate of protein breakdown with nitrogen retention. Almost every single steroid in existence would boost these processes. The steroids are working as a “food” or “fuel” to the natural hormone produced by the body – testosterone.

People are able to increase their muscle growth and boost their strength levels mainly because of the testosterone hormone and that’s why people with more natural testosterone can do it all faster and more efficiently. However, by adding the steroids to this you are going to enhance the ability of physique and performance enhancement and as a result, the user is going to achieve the results in much faster time and plus to that, the user would get much more noticeable results too.

There are various different studies done on anabolic steroids, which prove them being very effective for muscle growth processes. Customers, who already had experience with steroids, reported their experience and it proves this as well.

  • But getting to studies – it was proven that on average, a person who is on anabolic steroids is able gain about 4 to 12 pounds of lean muscles in only 10 weeks while going through regular and intense workouts.
  • The exact same regular and intense workouts with the exact same diet was given to other men who, on average, was gaining about 20 to 25 pounds of lean muscles in one full year.

This proves that a person on steroids can gain more than 1 pound of lean muscle mass per week while a person without steroids won’t gain even half a pound of lean muscle mass per week. But there are some people reports suggesting that they were able to gain 20-25 lbs of lean muscle mass in a matter of 8 weeks only. As a result, steroids make you achieve the same results you would achieve in a year, in only 4 months or less. Plus, they were proven to offer much bigger results too.

It is important to understand that steroids won’t only help to gain muscles, but they greatly help to lose fat too. Anabolic steroids have been proven to inhibit the production of fat cells and to help fight off with the already existing fat cells. People who want to get leaner with a shredded physique – when the muscles are getting visible and you don’t have too much body fat, they are greatly benefitting from this.

  • NOTE! There are various different steroids for various different needs. While others help you to grow muscles extremely fast, others help you cut off body fat. Do your research about each steroid before using them.

Potential Side Effects of Steroids

You may have heard about steroids that they are bad and they shouldn’t ever be used because they are almost the worst thing that a person can use. That’s far from truth. While anabolic steroids does have potential side effects, they are only potential and all the hype around the steroids being so dangerous is only due to mass media which hardly criticized steroids exaggerating about their negative adverse effects.

There are various different types of steroids which are offering various different profiles when it comes to potency, to results, benefits, toxicity as well as side effects. In addition to that, each steroids is very different in how they are interacting with various different medications and how they are working for different people taking in consideration that personal tolerance is something very important.

There are steroids side effects but they should be treated properly and this way you would avoid getting them. Some people have bigger tolerance to the side effects while others have lower tolerance. Also, is very important to know how to properly use them for avoiding side effects.

The biggest issues with steroids is that they are synthetic hormones and they are capable to damage your natural balance of hormones and the production of hormones in the body. This can lead to other side effects. But even so, there are various methods on how to control the hormonal balance.

Steroids for Medical Uses and Conditions

As mentioned, steroids are not only used for physique and performance enhancement purposes. In fact, there are very few steroids which were made specifically for bodybuilding purposes. Most steroids were created for various medical uses and health conditions. Some steroids were discontinued from being produced and given to humans, but others are still widely used nowadays.

Most often, anabolic steroids are being given to patients who are suffering from muscle wasting diseases, different forms of cancers, HIV and AIDS patients, men suffering from low testosterone conditions, issues with testicular function and steroids are even given to boys with delayed puberty.

Steroids are given for various different health conditions too and they are prescribed by doctors. That’s why steroids can be obtained when having a medical prescription only and if you do get a prescription of steroids for a health condition, is important to use the steroid exactly as prescribed.

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